Zatulin Konstantin Fedorovich: biography, photo, nationality


Many, including those who have little interest in politics for TV viewers, are familiar with Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin - State Duma deputy, political scientist and TV host. His calm, soft voice is pleasant to listen to; he always leads the conversation in a reasoned, unobtrusive and interesting way.

Konstantin Zatulin. Biography

The future politician was born on 07.09.1958 in the capital of Adjara - the city of Batumi. About his father - the Don Cossack Zatulin Fedor Ivanovich - is spoken of as the prototype of Lanovoy in the legendary film "Officers".

In the twenties, Fyodor Ivanovich began his service as a simple Red Army man, and graduated from the State Security Committee Colonel of the Border Troops as the head of the Turkestan border area. The total term of his service was 35 years. After retirement, he headed the Sochi city administration of beaches. He died in 1981.


About mother - Zatulin Vera Ivanovna (nee Fedorova) - it is known that her parents were Rostov rich burghers, who had a shoe shop. Before she died in 1978, she lay paralyzed for about a decade, as she had a stroke before.

Konstantin in the family was born the last, third child. After graduating from school (in 1975), he tried to enroll in one of the MGIMO faculties, but could not, and got a job at Sochigorytprokat as a designer.

The following year, he applied for full-time studies at the Faculty of History of the Moscow State University, but could not be enrolled because of a shortage of points, therefore Zatulin Konstantin Fedorovich began to study by correspondence.

Period of study at MSU

In September 1977, Zatulin was transferred to the full-time department of the history department of the CPSU history department. This was done on the basis of an official petition, which was signed by Deputy Yu. V. Andropov - Chairman of the USSR State Security Committee.

During his studies, he served as secretary for ideology in the faculty committee of the Komsomol.

Zatulin immediately joined the operational Komsomol detachment, while showing considerable activity. As a result, he was assigned the post of commissioner in the faculty detachment, in 1986 he was already the commander of the detachment of the entire university.


Since 1981, Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin became a graduate student at the Moscow State University, after which he received a red diploma. The dissertation was written on the topic of party leadership in industry in the 1965-1980s under the academic guidance of Vladimir Ilyich Tetyushev.

As Zatulin pointed out in one of the election leaflets in 1990, he failed to defend his dissertation at first, as they were given a sharp assessment of the situation in the industrial sphere of the state, which required management restructuring. He managed to do this only in 1987.

Vigorous activity

From 1984 to 1991, Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Due to the fact that he was an active participant in the operational detachment, despite the failure in defending his thesis, he managed to save a place in the post-graduate students' dormitory, which occupied part of the main building of Moscow State University in the Lenin Mountains region. He was listed as an elevator repair technician at the University’s Department of Economic Operations, although he was actually the head of the operational unit.

In 1987, he was taken to the Central Committee of the Komsomol as an assistant to the secretary of the Central Committee and political observer Iosif Ordzhonikidze. He worked there in 1990. Komsomol helped Zatulin with a permanent residence permit and an apartment in the capital.


In 1988, the Soviet Association of Young Historians was created with Sergei Stankevich and Yevgeny Kozhokin. The curator of this process from the Komsomol was Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin. His contacts at that time were quite extensive, in particular, he created the so-called Komsomol economy - centers for scientific and technical youth creativity.

12/12/1987, although Zatulin left the operative, he headed the dispersal of the rally of university student activists who supported Yeltsin, who had been removed from his post as first secretary of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party the day before.

The period of the end of adjustment

In early 1989, on the basis of youth creativity centers, an Association was created, which included young leaders of industrial enterprises. The post of executive director of the Association was taken by Zatulin Konstantin Fedorovich, whose photo was often flashed in the media.

The role of the honorary president of this structure went to Gavriil Popov, and one of the leaders, Mikhail Bocharov. By 1990, it became the All-Union Association of Directors of Enterprises, and by the end of 1991, it became the International Association of Enterprise Directors with Mark Masarsky as president. The post of its general director was taken by Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin, whose biography increasingly passed from the economic plane to the political one.

He actively assisted the leadership of the Moscow Association of Voters. On the eve of major demonstrations organized by democratic forces, he helped to massively reproduce leaflets.

Zatulin was a participant in the 1990 conference, during which he created a candidate bloc called Democratic Russia.


The Moscow Komsomol member at the beginning of 1990 highlighted the activities of the operational Komsomol detachment of Moscow State University, including mentioning reports from members of the detachment addressed to its leader, which revealed the political unreliability of some students.

Zatulin published the answer that the appearance of such reports was a personal initiative of individual “personalities” from whom he disposed of, removing them from the ranks of the detachment.

The first unsuccessful attempts to participate in election campaigns

In early April 1990, Zatulin attempted to nominate his candidacy for elections in the Soviet District (district number 391) to the members of the Moscow Council.

He chose Gabriel Popov and Sergei Stankevich as trustees; he was campaigned for by Nikolai Travkin and the regional Society of Disabled People, whom he had previously helped with funding.

At first, Zatulin acted as the only democratic candidate in the constituency, but later Memorial intervened, and Sergei Vasiliev was added to it. Nevertheless, a leaflet with information that Zatulin was the only democratic candidate was put in each mailbox throughout the constituency.


Many leaflets were also pasted on the streets, their number was a record for this election campaign. Zatulin’s candidacy was the one with the most votes, but since, in the district as a whole, less than 50 percent of the residents came to the polling stations, the election results were not recognized.

In repeated autumn elections in the same year, Zatulin advanced in the above-mentioned electoral district. This option was not allowed at that time, but in this case an exception was made.

The electorate again showed passivity, again the election results were not recognized.

Participation in the commodity exchange

Iosif Ordzhonikidze, being the deputy head of the Moscow City Executive Committee, helped Zatulin in May 1990 organize the first officially registered stock exchange in the state - MTB (Moscow Commodity Exchange). Among the organizers were also Grigory Poleshchuk, Mark Masarsky and Yury Milyukov.

Among the founders of this project, one could mention the Association of Young Directors, as well as structures such as the Union of Centers for Scientific and Technical Youth Creativity and the Glavsnab at the Moscow City Executive Committee.

Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin worked in the Exchange Committee and at the same time was a co-chairman on the stock exchange.

The Moscow Commodity Exchange, which appeared somewhat earlier, created by Konstantin Borov, had to be renamed due to the absence of its official registration. She became the Russian Commodity Exchange.

In the same period, Zatulin created the brokerage office "Robrok", which he headed.


From March to June of 1991, Konstantin Zatulin, whose biography was at that time inextricably linked to the stock exchange, worked on the organization of the IBS (Interregional Exchange Union).

Together with Konstantin Borov he became co-chairman of the IBS. A year later, due to the contradictions between the two exchanges, Borovoy had to withdraw from the exchange union. All power was concentrated in the hands of Zatulin, whose candidacy was approved by the congress. Union after a number of renames received the name of the International Stock Exchange and Commercial Union.

Entrepreneurs and politics

In 1992, a group of entrepreneurs, which, in addition to Zatulin, included M. Khodorkovsky, V. Gusinsky, V. Vinogradov, M. Masarsky, Y. Milyukov, organized the "Business Political Initiative-92". Representatives of this association at the Seventh Congress of People's Deputies declared that a compromise between the branches of government was necessary. In their opinion, direct presidential rule and congresses of deputies should be abolished, as well as the protectionism of domestic entrepreneurship.

Since 1993, Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin - State Duma deputy. He passed from the union PRES.

At the end of 1995, the PRES faction expelled him from their ranks, so he was nominated for parliament on the list of the union of the Congress of Russian Communities, as well as in the Tuapse district, but again did not pass.

In 1996, Zatulin set about creating the Institute of CIS Countries, which was co-founded by several Russian ministries, Moscow's higher education institutions and the mayor's office.

The scientific council of the newly created institution was headed by Andranik Migranyan, and Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin - the director of the Institute of CIS Countries.

From December 1997, Zatulin was appointed Assistant Head of the Moscow Administration.

SPD "Power"

In mid-1998, Zatulin Konstantin Fedorovich joined the Social-Patriotic Movement “Power”. The Russian question has always been his strong point. It was during this period that Alexander Rutsky was expelled from the “Power”, who at one time created it.

Zatulin immediately joined the National Committee of the movement and its executive committee, and in November, the Sixth Congress of the State entrusted him with the post of chairman.


He inspired entry into Luzhkov's "Fatherland", while remaining in the Zyuganov People's Patriotic Union of Russia.

In 1998, the "Power" was one of the founders of the "Fatherland". Zatulin entered his Central Council. In 2000, the "Power" was disbanded due to internal contradictions.

Work in the media

Since 2002, Zatulin began to attract to the conduct of weekly programs on the channel "TV Center".

Most popular among certain audiences won the journalistic program "Mainland". The host of the TV project Konstantin Zatulin organized a discussion of the problems arising in the post-Soviet space.

A lot of interesting things could be learned from the "Political Kitchen", "Cause of Principle". Often, Zatulin is invited to take part in political discussions organized by various central television channels, where he always convincingly and convincingly defends his point of view.

He published many articles in periodicals in our country and abroad. Books have been published on the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, on the development of Russian-Abkhaz relations, etc.

The presence of titles, positions, marital status

Konstantin Fedorovich Zatulin, whose nationality, origin and worldview contribute to his entry into various Cossack associations, has many positions in the Cossack community.

As a hereditary Cossack, the Kuban Cossack army elected Zatulin in 1993 as a foreman.

On October 13, 2008, at the third Cossack World Congress (Novocherkassk), he entered the Permanent Presidium of this structure.

The first Ruza Cossack cadet corps invited him to the Board of Trustees.

Zatulin is a member of the Government Commission dealing with the affairs of compatriots outside our homeland, as well as the Council in charge of foreign and defense policy.

In the Club of Friends of Sochi, formed in 1998, which is called the Sochi fraternity, he took the post of chairman.

In 2007 he became a trustee in the "Admiral Club". This public organization brings together the highest ranks of the Navy.

In the Fund "Moscow - Abkhazia" he holds the post of chairman. From 2009 to 2012 (until the moment of disbandment) he was a member of the Presidential Commission, which was engaged in countering attempts to falsify history, infringing on the interests of our state.

In 2011, the Moscow Combat Sambo Federation chose Zatulin as its Vice-President, he is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Federation in this sport.

With his wife (maiden name Kozitsina), Zinaida Kesarevna, Konstantin Zatulin met during a joint course on the same course of the history department.

Their thirty-year-old daughter Daria, after graduating from MGIMO, where she studied journalism, holds the position of spokesperson in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Since 2007, she has raised a daughter, Nadia.

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