Salary of the President of Russia: official data and estimates


What is the salary of the President of Russia? A seemingly simple question. By the way, according to the Business Life weekly, as of the beginning of this year, the salary of the President of Russia was 128.3 thousand rubles a month. Or, if you count in dollar terms, $ 4, 300. But this is without additional payments, contributions, taxes, etc.


At the same time, the My Salary Internet portal claims that the salary of the President of Russia reaches almost $ 179233 per year. On average, this is $ 14, 936 per month. Or - in the Russian equivalent - about 450, 000 rubles. But it is 3 times more! It turns out an obvious discrepancy, which, I think, needs to be clarified.

First, the indicative figure of US $ 1, 79233 per year is the amount of income that Russian President Vladimir Putin received, according to the official declaration, in 2012. Approximately the same amount of income "planned" for 2013. Although, in principle, everything can change. It’s known that Putin earned 3, 662 million rubles in the year before last, whereas in 2010 it made 5.042 million. It’s impossible to accurately predict how it will be in 2013.

Secondly, speaking from a formal legal point of view, Vladimir Putin does not have a salary per se. There is a so-called monetary support, the size of which is determined each year by the State Duma of the Russian Federation and is written in a separate line in the federal budget. If we assume that such a monetary allowance is the official salary of the Russian president, then 1064019 rubles a year are issued. Or somewhere $ 35, 400 for 12 months. At the same time, the law on the state budget states in a separate line “the functioning of the President of the Russian Federation”, which is estimated at 8019, 207 rubles. The result is that in 2013 the head of state will spend more than 9 million rubles.


Thirdly, neither from a financial nor from a logical point of view, it is not quite clear how the “money content” of the President differs from its “functioning”. The fact is that there is no clear definition of both the first and second terms, as well as the notion of “salary of the President of Russia”. The question is not even whether contributions to the Pension Fund are paid or not. The problem is different - who charges the salary-content and determines its size? For example, the size of the salary of the President of the United States is determined by a separate law, which is constitutional in nature and therefore cannot be changed either by the owner of the White House or by Congress. True, the President personally can make individual decisions about how to spend the money paid from the federal budget. But this is his, as they say, personal business, political position.


Or another example - the size of the monetary allowance of the President of France is also determined by a separate legislative act, but the level of the salary itself can be changed - during the crisis, Mr. Hollande significantly reduced his appetites.

However, judging by the official statements of the presidential administration, the salary of the Russian president does not exceed 120 thousand dollars. US per year. In any case, this follows from the fuzzy statements of the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov. Although this version seems the most plausible.

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