Sports complexes "Gazprom" in St. Petersburg and other cities


Despite the fact that Gazprom is an oil and gas company, it is actively invested in the development of domestic sports. Especially massively is the construction of sports complexes in the city of St. Petersburg. Most of them are buildings with equipped pools, as well as the possibility of training and other sports. This company is also responsible for 5 facilities in the area of ​​the Rosa Khutor Alpine skiing complex and on the Psekhako ridge, which were used for the Sochi-2014 Olympic Winter Games.


Object in Volgograd

Consider the cultural and sports complex "Gazprom" in Volgograd. The complex was built by a regional branch company of Gazprom: OOO Gazprom Transgaz Volgograd. In the arsenal of a gym, pool, gym, a gym with a wide range of functions, specialized in volleyball, football, basketball and tennis.

The whole complex is designed for 1.5 thousand people.

Part of the sports facilities of the complex is suitable for competitions. These are:

  • indoor swimming pool of 25 by 16 m;
  • universal gym with dimensions of 40 by 20 m and a security zone of 44 by 25 meters.

Such objects have tribunes intended for spectators with a capacity of 100 and 150 spectators, respectively. Competitions are held both regional and national level.

The company intends to lease the object to legal entities. In addition to the necessary equipment for full-fledged classes, experienced coaches and instructors will quickly allow beginners to get involved.

Object address: Volgograd, st. Kozlovskaya, 69. The cost of employment is approximately 250 rubles. Mode of operation of the complex: from Monday to Friday - from 7:00 to 22:00, and on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00. The exception is the last Monday of each month when the premises are cleaned.


Gazprom sports complexes in St. Petersburg

Sports complexes of Gazprom in St. Petersburg are considered the best sports and entertainment facilities in the city. The company opened 14 new facilities in St. Petersburg. All of them are optimally suited for physical wellness classes, regardless of the season.

The largest object of "Gazprom" in the city is a huge 25-meter pool. In addition, this complex has a gym, as well as a hall for aerobics and other active sports. For the convenience of visitors, there is a cafe and massage rooms in the same building.

The company has also provided opportunities for free sports in the form of so-called free circles. The staff of all the sports establishments of Gazprom are distinguished by goodwill, willingness to help, which will leave the most positive impressions of working with him.

Even if you do not know how to swim, it is still worth visiting the pools of Gazprom centers. After all, here you will certainly be taught. For help, you can contact the coach - a professional in their field.

All sports complexes in St. Petersburg are quite similar to each other, and therefore you can choose any - the most convenient for you in terms of accommodation.


Gazprom Sports Complex on Veterans

The peculiarity of the complex on Veterans Street, in house 58, is that it is specialized for children's sports. Already at the age of 4 you can come here to classes. For older children, there are dances, wrestling, rhythm and rhythmic gymnastics. Children gain health, their physical fitness improves. Classes are the prevention of diseases such as flatfoot, poor posture, reduced immunity.

In addition to children's groups, there is a place for adults. They are engaged in swimming, dancing, aqua aerobics and other sports. For those who travel here family, family tickets are provided, which will allow you to save money. Contact a trainer for aqua aerobics and swimming by phone, which is listed on the official site of the complex.

The swimming pool of Gazprom on the Moscow highway will suit the whole family. There are departments for adults and children. What can you visit? For adults there are dances, aerobics and yoga, as well as cardiovascular equipment.

Are there any benefits? A feature of this sports complex is a large gym with simulators, designed to strengthen different muscle groups. For children fit dancing, martial arts and acrobatics. And swimming in the pool is universal for everyone. You can contact the center by phone, the number of which is listed on the official site.



Thus, the sports facilities of Gazprom are among the best in Russia. They meet all modern standards. They are full-fledged multifunctional sports complexes. A large number of such facilities was built in the city of St. Petersburg. The main emphasis in them is on swimming, but there are opportunities for practicing other sports.

Some institutions are designed primarily for children. Prices in the sports complexes of Gazprom are reasonable, in addition, there are free programs. Worry about the choice of a particular object is not particularly worth it, since, for the most part, they are of the same type.

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