Vladimir Kornilov - Ukrainian journalist, political scientist, historian: biography, personal life


Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov - Ukrainian historian, an expert in the field of politics. How did he manage to make the way from a simple worker to a well-known journalist, with whose words are considered in the highest echelons of power? On the development of a career known political analyst and his personal life, read this article.

Youth of Vladimir Kornilov

Vladimir Kornilov, a native of the city of Lipetsk. On July 13 of this year, he will celebrate his 50th anniversary.

It so happened that in Soviet times the Kornilov family moved to Ukraine in the developing Donbass. Therefore, the biography of Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov is connected precisely with the Donetsk region.

In 1985, a seventeen-year-old guy got a job as a car mechanic at the Donetsk Automotive Repair Plant, where he worked for just over a year.

In 1986, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov was drafted into the army. He was demobilized in 1988 with the rank of sergeant of the armed forces of the USSR.

Returning to the Donbass, a guy with no higher education came to work again at a car repair plant in Donetsk, already in the position of turner.

The hard work at the factory did not seduce the young guy, but it brought a good income.

An active and purposeful young man always wanted to occupy an important place in society. In 1989, he was appointed a Komsomol worker in the Voroshilovsky District Committee of the Donetsk Komsomol.


Higher education

Since childhood, he had an interest in literature and history. Therefore, having earned his initial capital, Vladimir decided to enter Donetsk State University. Having passed the entrance campaign and successfully passed the exams, he was enrolled in the Faculty of History, which he graduated in 1995.

While studying at university, he continued active work in Komsomol, took the initiative and was rewarded for it.

The first steps in journalism

In 1991, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov was elected chairman of the IWRA Youth Association.

In the same year, he managed to get a job at the staff of the Donetsk 7x7 TV company, where Kornilov occupied the position of editor of the information service.

His career as a journalist went up, and by the age of 28, Vladimir Kornilov had reached the director of the TO TRK Ukraine in Donetsk. On the rope of the TRC "Ukraine" he was leading the Ostropolitical program "Choice", which was subsequently closed at the insistence of representatives of the nationalist movement in Ukraine.

At the end of the 20th century, Kornilov was a member of the Interdvizheniya Donbass movement.

In 2000, Kornilov combined work on television and in the Donetsk newspaper Salon Don and Bass, where he held the position of deputy editor-in-chief.


Political ambitions

Vladimir Kornilov himself admitted that in the 1990s he was a young, ambitious and not unsuccessful worker in the field of political technologies. In those years, he collaborated with many politicians during election campaigns of different levels. He took part in the preparations for the elections of the governor, as well as in the election campaign of people's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Colleagues speak of Kornilov as a unique person. Despite the fact that his development as a personality took place in the Donbas, Vladimir Vladimirovich himself was noticed in close connection with Renat Akhmetov, he cannot be called a “Prodonetsk” political analyst. In his journalistic investigations and publications, he repeatedly spoke out openly criticizing politicians in the region.

At the same time, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov was a member of the Council of the organization "Russian-speaking Ukraine", which advocated the rights of Russian-speaking citizens, the protection and support of the great and mighty in Ukraine.


Social work

In the 2000s, a journalist and political scientist moved to Kiev. In 2006, Vladimir Kornilov received the high post of director of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries.

In the same year, he began to collaborate with the Kiev newspaper 2000 as a political observer and with the newspaper Segodnya (Kiev).

Articles Kornilov became popular among politicians and ordinary readers. In early 2003, he occupied the post of chief editor of the newspaper "Today" in Kiev.

Until 2013, he lived in the capital of Ukraine. Then Vladimir Kornilov received a job offer from the Netherlands Eurasian Research Center and decided to leave the post of head of UFISSNG.

Since 2013, he has been the head of the CEI.

With the start of political clashes in Ukraine, Kornilov’s journalistic activities became particularly vibrant and active.

Since June 2014, he has been a columnist on the Internet portal Ukraine.ru.

In the second half of 2017, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov became a political columnist for the Russia Today MIA. He is regularly invited as a guest and expert, political observer to many Russian talk shows. In the Ukrainian media, the name Kornilov sounds less often. This is explained by the fact that he has always been a supporter of strengthening relations between Russia and Ukraine and does not support the foreign policy activities of the current government.


Books of Vladimir Vladimirovich

In the early 2000s, Vladimir Kornilov realized that dirty politics was not his vocation. However, being an excellent historian and political scientist, he decided to take up journalistic investigations and revelations of politicians. He regularly published devastating articles in the Russian and Ukrainian media and worked on the release of his own books.

In 2011, the first book of Vladimir Kornilov entitled “Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic. Killed hope. In this book, the author tells about the history of the short-lived republic, which is an excellent example of the implementation of economic and social reforms. During its short history, this republic managed to survive the occupation, the political crisis and the mass evacuation of the population.

A significant place in the journalist’s publications in the media and in his own blog is given to the topic of revolution in Ukraine. Euromaidan with all its consequences - the main theme of the recent works of Kornilov.

The political scientist has always kept pace with the times, analyzed and covered political events in Ukraine. With the start of the coup d'état in the country, the journalist immediately published an article entitled “EuroSweri …”. He was the first who was not afraid to publicly announce the names of nationalist groups that have become active and act under the cover of Maidan. Kornilov referred to them as the Right Sector, Ukrainian Patriots, as well as nationalist-minded football fans.

Over a short period of time, Vladimir Kornilov wrote many more exposing articles. He wrote that the militants had long been preparing for an armed coup. Because of these publications, the journalist was committed to political persecution and was forced to leave Ukraine.

In 2015, Vladimir Vladimirovich in co-authors wrote a book that was recognized as the best book on political theory. The work is called “How they win elections in the USA, Great Britain and Europe: analyzing political technologies”.

In 2016, this work was highly appreciated by the national jury and awarded the Silver Arrow Award.



Vladimir Vladimirovich Kornilov is a citizen and public figure of Ukraine. He lives and works in his native state. However, there are no state awards for their journalistic and political research activities. But in 2008 the government of the Russian Federation awarded the journalist with the badge “Honorary Sign of the Compatriot”.


Personal life

Vladimir Kornilov does not hide his family, but does not expose personal life for all to see.

He is married. He is an exemplary family man. Wife Alina works as a manager in the bank. The family has two sons. The eldest son Andrew is already an adult and is studying at the university, while the youngest attends school.

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