Pyshechki can also be attractive: a unique collection of drawings that confirms


Brazilian artist E. Santos believes that everyone can become like a favorite character from the Marvel or DC comics. To demonstrate this, he created a series of illustrations depicting women with curvaceous, dressed in outfits favorite superheroes.

Artist's opinion

“I've been working on this topic for six years now, ” Eduardo admits. - I want to prove to the world that every woman is beautiful. And the donuts are no exception. They may differ from each other in their social status or appearance, but they are all equally beautiful. ”


“Some people believe that I am glorifying obesity, and this is not good. But who am I to tell someone what they should do with their own body? I do not know them and do not know why they are full, but it doesn’t matter to me, ”says the artist.


“All I can do is help them feel comfortable in their own body, ” added Eduardo Santos. “I only instill confidence in them and make them happier.”

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