Rockefeller David: "Heart transplant opens new breath"


David Rockefeller was born in one of the richest and most influential families in the world. His grandfather was a dollar billionaire, and older brothers held senior positions in the US government. He himself is famous for his progressive views on world order, his contribution to business development, and his desire to make this world a better place.


However, there is another fact from his biography, thanks to which today the whole world knows who Rockefeller is David. Heart transplant, which he recently experienced once again, again chained his close attention. Today, David is not only a public person, but also an object of observation of luminaries of medicine from around the world. What is so unusual about his story?

New heart for a millionaire

Back in 1976 there was a car accident, with which it all began. Rockefeller David suffered from its consequences. Heart transplantation at that time was a real innovation, many methods were new for its time, and the experience of surgeons could not be compared with that of the current transplantologists. But the direct threat to life made an urgent decision. And it was taken in favor of a transplant of a donor organ.

Everything went well. A new heart beat in the millionaire's chest, the patient had a good surgery. Of course, since then he had to regularly undergo a series of examinations and be constantly monitored by doctors.

Years passed, hearts changed …

However, this story is not over. On the editorials of the press again and again hit the sensational article, the main figure of which was all the same patient - Rockefeller David. A heart transplant in 1976 was the first in a series of similar operations.


The state of health again and again forced the millionaire to fall on the operating table. In total, his heart was transplanted 6 times in a long life, and twice more - his kidneys.

Record holder

Today, David is one of the richest people in the world, but according to the Forbes version, he is not even in the first hundred. In the ranking of the richest in front of him are six hundred more rich.

But we can definitely say that David still holds a couple of records. He is the oldest representative of a famous family. And doctors say that the most famous long-liver survivor of transplants, and even in such numbers, is David Rockefeller. Six heart transplants - no joke! A similar case today has no analogues in medical practice, however this is connected not so much with the rich man’s good health as with his financial capabilities. After all, everyone knows that the operation of transplantation of a donor organ requires a huge investment and, indeed, to hide, ties and influence. And this Rockefeller family does not hold.

Sixth transplant

"I will live to 200 years!" - David Rockefeller says jokingly. 6 heart transplants, which he endured well, instill in him the confidence that he will be full of energy for a long time. It is worth noting that at 101, David is quite active and cheerful.


The last transplant he experienced in the hundredth year of life. The six-hour operation was carried out by a team of specialists right at his residence. The patient, despite his advanced age, quickly recovered and recovered. Already on the second day after the operation, he gave a press conference and received congratulations from relatives and friends.

Longevity tips

On questions about how he managed to live such a long life, David Rockefeller replies that the whole secret is in love and the ability to share. Born in a rich family, he himself always loved to work, which brought considerable benefits. But why should a person have wealth if he cannot share it with others, helping those who need it? David sees no point in stinginess and unwarranted frugality. He breaks up with money easily. The press calls him one of the most famous patrons of the day.

And a millionaire is able to appreciate simple things, to see beauty in that which surrounds him. He is a loyal friend and loyal family man, which was repeatedly mentioned in the interview.

“The love of life, the love of those who are near is the most important thing! - says David Rockefeller, - Heart transplants each time gave me strength, breathed life into me. ” He believes that the organs of donors have contributed, helped him to live up to the age-old milestone. It is from here that the origins of his 200-year-old jokes are taken: he seems to be sure that he must live for those who left young, leaving his heart for transplantation.

The hopes of transplantologists

Doctors call the case incredible. After all, the patient's age is one of the main factors that determine the risks before surgery. In this regard, it is not the famous millionaire who is presented to science, but an ordinary person - Rockefeller David.


Heart transplantation is today considered one of the most complicated operations, which sometimes becomes an excessive burden even for patients two to three times younger than it. The experience of such operations is invaluable, because in the world there is a shortage of donor organs, and a shortage of specialists. However, the results of new developments allow us to hope that in the near future such operations will be available for ordinary people, and not just for members of the most influential families in the world.

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