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Since 1955, the Guinness Book of Records captures interesting facts, events and phenomena from life. It was originally conceived as entertainment for visitors to beer pubs, but soon gained immense popularity and became the best-selling book. It was there that the highest man in world history was noted, or rather, several people.

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In most cases, people with abnormally high growth are not a joke of nature, but the result of a severe illness. If you plunge into history, all the gigantic people known today were born ordinary people, and did not differ much from their brothers and sisters until a certain time. The main causes of rapid growth were a tumor of the pituitary (brain region) and acromegaly. They suffered almost every tallest man in history. Interesting facts about their lives are set out below.

Robert Wadlow


The tallest person on the planet in the history of the world (officially measured) was born in Illinois in 1918. Robert was the eldest child in the family. Besides him, Mr. and Mrs. Wadlow had two more sons and two daughters.

Up to four years, Robert was an ordinary boy, and after something in his body failed, and his growth began to increase dramatically. Already in ten years he was almost two meters tall.

Despite his peculiarities of development, Robert successfully graduated from school and entered the university to study law. In parallel, he participated in circus performances and soon became famous throughout America as a "good giant."

Robert Wadlow died at the age of twenty-two from blood poisoning. They buried the good-natured world. The tallest man in world history rests in a concreted grave. So wished his parents, who feared vandal attacks.

Fedor Makhnov


Fedor Andreevich was a simple peasant from the Russian Empire. He was born in 1878 in a small hamlet. Since childhood, it was clear that Fedor is an unusual child. He was well above his brothers and sisters.

In his youth, he got a job in a circus, with which he toured in Europe. In the contract, a sixteen-year-old boy was two meters fifty-four centimeters tall. Soon the work of a circus artist he was tired, and Fedor returned to his native land.

In the village of Gorbachi, he settled with his wife Euphrosyne, who was also of considerable height. Five children were born in their marriage. The village where the Makhnov family lived was jokingly nicknamed "The Giants Farm".

According to the testimony of Efrosinya Makhnova, Fedor grew another thirty-one centimeter. Thus, his height was two meters and eighty-five centimeters. However, it is not recorded in any official document, therefore Fyodor Makhnov does not claim to be the highest man in world history.

Makhnov died a few months after the celebration of his thirty-four years.

Leonid Stadnik


Leonid Stepanovich Stadnik was listed in the Book of Records as the highest man in history among the living, but after his death in 2014 this title was transferred to another.

Stadnyk was born in the village of Podolyansy, Zhytomyr region, in Ukraine. He was an ordinary boy, but everything changed at the age of twelve. He had an unsuccessful brain surgery, during which the pituitary gland was damaged. After that, Leonid began to grow abnormally quickly, his facial features changed, his hands and feet became simply gigantic. Leonid was two meters fifty-seven centimeters tall.

Despite this twist of fate, the young man did not despair. He graduated from the veterinary school and worked as a veterinarian until 2003.

The tallest people always face health problems. Leonid was no exception. He was hard to move, and he almost never left the house. When President Yushchenko of Ukraine found out who is the tallest man in the world, he presented a car to his compatriot. Leonid was also helped by local businessmen.

Stadnik died at the age of forty-four years of cerebral haemorrhage.

Sultan Kösen


Sultan Kёsen - Turk, born in 1982 in the city of Mardin. Because of its height of two meters, fifty-one centimeter Sultan is listed in the Guinness Book as the tallest man among the living.

Kösen was not able to finish school due to health problems, so he has been farming since adolescence. He moves with crutches, but does not despair at all. He even jokes about the advantages of his growth (it is convenient to twist light bulbs).

In 2010, Sultan left for the United States. He was invited by the University of Virginia Medical Clinic to undergo treatment. For two long years Kösen underwent various procedures, and as a result, the doctors achieved excellent results. The hormone responsible for growth in the body of the Sultan, was put to sleep.

At the age of thirty-one, Sultan Kösen became the husband of Merve Dibo. By the standards of the giant, the spouse is not tall and hardly reaches the elbow of Sultan. However, a happy marriage does not interfere.

Zhan Junzai


The title of "The highest man in world history" could claim the Chinese peasant Zhan Junzai. He was born in 1966 in Shanxi. Like many giant people, Zhan was of normal height until he developed a pituitary tumor.

At the age of sixteen, his height began to rise sharply, after a few years he reached two meters and twelve centimeters.

In the late nineties, Zhan went to the hospital complaining of severe headaches. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Since 1999, its growth has stabilized and froze at around two meters forty two centimeters. Zhan is the highest representative of his nation.

Bao Xishun


Zhan Junzie could compete with his compatriot from the province of Inner Mongolia, the shepherd Bao Sishun. He was born in 1951.

For several years, he was called among the highest people among the living, but then Bao lost this title.

Few people know about the health problems of the Mongolian shepherd, but the world community is aware of his marriage to a young saleswoman from Chifeng. Bao also provided invaluable assistance in rescuing two dying dolphins. With his long hands, he pulled foreign objects from their stomachs.

Trainte Keever

A special place in history is occupied by female giants. Trainey Keever, a native of the Netherlands, is considered the tallest woman in history, but her exact height is not known. Information about him is approximate. It is believed that the “Big Maid” (this was Treintier's nickname) was two meters fifty-four centimeters tall, or even higher.

Treinte was born in the family of skipper Cornelis and his maid Anna. Parents immediately realized that their child is not like everyone else. She had too big and long arms and legs. Trainte grew very quickly, and the parents decided to become famous at her expense. The girl was constantly taken to fairs and carnivals and shown there for money.

Once witnessed, the king of Bohemia, Frederick the Fifth, his wife and his retinue witnessed this. Everyone was amazed by such an unusual girl, and the king's wife made an entry in her diary about an unusual nine-year-old child with the growth of a giant.

And so was the life of Trainte in constant traveling and performances. Despite the serious illness, the girl's parents did not cease to show it to people. On one such trip, a seventeen year old Treintie died of cancer. It happened in 1633.

In memory of her remained a portrait, which depicts a very tall girl in petty-bourgeois clothes. However, the artist was very flattering with Treine, because he portrayed her as attractive, with thin hands and a miniature face. Apparently, the girl suffered acromegaly and could not look exactly as shown in the picture.

Anna Hayning Bates


Anna was born in August 1846 in Canada. In addition to her, there were still thirteen children in the Scottish immigrant family, but no one else was of unusual height.

Anna weighed eight pounds at birth. Its growth rates were very rapid. Already at the age of fifteen, her height exceeded two meters. Despite this, her body remained proportionate, so (presumably) Anna was not ill.

At sixteen, Anna got into the circus on their own. She was paid good money that a girl could spend on her education. On the performances called the wrong growth of Anna, to attract more viewers. For contrast, a dwarf left the troupe with the girl.

During the tour of the circus, Anna met her future husband, also a giant. Martin van Buuren’s height was two meters forty-one centimeters. The highest people in the circus were married in 1871 in London.

Twice Anna tried to become a mother, but her delivery was unsuccessful. The children were too large, the birth was very hard, and the babies died.

Anna spent the last years of her life with her husband on the farm. She died of tuberculosis in 1888 and was buried in a cemetery next to her children.

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