Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich: one of the leaders of the EAEU


Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich, whose biography will be described below, until recently served as secretary general of EurAsEC. After the liquidation of this organization and the creation of a new body, the EAEU continued to work for the benefit of Eurasian integration in a new capacity. For many years, the Kazakh politician has been a staunch and consistent supporter of integration processes between the CIS countries.

Civil Engineer

Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich was born in Sarkand, Taldy-Kurgan region, in 1948. He began working at school, at the age of sixteen, he became a concrete worker at the Kazakhtansstroy trust management building. However, an ambitious young man was not satisfied with such an ordinary profession, and he decided to make his way up the career ladder. In 1965, he was able to cling to the position of engineer in the Office of Capital Construction of Almaty.


Working at the city executive committee, the UKS engineer was able to make the necessary connections and make an impression on the management of his business skills. Gaps in education Mansurov Tair Aymukhametovich eliminated in 1971, graduating from the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. He successfully defended his diploma in engineering construction and set off to conquer new heights.

In 1972, a young and talented specialist was appointed Chief Engineer of the Almaty-Building Center construction management. Here Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich works not for long, as soon the road to the party career opens up before him. In 1973, he became secretary of the Komsomol organization of the capital of Kazakhstan, and soon the entire Alma-Ata region.

The start of a political career

Komsomolsk leader former civil engineer worked for five years. In 1978, he graduated from the Higher Party School of the Central Committee of the CPSU, which allowed him to try his hand at state-building.


At first, the novice party functionary is sent to the front of the activity that is familiar to him. Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich becomes an instructor of the construction department at the regional party committee of the Alma-Ata region.

He stands out among other employees of the department with his rich practical experience and is rapidly moving upwards, having met in 1986 and restructuring as the head of the construction department. A couple of years Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich works as the first secretary of the Leninsky district committee of the city of Alma-Ata, after which the ambitious Kazakh functionary is invited to work in Moscow.

For a short time he worked as an instructor in the Construction Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU, then returned to Kazakhstan, taking the post of second secretary of the regional committee of the Karaganda region. In 1990, Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich returned to Moscow, where he became head of the sector of one of the departments of the CPSU Central Committee. In parallel, he makes a career in the Supreme Soviet, having elected a deputy to the country's highest legislative body.

Independence away from homeland

Together with the collapse of the USSR, the party career of Mansurov Tair Aymukhametovich ends. However, he is not eager to return to Kazakhstan, preferring to protect the interests of the young republic in the capital of the Russian Federation. From the very beginning, he proved to be an active supporter of the resumption of close economic ties between the former Soviet republics.


An experienced statesman, he understood that a sharp break in the prevailing economic and social ties between Kazakhstan and Russia would cause terrible harm to both states. So he comes to the idea of ​​creating the foundation "Kazakhstan" in Moscow, which would remind Russian politicians of the existence of the former fraternal republic.

Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich remains a Kazakhstani man even far from his homeland, and in 1994 Nursultan Nazarbayev appointed him to the post of the republic's ambassador to Russia. Thus, the tradition was laid to appoint political heavyweights as agents of Kazakhstan’s interests in the northern neighbor.

Return to Kazakhstan

Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich lingers on diplomatic work until 2002. Since 1996, he has also combined the post of envoy of Kazakhstan to Finland, torn between Moscow and Helsinki. Finally, in 2002, the former party functionary returns to his homeland. He works as an adviser to the president of the country, after which he is sent to head the Karaganda region, where he had already worked as the second secretary of the regional party committee in Soviet times.

Eurasian Economic Commission

The President of Kazakhstan has always been an ardent supporter of the resumption of close economic ties between the former Soviet republics. His stormy activity in this direction led to the creation of a supranational body that was supposed to deal with the problems of the economic integration of the countries of Eurasia.


The Eurasian Economic Community has united the resources of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

The noble idea of ​​the community was to create a single economic space for all member countries, develop common norms and standards, gradually eliminate customs restrictions, and create an EEC. Mansurov Tair Aimukhametovich in 2007 was appointed Secretary General of this organization and made a huge contribution to its development. True, from the very beginning, the temporary status of EurAsEC was clear, the main goal was to create a Customs Union. In 2014, the Kazakh politician left the post of general secretary of the organization in connection with its liquidation.

He continued his work in the Eurasian Economic Commission, becoming a member of the panel on energy and infrastructure.

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