Border Guard Takes: History, Description


The berets first appeared in the army in 1936. At first these women wore these hats. Over time, the berets have become integral attributes and male military uniforms. In order to distinguish servicemen by type of military service, special colors were fixed for these hats. The Soviet Army began to use berets later than other countries. For several decades, these types of headgear equipped some branches of the Armed Forces of the USSR. The article contains information about what the border guard is.



The first test samples of berets, destined for the Soviet soldiers, were products of black color. The army command decided to check how comfortable the berets would be during practical military exercises. According to some experts, these hats were introduced by the Soviet military leadership as opposed to the American troops, whose troops already used them. To take not really dirty, they chose black color for him. In 1968, blue berets were officially approved for the Marine Corps. In 1988, the maroon beret became an obligatory element of the uniform of servicemen of internal troops and units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Takes a border guard

The USSR Border Troops, as well as other branches of the Armed Forces, wanted to be owners of such headdresses. This desire was due to two reasons:

  • Takes very comfortable. In its manufacture, cotton or woolen fabric is used, so that you can sleep on it, placing it under your head, or use it as a balaclava.
  • The beret gives the soldier a courageous look.

However, in their quest to get beret as a mandatory shaped attribute of the border troops, they faced great resistance from the military command. In 1976, the cadets of the frontier detachment decided to put on berets without permission. To differ from the Airborne Troops, who wore blue uniforms, the border guards for their beret chose a green color.

This trick cadets did not go unnoticed. The military leadership was forbidden to use the green border guards by the servicemen. However, the deed of the cadets demonstrated their desire to be the owners of these uniform headgear along with the paratroopers and military personnel of the internal troops.

Official approval of the beret: 1981-1991.

At this time, the military uniform of the Border Troops was replenished with a new camouflage pattern. In tone to it only for everyday wear was introduced and takes the border guard. He was warm green. As a headdress, it was officially approved only in 1991. Taking the border guard (the photo is presented in the article) from this time is an obligatory part of the everyday and parade uniform.


Headgear for border special forces

As part of the border service of the FSB of Russia, elite units of border special forces were formed on the most problematic sections of the border with Asian countries to perform the most difficult and dangerous tasks. Green berets were also approved for these air assault, reconnaissance and sabotage subunits. Headgear of special forces soldiers differ from classic border guard berets in a special, colder shade. This was undertaken by the military command to avoid confusion.



Tasks carried out by border guards are associated with large physical and moral loads. Therefore, border guards special forces are very proud of their right to wear green berets, which in their status are not inferior to the headgear of the airborne troops.

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