In Australia, snakes crawl into human toilets, fleeing from the extreme heat


Australia is a country that is famous for its exotic and sometimes dangerous animals and insects. Locals often become victims of huge spiders or snakes. The latter are found everywhere throughout the country, but they become especially dangerous in hot weather. Snakes love to hide from the scorching sun in secluded and cool places. And most often climb into the house, they find themselves under the refrigerator or air conditioning, and sometimes in the toilet.

Dangerous guests


Snakes are extremely poor in heat and lack of moisture. Therefore, with the arrival of warm weather, they try to move to a dark and damp place. Often they choose baths and toilets, which, of course, do not really like the Australians. After all, a meeting with a snake in your own dressing room is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.

In Australia, there is even a snake catcher profession. They specially go to the homes of local residents to safely remove the dangerous guest from the premises. Most often, snakes climb into toilet bowls, but sometimes they choose bathrooms. Once, the snake catcher had to catch a two-meter python from the shower cabin, which decided to rest and cool there.


It is noteworthy that the summer in Australia lasts from December to February. It was at this time that a record number of snakes appeared in the country. In total, more than 140 species of land reptiles inhabit the territory of the mainland. Moreover, not only people can suffer from them, but also pets.

How would you react if you saw a live snake in your closet?

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