"Glock-19": description, characteristics


Today, the arms market has a wide range of different types of small arms. Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, the Glock-19 pistol is very popular among connoisseurs. Since 1988, this model has been used by the police and the army in many countries. Information about the device and tactical and technical characteristics of the "Glock-19" is presented in the article.



The model is a self-loading pistol of the Austrian arms manufacturer Glok. This company created a whole series of rifle shooting samples, which are widely used in the Austrian army. The first version of the gun was presented by the model "Glock-17" (photo below).


The gun was created specifically for the employees of the Austrian special services and army officers. The specifics of their activities involves carrying a firearm invisible to prying eyes. However, due to the large dimensions of the Glock-17, this was problematic. As a result of small design improvements, a new model, the Glock-19, entered the arms market. Hollywood brought the widespread fame to Austrian weapons: it was often used during the filming of films. The excellent fighting qualities of the Glock-19 are appreciated by the owners of pistols.


Unlike the early sample, in the Glock-19 the slide cover was reduced. The length of the shortened stem is 102 mm. In addition, the changes affected the pistol grip. Ammunition is carried out from stores, designed for 15 rounds. However, in the Glock 19 model, you can still charge stores used by the 17th and 18th models.


About production

At production of a lock for the gun high-precision molding is used. Then the product undergoes special treatment, as a result of which the shutter receives anti-corrosion properties and high wear resistance. For barrels and bolt covers a special coating is provided - "tenifer". As a result of this treatment, the metal gets high strength at a depth of 0.05 mm. On the Rockwell scale, the strength indicator is 69 units. For the manufacture of the frame is used high-quality heat-resistant impact-resistant plastic.

About the design

Arranged "Glock-19" in the same way as other models in this series. The exceptions are the 25th and 28th models, in which the automation works on the principle of a free gate. In the model "Glock-19" automatics uses recoil in the short course of the trunk. The shutter opens as a result of the trunk skewing in a vertical plane. During this process, the shaped groove and the pistol body interact with each other. The location of the groove is the breech breech. The valve is locked after the rectangular breech enters a special window for the extraction of spent cartridges. The Glock-19 is equipped with a firing-type firing mechanism: it provides for a partial arming and pre-triggering after each shot.

About fuses

The gun is equipped with three automatic fuses. The place for one of them was the trigger. This fuse blocks it. The hook is released only after pressing it directly. The second fuse prevents unplanned shooting in the event of a firing pin break. The third locks the firing pin until the shooter releases the trigger. Manual fuses for this model of gun are not provided.

About sighting devices

Fly and sight open. The upper part of the shutter casing became the place for mounting the front sight, and the sight was a special groove, which the weapon specialists call the “dovetail”. For the front sight, a luminous point is provided, and for a rectangular slot - a framing in the form of a luminous frame. This makes it possible to effectively use a weapon even at night.

About tactical and technical characteristics

Combat "Glock-19" has the following parameters:

  • the length of the entire weapon is 174 mm;
  • barrel length - 102 mm;
  • height does not exceed 127 mm, width - 3 cm;
  • the mass of weapons without ammunition is 595 g, the pistol with the loaded magazine weighs 850 g;
  • the magazine is designed for 15 rounds;
  • for the model are provided cartridges "Parabellum" caliber 9x19 mm;
  • the trunk is equipped with right-sided, hexagonal rifling;
  • the bullet has an initial speed of 350 m / s;
  • indicator sighting range does not exceed 50 m.

About model Glock-19C

On the basis of the basic model "Glock-19" was created a modified pistol, which is characterized by improved performance. Judging by the reviews of weapons specialists, during firing, the barrel does not bounce and is not diverted from the firing line at all. This was made possible through the use of a special integrated compensator at the muzzle. It is represented by several holes, the location of which was the upper muzzle of the barrel. These holes correspond to the notches in the slide cover near the front sight.


Initially, the model of the pistol was used primarily by Austrian special forces and the police department. Weapons are universal.


Reduced size and weight allows hidden wearing. The Glock-19 became the main weapon of law enforcement officers.

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