Who really rules the world?


We live in an interesting time, when many of the knowledge is becoming increasingly available to the general public, and therefore it is extremely difficult to protect any secrets. This also applies to secret societies, information about which is becoming so accessible that in a short time, secret organizations may lose their main “secret” status. Practically each of us has ever thought about who actually controls the world, since few people already believe in the real power and authority of the official government. More and more people come to the conclusion that all governments and parliaments, in fact, are great decorations that are created for ordinary people to think they are taking part in the choice of power. In fact, the people do not have any power, and, moreover, they are forced to obey the rules that legislators accept, based on their goals and objectives.

It would be wrong to assume that information about the "world secret government" has become known only now. In the past, many people, despite the lack of wide access to knowledge, independently came to conclusions about who controls the world and for what purpose. After all, if we trace the entire course of modern history very carefully, then we can conclude that many events did not happen by chance. Take, for example, the First World War. The official reason for its occurrence is the murder of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand in 1914 by a Serbian nationalist. After this, the empire attacks Serbia, Russia renders assistance to the Slavic state and becomes involved in the war. Then Germany declares war on Russia, joining Austria-Hungary. Random chain of events? Far from it. It was just that someone benefited from a large-scale war in Europe, which eventually killed tens of millions of people.

The desire of secret societies for world domination has been known since ancient times, but the real possibility of creating a world government came from secret managers only after the end of the Second World War. They also created a global banking system, through which it became possible to exert a great influence on the economies of different countries, as well as on their level of development. By the way, global economic crises are also not accidental, because, having such powerful levers of power and the ability to govern, secret societies can have a significant impact on the policies of any state.

Today, the following information is also known: in the structure of those who rule the world, there is the following hierarchy:

Level 1 - the brain center is a few people; Their names are unknown, but they have supernatural powers and are associated with dark forces.

Level 2 - the richest people of our planet, and not all of them are known to the world community. They control the governments of most countries, arrange wars and economic crises.

Level 3 - famous politicians, presidents, sheikhs, kings, and so on.

Level 4 - big businessmen, religious leaders, political officials of all levels.

Level 5 - power departments, which include the KGB, the GRU, the FSB, the police, the FBI, the CIA, the armies of all countries of the world.

Level 6 - the rest of humanity, the percentage of which is approximately 90% in relation to all other levels.

Our life is full of everyday hustle and bustle, so many people rarely think about who controls this world. However, if you ask and delve into this question deeply enough, you can get a lot of useful information. Many things happening in today's world become quite understandable and understandable if you understand the purpose for which global governance is exercised. Unfortunately, it is the secret rulers who currently hold back the development of alternative energy, since many discoveries have already been made in this area, which are simply ignored or are found exclusively in experimental laboratories.

Summarizing all the above, it should be noted that today most people have the opportunity to get access to the most diverse knowledge, and it depends only on ourselves whether we want to be literate in this regard. It will take quite a bit of time, and the vast majority of people will understand who controls the world and for what purpose. It is difficult to predict what will happen in this case, but you need to be prepared for various emergency situations that may occur in the world.

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