Economic rating of the countries of the world: where to invest?


The most important indicator of economic growth is gross domestic product. GDP makes it possible to determine the market value of all goods and services produced in a state across all branches of production, and in almost all cases the economies of the world are sensitive to this indicator. The rating of world economies can be made on the basis of this and many other macroeconomic indicators. In this article you can familiarize yourself with many aspects of the economic life of developed countries. The article also indicates the rating of countries of the world in terms of development and efficiency of the economy, including the "investment climate" of the countries of the world.


Top 5 ranking of countries in the world: GDP

An objective indicator of the growth rate of the economy of any country is the annual increase in GDP. The ranking of countries of the world, published by data-researchers from The World Bank, puts in the first place one of the most powerful economies in the world - the US economy.

  1. The GDP of the United States of America was approximately 18 trillion US dollars at the end of 2015, while the rate of "economic growth", calculated as a percentage increase in annual GDP, is small. Over the last year, the increase was about 2.5%, which is 23.5% less than the growth of the economy of Ireland - a state that was not included in the top five.
  2. China's GDP was $ 11 trillion. China has also been characterized by accelerated economic growth in the past few years. GDP increased by 6% compared with the previous year.
  3. Almost three times smaller (compared to the PRC) turned out to be Japan's GDP - only $ 4 trillion. Leading for Japan are such industries as high technology, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

European countries


4. Germany's GDP in 2015 amounted to $ 3.36 trillion. Industrial production and services for Germany remain the most profitable industries.

5. Finally, the top five best economies in the world is Britain. The GDP of this state in 2015 amounted to $ 2.86 trillion, and the annual growth was about 2%. It is worth noting that the United Kingdom is a positive example (if not an exemplary one) with regard to state regulation of the economy, here it is practically minimal, which leads the country to high economic results.

Foreign investment

"Investment image" of the country consists of several important factors. Having considered a combination of these factors, global analytical agencies have created an investment rating of countries of the world. First of all, macroeconomic indicators were considered, including GDP, as well as the development of technology and the standard of living of citizens. The basis for assessing the attractiveness of the country's economy for investment is the ratio of risk and possible profit.

Favorable for investors countries

The current rating of the countries of the world in relation to foreign investment was compiled by the World Bank. Perhaps some results will surprise you.


  1. China ranks first in terms of foreign investment. Possessing great economic potential and being the owner of one of the fastest growing economies, this state justifiably attracts more than $ 347 billion a year.
  2. Second place goes to the United States of America. The total investment is about $ 295 billion a year. This is due to the large choice of real estate that the government and the private sector provide. In addition, the last few years have been characterized by lower prices for this type of property.
  3. Hong Kong gets the largest share of investment in construction. One of the main economic indicators of Hong Kong - GDP was approximately $ 330 billion in 2015.

Nordic countries - a warm investment climate

The economic rating of the countries of the world in terms of investment put Russia and Canada in fourth and fifth places, respectively. The investment attractiveness of these two countries has had a significant upward trend over the past 10-15 years. In 2013, Russia was more close to the first positions in the ranking in terms of foreign investment, only China and the United States were ahead of it. Russia is a country with a transitional economy, which, despite all the risks associated with this transition (change of government regulation tools, etc.), was able to attract the largest number of investors. Anyway, investments in Russia have their own significant shortcomings, for example, the share of raising funds for investment from offshore companies is still high.


As for Canada, this country is considered a stable industrial power, investors feel safe investing their money in the Canadian economy. This is facilitated by developed Canadian democracy, and a rather low crime rate. Real estate in Canada can be purchased by both citizens and foreigners. The legal system of Canada also contributes to increasing the attractiveness of the economy for foreign investment year after year.

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