Russian submachine gun "Heather": photos, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages


Submachine gun "Heather" is different from the so-called peers range. Weapons can hit a target up to 200 meters away. In addition to high range, the submachine gun has other powerful parameters. For example, he easily breaks through the individual armor of the enemy.

The first weapons were developed at the end of the last century, and the upgraded model used by the special services was only presented in 1999.


The compact submachine gun is ideal for melee and defense. PP is convenient in shooting with an applique, with hands, offhand. During combat, a high density of fire is ensured in a short period of time.

A pistol cartridge, which has a small amount of gas and a small initial speed, facilitates the use of silencers.

Features of a special development pistol

Experiments on the new weapon began in 1993. Since then, the development of new development work has also begun under a special code. Submachine gun CP-2 "Heather" adapted chuck 9x21. SR stands for "special development". The final version of "Heather" was adopted for service in 2000.

The main features of PP CP-2 are:

  • Rare system of automation and node locking the barrel.
  • Removal of powder gases into the gas chamber, which is located above the barrel.
  • The bolt carrier is rigidly connected to the gas piston rod.
  • The return spring is placed in the channel of the bolt carrier.
  • The shutter is equipped with six lugs.

The reloading handle is located on the right side. Due to this, the size of the weapon is significantly reduced. The compensator is attached to the muzzle. The box of automatic equipment is carried out by method of cold stamping from a sheet of steel.

The design and operation of the submachine gun

Impact mechanism of the Russian submachine gun "Heather" - shock type. The fuse box is located on the right. When switched to the extreme position, the fuse blocks the descent, and the flag closes the slot for the recharge handle. Another flag translator is located on the left. He sets a single or regular fire. Toggle the flag is made by thumb.


Submission of cartridges comes from a direct box magazine. A feature of the store is the chess arrangement of cartridges. When the ammunition is used up, the shop is discarded after pressing its latch. The shooting process is equally convenient for both hands.

Fly with a fuse installed near the muzzle of the barrel. Rear sight designed for shooting at a distance of 200 meters. The cover of automatics is adapted for the installation of an optical or collimator sight.

The stock is made by metal stamping. It folds up and forward.

Submachine gun CP-2M "Heather" - an upgraded version of the above weapons. It changed the safety flag. In the CP-2M the muzzle device was replaced, and a folding front handle appeared on the shank.

Tactical and technical characteristics of software CP-2M

  • Mass of weapons without equipment: 1650
  • The length of the PP with folded butt: 603 mm.
  • With folded: 350 mm.
  • Barrel length: 174 mm.
  • Number of grooves: 6.
  • Range of sight: up to 200 m.
  • Magazine capacity: 20/30 cartridges.

It is worth noting that the collimator sight (about 300 grams) and the equipped magazine are added to the weight.

The submachine gun is adapted to the chuck SP10, SP11 and 7BTZ. The initial speed of the bullet depends on the type of cartridge and is: in the first case - 440 m / s, in the second - 415 m / s, and in the third - 430 m / s. The SP11 cartridge is equipped with a low-profile bullet, and the 7BTZ is equipped with an armor-piercing tracer.


Characteristics of the submachine gun "Heather" allow you to fire at a distance of 100-200 meters. Fly with a fuse located at the front of the trunk. A collimator sight with a 6-field field of view is attached to the top of the box. Such sights are essential when conducting combat at short range.

Design features of the submachine gun

Butt arms made by cold forging of steel. The control handle and handguard are made of impact-resistant plastic. The handle is made integral with the trigger guard. A front stop is placed in front of it. Handguard covers the trunk.

For the convenience of firing from the position with outstretched arms, a front bend is designed on the trigger guard (as for shooting with a two-handed grip).


In the upgraded version, the hard focus on the forearm is replaced by a folding front handle. This feature improves the controllability of weapons and accuracy of fire. The fuse box has also been upgraded. In the new version the muzzle device is presented in the form of a muzzle stop. This feature allows you to protect the brush arrow from burns powder gases and offset forward.

The submachine gun "Heather" is worn on a belt and covertly, using a suspension that holds both a weapon and a spare magazine.

Weapon automatics

In PP CP-2 "Heather" is used vapor automatic with locking the barrel at the time of the shot.

The gas piston in the cylinder is located above the barrel. When fired, the piston actuates the bolt carrier (in which is located the bolt with 6 lugs). The cocking handle is firmly fixed to the right of the slide frame.


It is possible to conduct automatic and single fire. The right safety lever has 2 modes: O - fire, P - fuse. The left one serves as a translator of fire modes: one point corresponds to a single shot, three points to an automatic fire.

Meals are supplied from box stores. The design of the submachine gun "Heather" is equipped with open standard sights.

PP design with incomplete disassembly

The device consists of:

  • From the return mechanism.
  • Slide frame.
  • Spring loaded with guide.
  • Drummer.
  • Shutter.
  • Handguards.
  • Barrel with automation.
  • Trigger mechanism.
  • Butt.
  • Other surface details.
  • Shop

Standard equipment consists of the following elements:

  • Suspension (bag for a spare clip + shoulder suspension + holster). It is used for stealthy carrying.
  • The belt. Designed for open carrying. Adjustable in length.
  • Ramrod (used when cleaning the elements of weapons).
  • Bags
  • Cover.
  • Other accessories for cleaning and disassembling.

Submachine gun "Heather" needs to be cleaned regularly after each use. Timely care significantly increases the resource margin and service life. It is advisable to clean it immediately after shooting.

Advanced software of the SR-2 series

A new automation system and an unusual butt are selected in accordance with the powerful ammunition for which the weapon is designed. PP automation mechanisms are reliable in adverse conditions (for example, with increased dustiness, humidity). The operating temperature range is from -50 to +50 degrees. On the PP, you can also install a silencer.


When developing a guidance system, it was planned to use only mechanical and reversible diopter sights. Somewhat later, a collimator scope was added to the layout of the Heather submachine gun SP-2MP, which is the main one. The mechanical one was somewhat modified - there was only one target in it. The distance to the target is taken into account by the removal of the aiming point in height. This method is convenient for experienced shooters.

Ammunition for "Heather"

Submachine gun used in the forces of special operations. In view of this, the weapon is adapted to various types of supplies of 9 × 21 mm caliber:

  • SP10 - with steel bullet enhanced armor penetration. This type of ammunition affects the enemy's manpower at a distance of up to 200 meters, and is also capable of harming individual means of armor.
  • SP11 - ammunition created using lead core.
  • SP12 - cartridge with expansive bullet. It provides increased stopping power.
  • SP13 - tracer bullet supplies.

According to experts, the damaging effect of the cartridges of the Heather submachine gun is up to three times higher than that of PM 9 × 18 mm supplies, and 2 times higher than that of 9 × 19 mm.

The advantages and disadvantages of weapons

Among the advantages distinguish:

  • High fire power.
  • Accuracy of shooting.
  • High striking effect at close range.
  • Low weight.
  • Convenient design.
  • Roomy store.
  • Convenient layout.
  • Good aiming system.
  • The possibility of using various cartridges.

The disadvantages are:

  • Low quality of some samples.
  • Some items are not interchangeable.
  • Frequent malfunctions.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Heather submachine gun make it possible to determine the necessary scope of work for the further improvement of weapons.

Handling Safety

  1. Upon receipt, be sure to check the charging of the firearm.
  2. It is forbidden to direct the muzzle towards people and animals.
  3. Any weapon before checking should be considered charged.
  4. When the bolt is retracted, the barrel is sent directly to the target or in a safe direction. This should take into account the possibility of rebound.
  5. Outside the fire mode is prohibited to impose a finger on the trigger.
  6. Before operating, check the barrel for foreign objects.
  7. When firing in a position with arms extended, the grip should be such that the shutter does not injure the brush.
  8. Mandatory item is to conduct briefings before classes.
  9. In the fire zone, as well as during transportation, the actions begin and stop at the command of the head.

Safety in the fire zone

When shooting is prohibited:

  1. To admit to the arms of the persons who have not passed test on safety measures and unsuitable for health reasons.
  2. Perform weapons operations without the permission of the commander (charge, fire, etc.).
  3. Leave a private device unattended, and also transfer to third parties.
  4. Use unsuitable ammunition.
  5. Use personal devices (for example, telephone) in the fire sector.
  6. Correct equipment with weapons in their hands.
  7. Allow persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, strangers.
  8. Disassemble and troubleshoot ammunition.

A powerful and effective modern weapon is the Heather submachine gun. Photos allow us to evaluate its compactness and correct layout. It should be remembered that any use of firearms should adhere to safety regulations. Also, you can not ignore the rules of care, transportation and storage.

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