Army kit bag assembly. How to tie an army knapsack?


Many generations of military personnel will surely remember such a wonderful accessory as an army duffel bag. This is a convenient and multifunctional thing, the history of the origin of which goes back to the era of the formation of Tsarist Russia. It has a number of significant advantages and is widely used by the military, hunters and fishermen. And if there is no question about what to put in the bag, then setting it up causes a lot of problems. So, how to properly collect a duffle bag?


What does a duffel bag look like: its equipment

Army bag is a kind of backpack, made of soft and at the same time dense tent fabric. It is made in khaki, equipped with a fixation strap, metal buckle, shoulder straps and side slings, used as fasteners for additional items. For example, a raincoat or overcoat can be attached to the slings.

In addition, a duffle bag has several pockets for the necessary details. One of the pockets closes on the button, the second - waterproof translucent.

Army bag: Contents in 1874

The contents of the bag, naturally, changed with time. For example, at the beginning of 1874 it was possible to put a pair of clean shirts, a pair of footcloths, pants worn on a naked body (they were called underwear), a towel, one pair of mittens and mittens, about a couple of kilograms of crackers, about 50 grams. food salt, 24 gun cartridges, mug-cup, soap and other personal hygiene supplies, tools for cleaning weapons.

How did the contents of the bag change by 1970?

In 1970, the army knapsack was filled with the following things:

  • raincoat tent;
  • a pair of clean footcloths;
  • metal mug;
  • metal pot for cooking in the field;
  • steel helmet.

In addition, personal belongings of fighters, toiletries and hygiene items and food stock were in the bag. In addition, it was possible to put an oil can to the army knapsack assembly for lubricating the weapon.

What was the content of the duffle bag in 1974?

In 1974, a tent, a mug and a kettle, a dry ration, clean foot-cloths, a helmet, as well as toiletries and personal belongings could be put in army equipment in the form of a backpack.

How relevant is the knapsack today?

Currently, duffel bags in the form in which they were used previously are considered an element of the past, and are not mandatory for military personnel. However, many persons liable for military service, as well as fishermen, hunters and tourists still use these accessories. This is due to the convenience of the product, affordability, and a relatively low price. In addition, the knapsack takes up minimal space when folded.


Today, duffel bags have a modern shape, they are larger in size and are backpacks with a mass of pockets and compartments. On how to make duffel army army with your own hands, we will tell further.

An example of the contents of a duffel bag of police officers

The following items will be present in the duffle backpack (alarm bag) of the management team of police officers called up for military training:

  • service weapons and terrain maps;
  • documents;
  • colored and simple pencils;
  • pen with spare rods;
  • compass and officer line;
  • flashlight with charger or spare batteries;
  • matches;
  • Notebook;
  • army folding knife;
  • first aid kit;
  • necessary set of products (best long-term storage);
  • two pairs of handkerchiefs and socks;
  • two sets of removable underwear;
  • personal hygiene items;
  • curvimeter (required when creating a map of the area).

And, of course, every civil servant when calling for military training should have a certain amount of cash for expenses. Additionally, if desired, you can take a sleeping bag and a rug (has nothing to do with homemade carpets, it can be used in nature).


Why is it difficult to understand the bag fixation system?

It would seem that here is difficult? Well, they put the things in a bag, which is also called “Sidor”, and tied it up, like all ordinary backpacks. But no. Tie army duffel is not as easy as it seems. Why? What is so unusual about him? This military accessory has a non-standard neck retainer with long and short straps. Therefore, its setting involves a certain practice and skill.

How to tie an army bag-backpack: the procedure

So, if you have never previously tied an army duffel bag, proceed as follows:

  • take the bag-backpack and put in front of you;
  • inspect it and pay attention to the presence of a thick rope that resembles a belt (it is he who will play the main role in tying);
  • bundle up the top of the bag and clamp the fabric in your fist;
  • stick your hand (palm should be pointing down) under the rope;
  • grab both ends of the rope with the same hand;
  • make a loop;
  • put the loop on the bag's “tail” clamped in your fist and tighten the rope.

How to understand if you did everything right or not?

In order to understand whether you have tied the duffel bag army, it is recommended to carefully inspect the product. See if the loop does not diverge. If everything is done correctly, your military accessory will not be unbuttoned, and the loop will hang loosely. Remember! The knot tied by you must tightly hold the “tails” of the bag and prevent it from opening. Otherwise, in the process of putting the resulting backpack on the shoulders, you risk dropping its contents.


Where can I get a backpack bag?

You can buy a duffle bag ready-made in specialized stores and departments "Hunting and fishing." Also, these accessories are sold in online stores. If desired, you can always sew an army bag yourself. The first case with the purchase, of course, is much simpler than the second. However, when making a bag with your own hands, you can make an exclusive thing that can withstand the weight you need.


For sewing backpack you need a suitable thick fabric, pattern and sewing machine. In this case, the bottom and back of the product should be made of durable fabric (if you plan to make a modern version of the military duffel bag). Next, you will need to transfer the pattern to the fabric, cut and sew. Do not forget to add pockets for small items.

A simple duffel bag can be made even from an old T-shirt of a protective color. It is enough to cut off the pattern of the sleeves and the neckline in her, forming something similar to a large rectangle. Next, you need to make holes at the bottom of the former T-shirt and thread the string. Top also skip lace and sew the seams. Get a great backpack-bag.


In conclusion, we say that you first need to purchase the product, and only then deal with how to tie the army duffel bag correctly.

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