M24 rifle: the history of creation, device and specifications


In 1980, the American weapons designers began designing a new large-caliber sniper rifle. The result of intensive work, testing and fine-tuning the design was the M24 sniper rifle. Information on the history of creation, design and technical characteristics of this rifle unit can be found in the article.



Until the 1980s, American soldiers used M21 sniper rifles, which were based on the semi-automatic M14. However, M21 soon began to fall into disrepair, and getting spare parts for weapons was quite problematic. Because of the changed situation in the world, American soldiers were to carry out their military operations in the Middle East. In the open desert spaces, the military required a weapon that provided high-precision firing at a distance of at least 1 thousand meters. In connection with the requirements imposed by the Marine Corps, US weapons designers had to design a new sniper rifle with a longitudinally sliding bolt, a polymeric box and a barrel from stainless steel. A competition was announced for the creation of such a rifle unit. As a result, the finalists were SSG69 Steyr and Remington Model 700BDL. After testing, Remington won, and in 1987, the M24 rifle was adopted by the United States Army.



M24 rifle with a monolithic bed, for the manufacture of which are used combined polymeric materials: glass and carbon fibers, polymer foam, reinforced with Kevlar. Below on the forearm and the butt there are special mounting swivels, through which the weapon is equipped with a tactical belt. Adjustable folding double support arms are attached to the forearm. In the version of the rifle, intended for use by police special forces, an integrated LCC (laser pointer) is provided at the end of the fore-end. The shooter has the ability to adjust the length of the butt up to 5 cm, adjusting the rifle to its anthropometric data.

About sighting devices

The M24A1 uses a standard Leupold Ultra M3A or Mk4 LR / T M1 optical sight. They are characterized by a fixed multiplicity, the determining range is used, and a special compensator, whose task is to take into account the reduction of the trajectory of the projectile. Additionally, the rifle is equipped with an open mechanical sighting device: the entire dioptric and the front sight. Initially, the sights on sniper rifles were installed using special brackets. Later for this purpose, we used the standard Picatinny rail.

About the trunk

M24 rifle is equipped with a barrel, for the manufacture of which used high-quality stainless steel. The length of this element was 60.9 cm. The barrel was subjected to special treatment, allowing the use of this sniper weapon with the NATO-made M118SB 7.62-mm cartridges. For the barrel is provided drilling 5R, which is represented by five grooves. According to weapons experts, in this drilling, which is the development of the company "Remington", the grooves have rounded edges. Unlike other sniper systems with a 90-degree bevel angle, it was 65 in the M24 rifle. This was done specifically to minimize friction and pollution. The length of the rifling pitch is 2.86 cm. The operating life of the barrel is not more than 5 thousand shots. According to military experts, due to the odd number of rifling, none of them is at an angle of 180 degrees, which reduces the deformation of the projectile during its movement through the receiver channel.

About options

On the base of the M24, the American gunsmiths designed an improved model for the more powerful sniper ammunition WinMag 300. In the technical documentation, the rifle is listed as the M24A2 SWS. Equipped with a detachable box magazine, which is equipped with 10 rounds. On the trunk, you can mount a tactical silencer. The stock is equipped with an adjustable cheek pad.

Also in the lineup there is a M24A3 SWS. Equipped with a powerful long-range ammunition 338LM (Lapua Magnum) and Nitro Express 470. Rifle with all the improvements from the previous version.

In 2010, the American designers carried out a deep modernization of the M24, which resulted in the emergence of a new model - the M24E1 ESR. This rifle plan to arm the army and police of the United States.


About the technical characteristics

  • M24 refers to the type of sniper rifles.
  • Manufacturing country United States of America.
  • In service since 1988.
  • With empty ammunition and without optics, it weighs 5.4 kg. The mass of the rifle with cartridges and other equipment is 7.26 kg.
  • The total length of the M24, with a 61-centimeter barrel and a butt set at a minimum - 116.8 cm.
  • Released projectile to the target moves at a speed of 830 m / s.
  • The rifle works by manually reloading with the longitudinally sliding shutter.
  • Shooting is effective at a distance of 800 m. With the use of 338LM ammunition, this figure is increased to 1, 500 m, with the Nitro Express 470 - 2, 300 m.

Small product for the civil consumer

On the basis of a combat model, a Cyma M24 Spring airsoft air sniper rifle was created. Judging by consumer reviews, the brass version is a skillfully made copy of the combat equivalent of the American M24. In the manufacture of the box for the Cyma M24 sniper rifle by a Chinese manufacturer, high-quality impact-resistant plastic is used, for the receiver and the barrel - metal. The pneumatics involved the Spring system, which provides for a manual cocking of the shutter each time before firing. The rifle butt is equipped with a rubber butt pad.


Length - 107 cm, weight - 3.5 kg. The shooting is carried out with balls that overcome 120 meters per second. The maximum muzzle energy index is 1.7 J. “Pneumat” is equipped with a mechanical magazine with a capacity of 30 balls. The airsoft rifle is completed with the drive, shop, the loader, the ramrod and the maintenance instruction.

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