The young activist, who calls himself "Donut Boy", thanked the US police 75 thousand donuts


Dreams are small and big. And some are so huge that they can fit only in the head of an 8-year-old boy. It was such a dream that led Tyler Karach to Coon Rapids - the desire to thank every donut in the US with a donut.

Tasty thanks

“It's awesome!” Says Captain Tom Hawley, choosing one of 10 dozen donuts in the conference room of the Police Department.

Tyler, who was standing next to him in a cape that his grandmother made, explains: "I don’t need a reason to thank the cop." In this case, “not” he sounds like a “donut” (in English, do not and donut are pronounced almost the same way).


He came to the local department from tiny Bratt in Florida.

“I just want to thank every policeman, ” said 11-year-old Tyler at a short press conference.

He does not count the number of policemen who ate his goodies, but he has already distributed 75, 000 donuts in 41 states. On Wednesday, Tyler made stops to deliver donuts in Blaine and Anoka, and last May visited St. Paul and Roseville.

“I hope that people will thank the police more. Cops protect people and help them, ”said Tyler.

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Donut Expert

It all started in 2016, when Tyler was shopping at the store. He noticed four policemen and wanted to thank them - so he spent his pocket money on mini donuts and gave them to them. They were so grateful that he began to dream of big things. “I wanted to give a donut to every cop, ” he said.

His mother, Shina Karach, did not hinder his dream. "But I remember, " said Tyler, "that she said, " Let's start with the neighborhood. "

Today, Tyler makes his dream a reality. His chauffeur is his mom. Sponsors, viewers and friends donate money to make it all a reality.


To get to Kun Rapids, they had to travel 1300 miles.

“When I feel tired, I think that the police are dealing with many terrible things, but they just keep working, ” says Karach. “We do it for them.” They deserve it. ”

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Tyler became an expert on donuts. His favorite variety is the pineapple donut from the Cops & Donuts Store in Clare City (Michigan), which is actually owned by the cops.

According to the boy's mom, the most beloved donut among police officers across the country is Bavarian stuffed with cream.


Idea, not calories

On Wednesday, Shina Karach couldn't find a sponsor, so she spent $ 250 on donuts from her own pocket. According to her, Dunkin 'Donuts in Andover gave her a 50 percent discount.

He and Tyler brought them to the police station. When the boy thanked the cops, they answered him the same.

Eighteen officers watched as patrolman Brian Platz handed the boy badges, stickers, and a cap with the words "Stock Officer."

According to Tyler, although some policemen are on a diet and don’t eat donuts, they need an idea, not calories.

“We really appreciate what he does, ” Captain Hawley said.


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