US Millionaire Cities: Population and Interesting Facts


The United States is the state of megacities. Huge US millionaire cities beckon with endless possibilities and are always associated with success. Statistics says that more than half of the citizens of this country live in giant conglomerates. In them rush not only the indigenous people of America, but also migrants arriving from Asia, Europe and Africa.

About 270 settlements with a population of more than 100, 000 people are registered in the USA. There are nine megacities and four cosmopolitan cities. In addition to them, there are three super-agglomerations. These are Bosvash, Chipits and Sansan. They represent a merger of sprawling cities located in the neighborhood. From a bird's eye view, their appearance is almost identical. US millionaire cities with a myriad of neon lights illuminate the country's endless highways.


Bosvash - northeastern agglomeration. It includes New York, Metropolitan Washington, Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia, as well as several dozen provincial settlements. Its length exceeds 1000 kilometers, and the number of inhabitants is 50 million.


Bosvash - the heart of the American state. On its territory are located the institutions of judicial, legislative, executive power of the government of the country, which received the unofficial name of the "federal triangle".

Millionaire cities of the USA are cultural, scientific and educational centers of North America. It is here, in the northeast, is the leading educational institution of the continent - Harvard University.


The possessions of the super-Anglomeration Chipits include the lands of Chicago and Pittsburgh, as well as forty localities concentrated in the border area. Due to its location around the picturesque lakes, Chipits is sometimes called the “lakeside metropolis”. Its area is 160 square meters. km



Sansan form the US millionaire cities San Francisco and San Diego. Its population exceeds 20 million people. Being the embodiment of reckless fun, lightness and idleness, Sansan is contrasted to the stiff and deliberately business-like Boswash.

The business card of the megalopolis is the Golden Gate Road Bridge, built in the first half of the 20th century. The length of all spans facilities is 1270 meters. And Sansan is the cradle of hippies and the birthplace of sexual minorities, the "kaleidoscope" of nations and nationalities, the main entertainment center of America.

Big apple

All major US cities resemble close relatives, but not New York! It was founded at the very beginning of the 17th century by Dutch navigators, therefore for several decades it was called New Amsterdam. On the territory of the current metropolis huddled the families of the first colonists who arrived from the Netherlands. Later, these places were given the status of a state monument.

Modern New York, or, as it is also called, the Big Apple, consists of five districts. It is formed by Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. The noisiest and most respectable boro is Manhattan, which has become the home of political organizations, hundreds of theaters, museums and art galleries. The population of New York for 2016 is more than 20 million people.

City of Angels

The city of angels is called Los Angeles, which is always associated with the cinema of the United States. First of all, travelers are met by Sunset Boulevard, whose graphite canvas is being carried off to the nearest suburb of the megalopolis - the resort town of Malibu.

Rodeo Drive is another significant highway. The street on both sides is filled with shops and boutiques, cafes and snack bars. Thousands of inhabitants of the metropolis flock here in search of profitable shopping. It houses a hotel in which scenes from the movie "Pretty Woman" were filmed.


But to get to the famous inscription on Hollywood Hill is not so easy. The path to it runs through the usual residential quarter, which rests on impregnable stone embankment, covered with thorny bushes. If we consider all the suburbs and recreational areas, the population of the city of Los Angeles will be almost four million people.


Houston is the fourth largest metropolis of the United States. On its territory are based the head offices of the leading oil corporations of the country. Its quarters are a jumble of concrete and glass structures that share broad avenues and motorways.

All major US cities have their own nicknames. Not an exception and Houston. He is known as Cosmograd - the place where America’s space chronicle is written. It is here, in the south of the country, a few kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico, the Space Flight Control Center is located.


Windy city

Chicago impresses with an abundance of skyscrapers that literally tear apart cumulus clouds. This is an important transportation hub of North America. The pride of the metropolis is the first high-rise in the United States, which appeared on one of its main streets. From its windows a stunning view of Lake Michigan opens. The number of Chicago residents has long exceeded nine million.

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