Cyprus: population, climate, area


Cyprus today is one of the most beautiful and most popular places in the Mediterranean. The mild climate and enchanting nature give the rest a special attraction. The main beauties of the island of Cyprus are the sea, blue sky, golden beaches and centuries-old sights. And what else might be needed for a perfect pastime ?!


general information

Continental Asia Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean. It reigns not quite calm. This is due to the fact that Cyprus since 1974 due to the invasion of Turkey is divided into 2 parts - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Each of the parts of the island is separated by a buffer zone under the control of the UN. The capital of both Republics is located in Nicosia.

Cyprus: population

The total population of Cyprus is slightly more than one million people, of which 80% live in the Republic of Cyprus and 20% live in Northern Cyprus.


On the island of Cyprus, the population is mixed. This is due to the division of the island and the attractiveness of moving here. The population of Cyprus (nationality): Over 90% of the locals are Greek Cypriots, the rest of the population are British, Russian and Armenian. In the northern part of the island of Cyprus, the population was divided into Turkish Cypriots, Turks and some others. The official languages ​​on the island are Greek and Turkish. In the Republic of Cyprus, the population speaks excellent English.

How to get there

Most tourists and visitors arrive on the island by plane. Cyprus has two international airports located in the cities of Larnaca and Paphos.

The airport of the Turkish part of Cyprus is called Ercan. It is not recognized internationally. Despite this, it takes some flights from abroad.

You can also sail to Cyprus by ferry. In particular, the island has a ferry service with the Greek port city of Piraeus, with the islands of Crete and Rhodes, with the Egyptian Port Said, Israeli Haifa and Ankockoy in Italy. The main port of the Republic of Cyprus is in the city of Limassol, where ferries, merchant ships and cruise ships depart from.

Climatic and weather conditions


The climate here is subtropical with quite hot and dry summers, warm and mild winters. Even in winter, snow can be found only in the mountains.

It is best to come to Cyprus in the high season - in the summer or in September, when the strong summer heat has passed, but the sea is still warm. The most pleasant summer weather is in the coastal areas of the island.


Aya Napa is a young and fun resort with a vibrant nightlife. A wonderful holiday here is provided by the best sandy beaches of Cyprus, the beautiful sea and the local water park.

Larnaca is the 3rd largest city on the island. This is a fairly well-known and popular Mediterranean resort.

Limassol is the business capital of Cyprus with the main trading port and many offices of major global companies.

Paphos is one of the most ancient cities of Cyprus. It has many attractions.

Protaras is a young and developing resort located in the south-eastern part of the island. The city is calm and not crowded.

Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus, located in the center of the island.

Kyrenia is an old town in the north of the island, part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The city is popular with tourists for its many beaches and interesting sights.

Facilitates the life of tourists lack of language barrier on the island of Cyprus. The island’s inhabitants are Greek and Turkish, but many speak English fluently.



At one time, Cyprus was the center of many historical achievements, and the territory of the island was developed not by a single civilization, which gave rise to thousands of archaeological traces on the map of the island. This is a great variety of architectural structures of various times and other historical artifacts found in Cypriot museums or churches.

A considerable number of historical monuments has remained throughout the island, attracting the attention of many tourists.

In Cyprus, you can find the remains of the settlements since the Stone Age - this is the ancient Roman theaters, and Byzantine temples, and monasteries, and crusader castles, and much, much more. All this wealth determines the unique atmosphere of the island, where beauty and peace, ancient culture and modernity are combined.

Movement around the country

Cyprus is a rather small island, so some types of transport are not present here. Thus, the railway communication was stopped in the last century.


Bus service is not very developed here.

The replacement is a rather developed taxi system. In Cyprus, there are 3 types of taxis: intercity, intracity and village.

Rent a car can persons with international driving license, aged 25 to 70 years, with the experience of driving for 3 years. In some private firms you can find less serious lease terms.


The local cuisine is an excellent example of the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean. From the Greek and Turkish cuisines came the custom of cooking on the grill or in the form of thick soups and stews. But, unlike Turkish cuisine, local food is less spicy. Cyprus has also influenced Italian cuisine, from which such cooking ingredients as mint, cinnamon, basil, coriander, arugula came. Curry and ginger are also used in Cyprus. In general, one can distinguish the dominant oriental influence; this consists in the presence of sweet dishes with a lot of spices and oils in them.

Often here are eaten fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat dishes in Cyprus are very popular with locals.

The most common dish here is meze, which can be found in every restaurant in the island. Meze is a mix of various cold and hot appetizers. There is no better way to get acquainted with Cypriot cuisine than meze. As a side dish in Cyprus they usually eat rice, pasta and legumes.


For dessert, it is usually consumed baklava or lokum. The most popular drink in Cyprus is wine. For those who love stronger drinks, there is Zivania - village grape vodka. Cypriots also love coffee.

Prices in Cyprus in restaurants just below European. The cost of breakfast for one person from 5 euros, lunch or dinner from 10 euros.


The main purchases and souvenirs from Cyprus are usually the items and products that are traditionally part of the unique culture of this island. These include jewelery, local wines, olive oils and handicraft products. Also worth buying local leather goods - bags, wallets, wallets, shoes and outerwear. Prices in Cyprus for leather goods of high quality can be called democratic. For example, the cost of a leather belt from 10 euros, bags from 35 euros.

Well, the absence of a language barrier on the island of Cyprus (the language of the inhabitants we have already mentioned) will help to make an excellent purchase.


In small villages, many ancient customs and rituals have been preserved, especially observed during the days of Christmas, New Year, Easter. For the Orthodox Church of Greece, Easter is the most important holiday of the year.

Also, residents of Cyprus celebrate many national holidays, local or seasonal nature. The wine festival in Limassol, held annually in September, is very popular here. It takes several days and includes local wine tasting, concert and theater performances, singers and dancers contests.

Local customs and manners

The population of the island for many centuries includes Cypriots from Greece and Turkey. The cultures of these peoples differ and still retain their peculiarities in their way of life and religious views. Greek Cypriots are the heirs of Greek culture, but because of their long stay under English patronage, they took over some of the features of life characteristic of Europeans. There is a left-hand traffic on the island, and English is practically the second language for the country and the first in professional business relations. Greek Cypriots profess Orthodoxy (Islam dominates in the north, in the Turkish part of the island).


There are no strong restrictions for tourists in the country. During a visit to existing places of worship, churches and monasteries should pay attention to the form of clothing. Women in such places are advised to wear long skirts, clothes covering their shoulders, and men to wear trousers.

In summer, the locals go to the "siesta" - an afternoon rest from 13:00 to 16:00. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, all shops are open only until lunch.


This island is truly one of the best places for the most unforgettable vacation. The sun, Cyprus, the sea, golden beaches - these words will forever be associated with the memories of a paradise holiday on this wonderful island.

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