Shocking information about British monarchs: amazing facts


Everyone in the British royal family has its own quirks, habits and secrets that you did not know about. What kind? For example, one of them loves fast food, someone's bodyguards wear a special suitcase with alcohol, and someone likes clothes from a department store! More about everything - right now!

Queen Elizabeth II travels with stocks of their own blood

The queen travels with her royal naval physician everywhere, and she cannot do without her own blood supply. This is especially important when it goes somewhere, where the solution to problems with the blood supply is very doubtful. And the queen never travels alone: ​​not only the royal doctor goes on a journey with her. Besides him, there are usually 34 people next to the queen, including a personal secretary, a hairdresser, a press secretary, eight bodyguards and many others.


Royal baggage is color coded

To keep royal baggage safe and tidy, color markings have been adopted in the royal family: the queen always has a yellow color, Prince Charles and Prince William use red, and Princess Anna is usually green.

The royal family shot a secret documentary

The documentary film about the royal family, aired in June 1969, will never again be shown to the public. Why? Queen Elizabeth and her advisors decided that it would be too dangerous to show the daily life of royals to the public.


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Every ride requires a completely black outfit.

When King George VI died, while Princess Elizabeth was in Kenya in 1952, she did not have a black outfit suitable for her mourning. The dress had to be delivered to her plane when she returned to the United Kingdom, so she changed her clothes before leaving. Now the queen herself, and the rest of the royal family never flies without a completely black ensemble.

Queen skirt never takes off

When the queen descends from any royal plane, you can be sure that the wind will never lift her skirt up. This is because all the queen's skirts are weighted!

They take precautions to keep the royal family safe

When it was risky to fly, the royal family never allowed the two royal heirs to travel together. In the event of an accident, the family was protected.

Fathers were not always in the delivery room


When the queen gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948, Prince Philip played squash in the palace. At that time it was accepted that royal childbirth was exclusively female affairs, but now fathers are often in the delivery room.

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Royal family and alcohol

When traveling abroad, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornish, trust their bodyguard to carry a bag with their favorite drinks - gin and tonic for him and red wine for her.

Royal kids don't wear pants until they turn 8

This is a long-standing English tradition (dating from around the 16th century), according to which only older boys and men wear trousers.

Kate Middleton commemorated Princess Diana when Prince George was born.


When the Duchess of Cambridge came out with newborn Prince George for the first time after his birth, her light blue polka-dot dress was a tribute to Princess Diana (and her dress) after Prince William was born.

The Queen has 40 year old gloves

Each pair of queen's gloves costs about 110 pounds sterling (about 10 thousand rubles), so she often erases and repairs them, rather than buying new ones. Its glove manufacturer has not changed since the honeymoon of 1947! Experts point out that this fact and the repetition of clothes are just two of the many amazing habits of thrift of the royal family.

Queen's birthday is celebrated twice


For more than 260 years, more than 1, 400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians gather at the parade to celebrate the sovereign's birthday on the second Saturday of June. However, the real birthday of Queen Elizabeth is April 21.

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Seafood on the menu

While traveling, the royal family is not allowed to eat seafood, because consuming it increases the likelihood of getting a serious eating disorder.

The queen likes to have different options

Dinner in the Buckingham Palace is hardly casual. The queen chooses the dishes she wants to see on the table from the menu book. And by the way, the chef will never add garlic to the food - the queen simply cannot bear his smell! In addition, Queen Elizabeth II occasionally enjoys a tuna sandwich, but there are never crusts on her sandwich. After a hearty royal dinner, Queen Elizabeth loves to pamper herself with chocolate. Dark chocolate, to be exact.

Everyone must dress for dinner

This tradition appeared after one day Prince Philip was dressed too casually for dinner, and the cook took him for a gardener.

Princes Harry and William love American fast food.

When Harry and William were young, Princess Diana asked her family chef to cancel dinner for their sons because they wanted to get McDonald's products.

Kate Middleton is sitting like Diana


The royal ladies should never sit with their legs crossed. Instead, their legs and knees should be joined. It is also permissible to sit with crossed ankles. This is how Princess Diana sat, and this is how Kate usually sits.

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The Queen specifically wears neon outfits.

In a documentary film dedicated to the Queen’s anniversary, entitled “Queen at 90, ” Sophie, Countess of Wessex, explained the real reason why the queen wears bright colors. This is all so that people can see it from afar in the crowd!

Queen Elizabeth handbags have secret meaning

Her Majesty is almost always photographed with a purse to match her costume. But you hardly knew that she did not use the bag to store personal belongings. With this accessory, she usually sends a secret message to her employees!

Royal women always have a natural manicure.

Despite the screaming outfits of the queen, you will never catch her with brightly painted nails. This rule applies to all women of the royal family - their nails should be painted in a light color.

Megan Markle wears clothes from a department store

In her first official trip with Prince Harry in 2018, Megan wore a black wool sweater from Marks & Spencer!

Megan is not the first to wear her wedding tiara


Tiara Megan, who was on her head as she walked to the altar, belonged to the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary. Other members of the royal family who wore it used sapphire in the middle, and Megan had a diamond.

Fruit Cake - Royal Wedding Tradition

Since Queen Victoria married in 1840, right up to the wedding of Prince William and Kate in 2011, the traditional English wedding cake has always been present at the celebration. However, Prince Harry and Megan Markle violated the tradition of a wedding cake! At the royal wedding, the couple filed a cake with butter icing.

Royal family and birds

In the Tower of London live from six to seven ravens. The fact is that Charles II believed that the preservation of the ravens under the protection would save the monarchy. We can not say that the Queen owns the largest number of swans in the UK. Most of the swans on the River Thames belong to the Queen, while the rest are divided between winemakers and liveried companies!

Kate Middleton has violated the royal protocol in Germany

Kate Middleton met a group of children with warm hugs while visiting a charity foundation in Germany. As a rule, only handshakes are allowed.

Santa delivers gifts to members of the royal family


Following the German tradition, the royal family opens presents during a tea party on Christmas Eve.

Prince William was the first royal child to begin his education outside the palace.

Princess Diana sent her son to kindergarten at the age of 3, which made him the first British royal heir who did not begin his education in the royal palace.

The largest member of the royal family is not the queen


Tiny, charming princess Charlotte is actually the owner of the crown, which allows her to be a member of the royal family with the highest net worth, estimated at 5 billion dollars!

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