How many people live in Moscow officially


The city of Moscow is interesting and unusual. With a unique flavor. In some corners you can feel in the Soviet Union, and after passing a couple of metro stations, you will end up in the city of the future.

Where else are modern and ancient history so combined?

Where are the modern shopping center and the ancient temple facing each other?

Only here you can feel and understand how Russia is a multinational and rich country.


Moscow attracts a large number of people not only from the territory of the Russian Federation with its capabilities and beauty. Representatives of other nations and states are striving for it. Someone for money, and someone for a dream. Moscow provides shelter and opportunity for everyone to achieve what people want. But not everyone can achieve a dream.

How many people live in Moscow?

According to Rosstat, 12, 380, 664 people lived in Moscow on January 1, 2017. And these are only those who have a residence permit and are officially recognized as its resident.

But how many people in search of money and self-realization come to her and remain behind the scenes of statistics?

There is an opinion that unregistered residents of Moscow, who work and live, are about 10, 000, 000 people.

Just think about it. Almost half of the city’s residents are not officially accounted for. And if you add the official data and an unofficial count of people living without a residence permit, you get a figure of 22, 000, 000 people.

If you think about how many people actually live in Moscow, then you realize that it provides shelter for more people than, for example, the entire Republic of Belarus or Kazakhstan. Moscow is practically a separate state.


How many Russians are in Moscow?

Moscow is a historically Russian city. But there always lived in it many representatives of various nations.

What is the ratio of nationalities today?

How many Russians are in Moscow?

The question is complex, because the Russian Federation is a multinational country, and in order not to provoke hostility, such information rarely gets into statistical reports.

According to some data, among the population that officially lives in Moscow, Russians are 31%. But we understand that there are many more real residents, and this figure is most likely much lower.

According to unconfirmed data, in the group of official residents of Moscow, the second place is occupied by Azerbaijanis, which are 14%, and Tatars, Bashkirs and Chuvash, constituting 10%.

The remaining residents of the hero-city of Moscow consider themselves to other nationalities.

Finding such information, one wonders how many people live in Moscow. How many different nationalities exist in the same city. There is no other place in the world where so many different people live.


Moscow is the heart of the Russian Federation

It reflects the national composition of the power and diversity of Russia. A huge number of people with their culture and language, united by a single state. All these people live and strive for goals.

Understanding how many people live in Moscow and how many people of different nationalities consider it their home, you involuntarily begin to think. Probably, the capital has some hidden magic or mystery, which attracts new residents to it, gives hope for the realization of a dream.

People who are looking for themselves think: how many people live in Moscow and find a place to place and sell. Why not be one of them? Moscow by its example shows that no matter what nationality you are, it is important what kind of person you are.

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