Is an editorial board a heart or a brain?


Reading, layout, meetings, scheduling, news from the fields, deadlines, proofreading, editing - the process of issuing a periodical takes away and captures. It is infinitely interesting creative component and technical embodiment.

This article will discuss an important element of the editorial team - the editorial board.


The editorial board is what? We answer the question

The editorial board, or the editorial board, is a group of experts that determines the editorial policy of the publication, approves and corrects the content of the next issue, its content and artistic design.

It is important to note that the editorial board can include both regular editorial staff and invited experts - authoritative, highly qualified representatives of a particular field, opinion leaders in their field. The editorial board is the advice of competent specialists, which solves the issues of the specifics of the publication, its strategy and development.


Who approves the editorial board?

The composition of the editorial board is formed by the chief editor and is approved by the founder of the publication. If the publication is not highly specialized, the editorial board of a magazine or newspaper is formed on the principle of universality: leading authors or experts are invited to participate in each issue that is covered by the publication.

The editorial board is directly involved in the life of the publication, contributes to its development and perfection. Participates in the review of manuscripts.

The meetings of the editorial board, as a rule, are held on a quarterly basis. May convene more often as needed.

Also important is the fact that the editorial board is an advisory body, that is, empowered to discuss any issues, but not solve them. Management and control in the journal’s editorial office is handled directly by the chief editor.

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