Tape screwdriver - a tool for professionals


When laying drywall sheets, in the case of large volumes of work, it is often possible to see how professionals, without turning off the screwdriver, without a break wrap up several dozen self-tapping screws. Looking closely, you can see that they are fed to a rotating bit, tucked into a special plastic holder. Such a tape screwdriver when working with something resembles a loaded machine gun. The feed mechanism in it works on a similar principle.



Such a tool can be safely attributed to the professional equipment because, while performing normal work, it is not well suited and is designed for frequently repeated, single-type operations. The tape screwdriver surpasses household models with similar characteristics in cost. And it's not just a special feed mechanism. Devices are manufactured with an increased margin of safety, because their purpose is large volumes.

You can work with such a unit even alone. There is no need every time to get a new screw, stick it on the tip of the bits, hold and correct for accuracy of direction. Thanks curb tape one hand is released. It becomes possible to firmly hold the sheet until the moment when several screws will be able to quickly fasten it to the guiding planes.


Special features

The tape screwdriver can be structurally made with a permanently installed self-tapping screw feeder. This unit can not be used without curb tape. The calculation of manufacturers of such equipment is clear - for each type of work must be its own tool.

Another option is a removable nozzle for a conventional screwdriver. Without it, the unit can be used in the manual unit refueling mode of each screw. To some extent it is profitable. The device from a professional easily turns into a universal tool by quickly removing the “muzzle” device. If necessary, it can be used for serial work with standard-sized screws, as well as manually installing any other screws (different in length, base thickness, cap diameter), but self-tapping screws on slots.



Tape capacity - 50 screws. This is a calculated amount to securely fasten a standard sheet of drywall in any position. Equipping a screwdriver with a tape can safely begin installation. The tool has good ergonomics: a comfortable handle allows you to work for a long time, and you quickly get used to its grip.

Mounts for hanging on the belt allows you to quickly free your hands and at the same time the tool is always at hand. Control buttons are conveniently located. The spout of the tape-feeding head is tapered, which allows you to put angular fasteners in close proximity to the wall.

The cordless screwdriver gives you even more freedom of action. There is no need to control the length of the carrier, to worry that you can stumble over the power cord. This is especially important when working with scaffolding at high altitude. However, the mobility will have to pay, because the battery models are more expensive.


Leading manufacturers of screwdrivers, as a rule, represent a line of professional tools in a separate direction. Makita, Metabo, Dewalt, Bosh are firms whose products can be safely recommended for responsible work. Their belt screwdrivers work with 25 - 55 mm self-tapping screws. Senco Duraspin DS 275 and Makita BFR 750 RFE are units that can wrap up to 75 mm long screws in tape mode.

All models have adjustable screw cap immersion. There is the possibility of reverse stroke. And there is no need to manually fill the wrong screwed screw. Adjusting the engine speed allows you to accurately adjust to the operating mode. The refueling mechanism is implemented as simple as possible. When working at different angles, the cassette tape is not twisted.

Manufacturers are experimenting with the design of the form of the handle, trying to balance the tool for professional work. The Bosch GSR 6-45 belt screwdriver with a nozzle has a shape that is familiar to “household” models. For a tool with a clamped D-shaped handle, the center of gravity is shifted, which makes it possible to perfectly balance the unit and maintain the natural position of the gypsum board’s hand when working.


BOSCH GSR 6 - 45 TE belt screwdriver

A highly specialized unit is designed for screwing standard screws into drywall and other surfaces to a predetermined depth. Turns into a tape after installation on the nozzle head with a Bosch MA 55 Professional feeder. By the way, it fits BOSCH GSR 6 - 45 TE and 6 - 60 TE models.

The model is characterized by the operational durability, reliability, well thought-out design, design and ergonomics that is characteristic of the entire brand tool. The 700 W engine ensures stable operation with standard hardware on soft and medium density materials. Power is supplied from the network. Unit weight about 1.4 kg.

Pleases the presence of the clip on the case for wearing on the suspension. The wide button with fixation is convenient for pressing in any position of the hand. Adjustable engine speed from 0 to 4500. It is worth noting that the drilling function is not provided. The internal diameter of the hexagon under the bit is 1/4 inch. But in combination with a nozzle, the unit quickly turns into a tape screwdriver. Traditionally comes with accessories and carrying case.


Tape Nozzle

By equipping the standard screwdriver model with a removable feeder, other manufacturers also went. So, besides Bosch MA 55, there are similar units from Kress (SMV), Metabo (SM 5–55), Hilti (SMD 57). The principle of operation is similar for all models. Pulling the tape occurs by pressing the rolling nozzle of the nozzle to the working surface of the material.

Screwing occurs in contact with a constantly running engine. Like the Bosch MA 55 Professional, Kress, Metabo and Hilti models are compatible with their class members of the same type. The advantage of such models for professionals using a tool for different purposes is obvious. The drywall screwdriver for drywall can be assembled from the standard model of the basic configuration, by attaching the quick-release attachment, purchased separately.

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