Want to know how millionaires became millionaires?


As millionaires became millionaires, many people who want to improve their financial situation are interested. However, we must immediately stipulate that there is no single recipe for achieving this goal. At various times, using various means, famous and not-so-great people became successful and prosperous. Consider a few stories of fairly rapid enrichment achieved through their own labor and ingenuity.


Foreign experience

How did millionaires become millionaires in Russia? Sometimes a profitable business started with an idea “peeped” abroad. For example, Oleg Gerasimov after traveling to New York learned about the possibilities of dry cleaning machines. Returning to his homeland with samples of funds, he was faced with the fact that they are not designed for a cold climate. A recipe suitable for Russian frosts was invented, and the company he founded quickly gained the first large profits.

How did millionaires become millionaires while remaining simple guys? This is the story of Alexander and Fyodor, extremes, who built the first platform for improving the methods of roller skaters in the early 2000s. Then they received orders for the layout and arrangement of sites from many cities, including European ones, and now they are engaged in their favorite sports, having the status of wealthy people.

It all started with jam

As millionaires have become millionaires in dollar equivalent, many in the Western countries know. For example, American teenager Cameron Johnson began selling vegetables to his neighbors, then successfully sold lottery tickets, wrapping paper, and resold toys at electronic auctions. At the age of 12-13, he invited a programmer from the profit earned and established an email forwarding service without disclosing the sender's name, which gave him about $ 3, 000 of net profit per month. He subsequently successfully sold all his companies, on which he earned millions under the age of 20 years.


The success stories of millionaires in England are remarkable for their simplicity. Here F. Doherty is famous for earning the first million pounds before the celebration of his twentieth birthday. This guy began to make jam according to grandmother's recipes and sell on the market, where he received recognition of the quality of his product. Then his culinary masterpieces began to be taken to supermarkets, and the technology developed for making jam without sugar allowed him to occupy a large niche in the market of sweets. He started in the kitchen at the age of 14, and after a couple of years he was already looking for an investor for a large project and found it, personally going around many companies.

He saved on ice cream


Millionaire stories are sometimes based on minimal investment and unique entrepreneurial acumen. The business community knows that Vsevolod Fear, at the age of 17, having literally saved on ice cream, established a company that supplied USB products from China to Russia. It was in 2005, the service was very popular. Today, the modest store has become a large hypermarket with billions in turnover. A graduate of one of the universities of St. Petersburg S. Kibalo made his fortune in sweatshirts with the symbols of higher educational institutions of his and other cities.

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