MP5 submachine gun: description with photos, specifications and firing range


Probably every person, at least a little interested in weapons, heard about the MP5 machine gun. Although, since he uses a pistol cartridge, it would be more correct to call him a submachine gun. The MP5 has excellent performance and is also reliable, as are all German weapons. It is not surprising that he is trusted by professionals from around the world.


In the mid-sixties of the last century, many weapon experts came to the conclusion that the pistols no longer satisfy the requirements of special forces soldiers. A machine does not suit them because of the large weight, low stopping power and increased penetration. Yes, the last factor is a disadvantage when it comes to weapons used in large cities, if there are civilians nearby.


That is why in 1964, experts from the Heckkler and Koch plant (by the way, the real heir to the legendary Mauser) began work on a completely new weapon. And in the same year a prototype was set up, called NK54. The number 5 indicates that the weapon is a submachine gun. And 4 showed that it uses a very popular 9x19 parabellum cartridge. the letters NK designate the manufacturer - Heckler & Koch.

After two years of testing and bringing the weapon to the ideal characteristics, it was put into service. First of all, they were armed with GSG9 - one of the divisions of German special forces, which proved to be highly effective in carrying out the most complex tasks. Then he received the usual name MP5 - Maschinenpistole. So the machine HK MP5 began the procession across the planet.


As mentioned above, the weapon used the cartridge 9x19 - tested for several decades of active use, including World War II. This provided fairly high power with excellent stopping power. At the same time, penetration properties were not too high - exactly what is needed both by the police and special forces soldiers.

However, a relatively small stock of gunpowder reduced the power of the shot. Yes, it reduced the range of combat. But increased accuracy and ease of firing. A high range when shooting in rooms is not at all an important plus.


Compiling a review of the MP5, many experts note a small weight - 3.03 kilograms. And, more importantly, the weapon was compact, with a very well-located center of gravity. Thanks to this, experienced fighters can fire with maximum comfort, which provides excellent performance.

Modifications even with a fixed butt have a very short length - only 680 millimeters. If we consider a weapon with a telescopic butt, then this figure is reduced to 550 millimeters.

A small charge of gunpowder led to the fact that the speed of the bullet is not great - only 400 meters per second. But when working in a city or buildings, this, as already mentioned, cannot be called a disadvantage.

But the rate of fire is very impressive - 800 shots per minute.

For food stores can be used with a capacity of 10 to 30 rounds.

The main advantages

Now let's see why the weapon is so popular - it’s not by chance that the MP5 airsoft is one of the most popular, not to mention the real weapon.


First of all, it is worth noting the high muzzle energy - about 650 joules. This provides a great striking and stopping effect of the bullet.

If necessary, the weapon can be modified. It is equipped with silencers, optical and collimator sights, and a tactical flashlight, which significantly increases the level of comfort when working.

The design is quite simple, so that the reliability increases further.

Finally, the submachine gun boasts excellent ergonomics and thoughtful design. The weight of 3 kilograms and so is not too great, but here he is also properly distributed. In addition, the angle and shape of the handle provide the most comfortable grip. And you can even remove the weapon from the safety catch or switch the fire mode without weakening the grip of the handle.

Main disadvantages

But any weapon has flaws. And the MP5 machine gun, the photo of which is attached to the article, is by no means an exception.


One of the downsides is the high cost. What can I say - high-quality materials and high-precision fit costly. Perhaps that is why the Bundeswehr has still not abandoned the Israeli Uzi and has not switched to its own weapon.

Also a disadvantage can be called capriciousness to the conditions of detention. Even a small amount of dirt or dust, falling on the moving parts of the weapon, can temporarily disable it. Therefore, it is clearly not suitable for mass armament of the army.

Replacing the store takes quite a lot of time. Even an experienced fighter will take a few seconds to do it - in the conditions of a fast urban battle this time can cost the user life.

Existing modifications

To date, there are seventeen modifications of this legendary weapon. Some are outdated and out of production, while others are actively produced and used throughout the world. The latter include six models. We will tell about each of them in more detail.


  1. The MP5 A2 is a classic model, greatly facilitated by an empty plastic butt. The weight of the weapon is only 2.54 kilograms.
  2. MP5 A3 - only the butt differs from the previous model. He made a telescopic, which made it possible to make the weapon much more compact - the length is 550 mm.
  3. MP5 K - a product of the desire to minimize the size of the weapon. Developed in 1976. Received a shortened forearm and trunk, so that the length is further reduced - only 325 millimeters with a weight of 2 kilograms.
  4. The MP5KA1 is the most compact weapon in the line. Compared with the previous modification, the width is reduced to 50 mm.
  5. MP5 SD1 - a very successful weapon, developed in 1974. The submachine gun received a perforated barrel and a built-in silencer.
  6. MP-5N - the most modern version. Folding butt reduced size, and the body, almost entirely made of plastic - weight. It has a thread on the trunk to install PBS. It was from this weapon that the Galaxy G 5 MP5 PDW airsoft was copied .

As you can see, the list is quite large, and this is an indicator of success.

Where used

Today the MP5 submachine gun is actively used around the world. Only officially it was purchased for more than three dozen countries. Among them are Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, USA, Thailand, Japan, China, Norway, Vatican, Georgia, India and a number of others.


In some cases, the weapon is in service with the army. But most often it is used only by special forces. For example, in the Vatican this is the legendary Swiss guard. In Kazakhstan they are armed with guards of the Baikonur cosmodrome. In Russia, it is used by the Alpha and Vympel detachments, as well as by the special forces of the Airborne Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


On this, our article comes to an end. From it the reader learned more about the glorified submachine gun. And also about its history, technical characteristics and other important features.

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