High-quality washing "Vins" injector. What is the need for washing?


Quite often, car owners are faced with the need to clean the injector. This is especially noticeable during periods of snow melting and in summer. When environmental conditions cause the machine to operate at increased loads, the injector clogs faster.


To clean up the process quickly and efficiently, motorists use special tools. One of the most popular ways in this area is the flushing of the injector by Vince. It can be performed at the service station, but if desired, all actions can be carried out independently. To do this, use the instructions for use of the tool. The advice of professional automasters and ordinary users will also help to understand the principle of flushing.

Why do I need cleaning

Gasoline, which today is used as a fuel for a car, contains in various ratios additional additives, impurities. They improve engine performance, increase octane number.

Over time, all these impurities are deposited on the engine parts. This is especially acutely reflected in the throughput of fuel paths. The injector also suffers. Deposits accumulate both outside and inside.

Often, a tool such as Vince is used to remove the film from the settled particles of fuel impurities. Washing the injector gives high results. The capacity of the fuel channels is increased to 25%. The engine works at the same time fully and effectively. Flushing prolongs its service life, if all actions are performed correctly.

Signs of clogging

In some cases, the driver of the car can independently determine that the Vince flush the injector. To do this, pay attention to the operation of the engine system. First of all, a decrease in its power is felt. This increases fuel consumption. Starting a car becomes harder. This is especially noticeable in the winter.


In addition, the engine becomes unstable. This can be noticed at idle or during mode changes. To fully accelerate, you have to spend more time. This increases the toxic characteristics of the exhaust gases. “Dips” can also be felt when the engine is in a heated state. There may even be a detonation. If the listed features of the work are determined while driving a car, it may be necessary to flush the injector.

Reviews about washing "Vince"

For many years now, among the car enthusiasts, the flushing of the Vince injector has been very popular. Reviews of experts and ordinary users lead to the conclusion about the high effectiveness of the tool. It has an optimal price-quality ratio. There are many world-famous products on the market for washing chemicals. The competitor of the Belgian Vins injectors is the Japanese similar product. She has the same qualities, but its cost is much higher.


Experts say that the composition of the Belgian funds includes a large number of solvents at various levels. Their balanced composition allows washing to quickly begin to dissolve the layers of almost any thickness.

Product properties

What gives the injector flushing? Wynns is a product that has a certain set of characteristics. These must be taken into account before cleaning engine systems. Details in the course of work do not need to be dismantled. "Vince" successfully fights with traces of soot injector, as well as pistons, valves, piston rings. The combustion chamber is also fairly well cleaned.

After the procedure, the performance characteristics of spray nozzles are restored. This optimizes the period of intake of gasoline. This can be done by flushing the exhaust valves. In the future, their sticking is warned. Detonation is eliminated and the quality of the engine start improves. All these properties help to reduce fuel consumption. Therefore, the presented tool holds the leading position in the automotive chemistry market for many years. This is a product of a brand with a world name.

Instructions for the work

To implement all the actions yourself, you need to own the technique of using "Vince". Injector flushing, the instruction of which is quite simple, is carried out in stages.


First you need to get to the treatment area where the engine has problems. Dismantling the engine is also in a certain sequence. First you need to start it and get a fuse. He is responsible for the operation of the pump. The pressure in the system drops.

After that, the terminals are disconnected from the injectors. Also disconnecting forcing, reversing hoses responsible for the fuel supply. The nozzle plate and o-rings are very carefully dismantled. After the action, you can easily get to the injector. Next is directly washed.

The main stage of work

Flushing the injector "Vince", instructions for use of which has been used by motorists for a long time, is quite simple. To get started, you need to prepare a device that allows you to conveniently run the tool through the nozzles. For this is quite suitable plastic bottle. It is connected to the capacity of the carburetor delivery fluid and the nozzle inlet.


Next, you will need to apply 2 wires from the battery. They are connected to the injector terminals. Then directly flush. Under pressure, the agent is passed through a nozzle. It is necessary in the process of this action to alternately open and close the valve.

The procedure is performed until the desired atomization of gasoline is obtained. If this does not happen, you will have to replace the nozzle. So this item is out of order. After the first washing, the procedure is performed once more.


After the “Vince” injector flushing liquid has passed through the system 2 times, the layers of contamination should completely disappear. If this does not happen, the agent should be left inside the nozzles for a while. This will completely get rid of deposits harmful to the engine and completely clean the injector.

Work is stopped when the valve seat is seen, as well as 6 cleaned holes at the nozzle. Assemble in reverse order. To do this, when disassembling, you must remember all the stages of work. If an action cannot be remembered, it is necessary to use the instructions for disassembling the vehicle's motor. So doing all the manipulations in reverse order will be much easier.

Engine starting

After the flushing of the injector by the “Vince” is completed, it is necessary to make the first engine start. To do this, wait 30 minutes after completing the assembly of all parts. If all actions were performed correctly, the engine will start the first time. His work will be significantly different. The engine will be much quieter. This reduces the amount of exhaust gases.


The implementation of the wash at this stage is considered complete. The owner of the car in the implementation of all actions on their own significantly saves their money and time. The engine will function stably. It will not even be affected by its modes of operation and the frequency of gear changes. As a result, fuel consumption is significantly reduced. Therefore, the periodic flushing of the injector is necessary. Having certain skills in car maintenance systems, as well as the desire and free time, it will be quite easy to perform all the actions yourself.

Should I contact the auto repair?

Using the means for washing the injector "Vince", it is possible to achieve good results. But many motorists have a question about the desirability of carrying out all actions on their own. In some cases, really visiting the service station can not be avoided. But more often than not, good results can be achieved when performing car maintenance in the home.

If the owner of the car has the ability to flush the injector on his own, it will be better to use special diagnostic devices. The autoscanner will allow you to monitor the systems of the machine and communicate information to the user via a smartphone. It is very convenient and allows you to save a huge amount of family budget.

However, in the presence of strong contamination or in very neglected cases, washing is carried out only by specialists. In this case, special equipment or other cleaning principles may be required.

Injector treatment at service station

Flushing the injector by Vince is not always advisable at home. Sometimes without the help of experts simply can not do. It will cost much more expensive, but it happens that only complete diagnostics and comprehensive maintenance will return the efficiency of the vehicle systems. The service station also provides a guarantee for the work performed. This is also important for car owners.


Sometimes not only the injector, but the entire fuel supply system requires thorough flushing. If solenoid valves are heavily slagged, you should contact a specialist. Perhaps the cleaning of these parts will be done using ultrasound. A special system allows you to check the operation of the injectors outside the car.

Measuring equipment owned by the workshop, allows us to estimate the spray intensity. Therefore, if the washing of the injector has not been carried out for a very long time, and the deposit is very large, it is better to use special equipment. Let this procedure be more expensive, but only it is able to restore the capacity of the car.

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