Biography of Anatoly Romanov. The health of General Romanov


Every country has its great people. One of such heroes of Russia and an example for imitation was General Romanov. This courageous and strong man has been fighting for his life for many years. Next to him all this time is his faithful spouse, who also performed her special, feminine feat and became an example for many wives of the military.

The health of General Romanov today remains unchanged. He can not talk, but responds to speech. His battle continues.

Childhood and youth of the future general

Anatoly Romanov was a peasant by birth; he was born in Bashkiria on September 27, 1948. It was the village of Mikhailovka in the Belebey district. In 1966 he graduated from school (ten classes) and was drafted into the army (1967). General Romanov, whose biography has significant events, served in the internal troops, where he rose to the rank of sergeant. According to the memoirs of his wife, he matured early, obviously, this had a significant impact on his further fate, which he decided to associate with the army.

After the end of military service, Romanov had a desire to become a useful homeland, and in 1969 he entered the Saratov Military School. F. Dzerzhinsky. Anatoly studied for three years, after which he remained in the service in this educational institution.

The further career of Anatoly Romanov

An interesting point was the fact that a tradition appeared at the military institute of Saratov - the presentation of a cash prize. This scholarship was named in honor of the Hero of Russia, Colonel-General Romanov. Give it to the best cadet of the university. It should be noted that even the wife of Anatoly came to the first ceremony.

Career and study of the future General Romanov continued. Soon he became a student of the Combined Arms Academy. Frunze and finished it in 1982. Then he was again sent to serve in the Saratov school - to command a battalion. In 1984, he became deputy commander, and in 1985 he was sent to the Sverdlovsk region to command the 546th regiment of the Interior Ministry troops. Their task was to protect the strategic defense enterprise.

In 1988, Romanov became chief of staff of the ninety-fifth division, which was designed to protect important government facilities, as well as special and special cargoes of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In 1989, Anatoly continued his education at the Academy of the General Staff of the USSR Army. He graduated in 1991, and a year later he was appointed commander of the ninety-sixth division of the Interior Ministry of Russia. In early 1993, the future General Romanov became the head of special units of the explosives, who were guarding important government facilities and special cargo. And from the middle of the same year, he was appointed deputy commander of the Interior Troops of Russia, and later the head of the Combat Training Directorate.


Also, Anatoly Romanov, a general in the future, became a participant of those distant and terrible events that took place in the fall of 1993 in Russia, namely, the opposition of the Supreme Council and the President, on whose side he acted.

In 1995, his career went up - Romanov was appointed deputy minister of internal affairs of the Russian Federation. At the same time, Anatoly became the commander of the united group of PV in Chechnya. He actively participated in the establishment of order in that region in the postwar period.

Family Life of General Romanov

As always, life is full of accidents. It happened in the family of Anatolia. The future general Romanov met his wife by chance, thanks to his friend, who liked her friend Larisa. This happened at a time when he was a cadet of the Saratov military school.

The four of us walked, and sympathy gradually began to appear between young people, which over time grew into something more. According to the memoirs of Larissa's wife, Anatoly courted her very nicely, always came with flowers (true, field). A few months later they were married (Romanov was then in the third year of college). A new family life began, and Larisa realized that her husband was a real man, and she was behind him, like a stone wall.

The young people first lived in an apartment with their parents, after which they were allocated their own housing, which they began to repair. Some time later, the couple had a baby. The daughter was called Victoria. Anatoly has changed a lot since her birth. He and his daughter could do all sorts of childish and funny things - they ran around the apartment, fought with pillows, read fairy tales.


However, there was a lot of seriousness in education. Romanov demanded that Victoria learn to be organized and responsible, imparted to her the rules of good form (for this purpose, specially went to the cafe). An interesting point was how he helped his daughter overcome his fears, when he forced her to recite poetry, because she loved to do it, but was embarrassed.

All this family idyll was canceled by the attempt that took place on October 6, 1995. But even the special condition of General Romanov did not change the attitude of his wife Larisa to him. She also remained faithful to him, cared for him, believed in the best for many years. There was a hope in her that love could do much.

Attempt on Anatoly Romanov

This happened, as was written above, on October 6, 1995, at about one in the afternoon in a tunnel near Minutka Square in Grozny. Romanov was driving to a meeting with Ruslan Khasbulatov from Khankala when the irreparable happened. In the tunnel was installed high-explosive device, which undermined remotely. It had a charge of approximately 30 kg of TNT.


The attempt was clearly prepared for Romanov, because the charge was blown up under his car. Two people died at once - the driver Vitaly Matviychenko and the assistant to Romanov, Alexander Zaslavsky. Another private Denis Yabrikov died a few days later. About two dozen people were wounded and contused.

The condition of General Romanov after the attempt was very difficult. He was immediately sent to Burdenko Hospital, where he was for a long time.

Treatment and life of Romanov after the attempt

According to the opinions of those who were on the rescue operation of that attempt, no one believed that Anatoly could be saved. His body was riddled with shrapnel. However, the general health of General Romanov eventually leveled off, although it did not return to normal. In many ways, this happened due to the fact that he was quickly provided with highly qualified medical assistance.

Anatoly, as soon as they identified (and it was difficult to do), was sent to the Vladikavkaz hospital, and very quickly. In military medical practice, this is considered a very good chance for a positive outcome. Also in the shortest possible time, following the wounded Romanov, the aircraft was sent to the “Scalpel” hospital, on which the best doctors of the hospital were flying. Burdenko.

On October 7, Anatoly was transferred to hospital resuscitation. He was there until the twenty-first of December. Everyone was worried about the question: “What will happen to General Romanov?” There was a great deal of hype and hype around his name due to the fact that Anatoly was a very famous person. When things calmed down a bit, the treating doctor Romanov was appointed an experienced neuropathologist Igor Alexandrovich Klimov.


Why him? Since the main injuries were in the area of ​​the head, and during an explosion a bleeding in the brain occurred, Romanov began to be considered a person who had a stroke. Klimov was constantly looking for new opportunities to pull the general’s lost consciousness to the surface.

The victim stayed in this hospital until 2009, then he was transferred to the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which is located in Balashikha.

Feat wife of General Anatoly Romanov

It should also be noted a special feat, which made the wife of Romanova Larissa. This is true love, which overcomes all obstacles in its path and can return from nothingness, as it happened with Anatoly. The state of health of General Romanov is such that it is very difficult to care for him, besides, this has to be done daily. This has been going on for many years, and Larisa Romanova has completely devoted herself to her husband.

She is his hope and savior of the soul, the bridge that connects him, who is on the other side, with this world. During the time that the treatment continues, Larisa has overcome a lot.

From the moment of the tragedy, when General Romanov fell into whom, his wife had learned to understand him anew by the blinking of the eyelids, by their trembling alarmingly, and now by the gestures of her hands. Of course, now she understands her husband better than anyone and sees how he rejoices at the arrival of relatives and relatives, as well as friends.


Also regularly came to visit the father and the daughter of the general - Victoria. Now Anatoly also has a granddaughter, Anastasia, who grows up as a real tomboy and demands grandfather's attention, although she understands that he is ill.

Larisa Romanova is trying very hard for her husband to live a normal life even in this state. They sometimes go out of town to their dacha. Also recently traveled to the gifts of the Magi. These trips, of course, require medical insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances, as well as strong assistants, since Anatoly weighs about seventy kilograms, but the benefits from them are undoubted.

The status of the general today

The health of General Romanov has remained unchanged for several years. Of course, this is a significant improvement compared to what it was in the first years after the injury. He does not speak, but can express facial expressions, sometimes with a wave of his hand.

Also, the general is constantly being massaged, he has no bedsores. Of course, this is thanks to the efforts of the medical staff and Larisa’s wife. He also rides a bicycle, he can slightly twist his pedals, though this happens forcibly. However, such activities are necessary for the muscles to be in good shape.


In addition, there is music in the general chamber, family photographs hang on the walls, sometimes he watches television programs, although he does not tolerate military sounds - shooting, explosions. So, if anyone has a question: “Is General Romanov alive or not?”, Then it is quite possible to answer that all the necessary conditions have been created for him.

Further forecasts

What can be said about the future projections of general health? Here it is very difficult to say something unequivocally, since there is progress, but it goes in very small steps. For example, by an experimental experiment, we found out that the general can read the writing on the piece. Now, according to his wife, they are writing a special computer program for him that would allow him to type text on the virtual keyboard with his gaze. This would be undoubted progress for the further treatment that General Romanov so needs. Is this Hero of Russia alive or not? Of course, yes, although not in the same way as ordinary people. But progress does not stand still, moreover there were cases when people came out of such a state after so many years in it.

Assignment of the rank of Colonel General

Despite what happened to General Romanov, he was promoted to the rank of colonel general in 1995 by presidential decree on November 7.

Awards received by the general

Anatoly Romanov, Colonel-General of Russia, as well as the former Deputy Interior Minister and Commander of the Federal Forces in Chechnya, has four medals during his military service.

The first award he received was the Order of the Red Star. This happened back in Soviet times, when Romanov exemplified his military duty.

On October 7, 1993, Anatoly received the Order for Personal Courage, and on December 31, 1994, General Romanov (pictured below) received the Order for Military Merit, first number. This award is given to those soldiers who valiantly perform their military duty, as well as perform feats and show courage (by this time Romanov had already visited several hot spots).


The most important and tragic award in his life was the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, which he was awarded on November 5, 1995 after the tragic events on Minutka Square in Grozny. Then he was seriously injured and fell into a coma for a long time.

The memory of the hero in the cinema

Despite the fact that now with General Romanov is happening, he remains a hero of his country. That is why the documentary was shot (2013), which tells about the event, which crossed out the whole life of this person. Also there are described the memories of people that surrounded Romanov - friends, family, direct participants in those events.

The film is called "General Romanov - a devoted peacemaker." Its premiere was attended by many colleagues and friends of Anatoly. And how many warm words were said, it was told about heroism, courage and truly peacekeeping ability of the general! The release of the film was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Hero of Russia Romanov. The film was shot at the expense of the Foundation "People's Unity".

An interesting point that surfaced while working on the film is that eliminating Romanov was beneficial to someone, because otherwise it could have ended much earlier and more peacefully, even during the first campaign. He truly had the gift of a peacemaker, as well as a special ability to conduct any negotiations, for which General Romanov suffered, whose biography has such tragic moments.


As we see, it doesn’t matter at all what kind of person was born, it’s what he could become in the course of his life. Everything is possible with proper persistence and striving. After all, even what is happening with General Romanov now shows his strength of mind, his thirst for life. He has a lot of admirers, those who consider his exploits to be characters worthy of the highest award.

During his time as commander in Chechnya, he prevented many possible bloody clashes only by the power of his word and conviction. At the same time, Romanov achieved the disarmament of the population. A schedule for receiving weapons from various militant groups was also agreed. He did much to prevent the war from starting again, but he himself suffered from it.

His every moment, lived after the assassination, occurs in the struggle for a normal existence. His feat must be proud of, his example lead desperate, and also continue to believe in the best. After all, the most important thing is never to give up and not to give up.

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