Politicized person is Russian trend


Is a politicized person an active liberal minority or a “passive” majority voting for power? You can answer this question in different ways in Russia. But it can be said for sure that a significant part of the population already has experience of “political” discussions at least at the everyday level.

Who are you?

In everyday life, it is believed that only an insignificant part of the population is actively interested in politics, measured on average 5-7%. Only emergencies bring people to the streets. Even the collapse of the Soviet Union did not significantly increase interest in politics, except that there was a small surge of activity in Moscow. The population was more interested in questions of survival. Maybe because a politicized person was almost an endangered species.


If you take other countries, the question of the change of power only briefly politicizes the population, and mainly in the capital of the country. This was the case with the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia when they overthrew President Shevardnadze E.A., and last year’s “Candle Revolution” in South Korea, when, as a result of mass rallies, President Park Geun-hye declared an impeachment. Events in Ukraine can be called one of the rare cases when interest in politics was nationwide. Probably, then for the first time in the modern history of Russia one could say that a politicized person is practically every inhabitant of a country. The interests of the authorities, who needed support and legitimization of their foreign policy, led to a massive propaganda to attract people into politics.

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In 2014, everyone felt for himself what it means - a politicized person. Politicization of the population took extreme forms, when any actions of “ours” were justified, and “aliens” always acted badly. A positive experience may be that the population is “accustomed” to participate in the political life of the country, however, so far more in foreign policy.


If we consider the experience of developed countries, the population shows political activity when its vital interests are affected, for example, France - same-sex marriage issues, England - raising tuition fees. Only in Russia a politicized person is more interested in foreign policy than internal. The transformation of foreign policy politicization into domestic politics is an expected Russian trend.

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