"Glock-17" traumatic: description, specifications, reviews


Designed for the needs of the army by the Austrian gunsmiths, the Glock rifle system has established itself as one of the best in the world. In 2011, the Turkish company Target Technologies designed a traumatic pistol, the basis for which served as a combat Glock 17. According to experts, this is a high-quality rifle model with excellent characteristics. Combat gun was successfully adapted to the needs of civilian consumers. Traumatic pistol "Glok-17" in the technical documentation is listed as "Phantom-T". Description, characteristics and reviews of the owners of the injury are contained in the article.

About the appearance

Judging by the numerous reviews, the Glock-17 and the traumatic model are very similar in appearance. Both rifle units with square stoppers, plastic frames and anatomical handles. Since it is forbidden to release a traumatic weapon that would completely copy the combat, in the "Phantom-T" on the body caused a bright white marking. The frame of the gun is a steel frame, covered with plastic. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials, the weight of the trauma is reduced. Comfortable ergonomic handle, as in the combat analog, contains special notches for the fingers.


About the trunk

Both rifle units also differ in barrel design. If you look at the traumatic “Glock-17” from the front, you can see that the barrel has an oval rather than a round shape. On the reverse side of the barrel with a square cross section. The diameter of its middle part is narrowed to 5 mm. Some consumers are wondering why these design changes were made, if the diameter of the projectiles used by the injury is 11 mm? According to experts, the task of the barrel narrowing is to prevent the firing of live ammunition.

In an effort to preserve a spectacular look for the Phantom-T, Turkish designers, unlike Russian manufacturers, chose a different path. As a result, the traumatic Glock is equipped with a trunk without different jumpers. Structurally, it consists of a false holders, the wall thickness of which is 2.5 mm, and the liner - a special steel liner with 2.5 mm walls. Thanks to this element, the barrel channel is resistant to corrosive processes and has an increased operational resource. According to the owners, the weapon is quite accurate and long-range.


About the design

The slide latch and the clip latch, the creators of non-combat weapons installed on the left side of the frame. In the traumatic Glok-17, the ammunition is supplied from a box magazine, designed for 10 rounds. The gun is equipped with a trigger mechanism, designed for double action. To make a shot, the owner needs to pre cock. Also, the use of trauma from the self-platoon is not excluded. In shooting models, standard sighting mechanisms were used for self-defense: fixed front sight and rear sight. There is space for a special guide under the barrel, with which the traumatic gun can be equipped with additional tactical devices: a laser sight or a small flashlight.


About fuses

In an effort to make the injury safe for the owner, the Turkish manufacturer equipped the rifle model with three automatic fuses. Apply a traumatic "Glock-17" can be after fixing the lever, located in the trigger, and pressing a special button. It was installed on the pistol grip. To finally unblock the injury, the owner must firmly squeeze the handle and activate the button. According to experts, if you accidentally press the trigger, the shot will not follow. This design feature provides an arrow full security.

About ammunition

It was originally planned that the traumatic Glock-17 will be available in two versions. 45 Rabber cartridges and 9 mm RA were developed for them. One of the versions was to be completed with a magazine with a capacity of 15 ammunition, the second - 9. Lovers of traumatic rifle products were intrigued by such news as the weapon row could be replenished with two quality pistols, whose characteristics would differ due to the use of different charges. However, the traumatic Glock 17 received 10x22T ammunition.


Equipped with a magazine with a capacity of 10 rounds. According to the owners, these charges are characterized by good power, which is enough to hit the enemy, dressed in winter clothes. However, this parameter has a drawback: having applied such a powerful weapon in the summer, the owner of the trauma will most likely have problems with the law. This is due to the fact that 10x22T projectiles have high penetrating power. Once in a person, such a projectile can seriously damage the internal organs.

About the technical characteristics

  • The total length of the trauma is 20 cm, the trunk - 11.4 cm.
  • The height of the gun 14, width - 3 cm.
  • Shooting from the "Phantom-T" is 10x22T cartridges.
  • Without ammunition rifle model weighs 850 g.
  • Equipped with a 10-charge magazine.

About strengths

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, "Phantom-T" has the following advantages:

  • Increased margin of safety.
  • High precision accuracy. The optimal distance for effective shooting is 15 meters.
  • Availability of reliable fuse system.
  • High power.
  • Using comfortable ergonomic handles.
  • The guns are equipped with spacious 10-clip clips.
  • The possibility of firing live ammunition is completely prevented.


Externally, the injury looks very stylish. Non-combat infantry unit will be both an effective means for self-defense, and a good gift.

About cons

Despite a number of undeniable merits, the Turkish traumatic weapon has some drawbacks. Judging by the consumer reviews, the following can be attributed to the minus of the gun:

  • The injury, as some owners are convinced, even weighs a lot with empty ammunition. Also it is too overall.
  • There are often cases when the clip falls at the most inappropriate moments. This is explained by the presence of an insufficiently strong button, which is responsible for fixing the store.
  • The shutter lag is equipped with a button that is too tight.
  • For the manufacture of valves the manufacturer uses light and not strong enough materials. However, today, taking into account the wishes of consumers, Turkish gunsmiths correct this nuance. It is planned that the valves will be made of high strength steel.
  • Shooting is conducted with non-standard size ammunition.



Since the Austrian pistol is widely used in the filming of films and has already managed to please many, according to experts, from the side of the Turkish armory company, Glock was a good commercial move as the basis for its trauma. Turkish rifle unit is no less reliable and has a high operational resource, due to which it is in great demand among civilian consumers.

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