Isabel Preisler - the social lady and loving mother


A dedicated wife and mother, an enterprising woman, a professional journalist, a social lady, a model and a philanthropist - and this is not the whole list of good qualities that characterize Isabel Preisler. In the Spanish press, she is better known as La Reina de Corazones (which means the Queen of Hearts). With the same name she published her biographical book. In addition, she is the mother of superstars such as Enrique Iglesias, Julio José Iglesias, Chabeli Iglesias, Tamara Falco and Anna Boyer.


The first thing that strikes her is captivating light brown eyes. She seems to enchant you with her expressive eyes. How does she manage to be so magically beautiful at 64? Let's definitely find out about this!

early years

Isabel Preisler Arrastia was born in the Philippines, in the middle class of San Lorenzo (Manila). She became the third child of six children in an aristocratic family. She studied at the College of Monjas de la Asuncion from a Catholic school. Due to the fact that she always behaved well and was excellently studied, she was often chosen to play the role of the Virgin Mary in local Christmas parades.

In childhood, she had a nickname - Chabeli. So she would call her first child, the Chabeli Iglesias. According to Reina de Corazones (author Paloma Barrientos), she met Gregorio Aranetha, Charlie Lopez and Bobby Santos in her teens. Her older brother, Enrique, died in Hong Kong due to a heroin overdose. Soon his second son, Enrique Iglesias, will be named after him. Joaquin, her other sibling, also had drug problems. But he successfully overcame them and now lives in Canada.

Isabel Preisler: biography and life

In her youth, Isabel took part in a charity beauty contest for the Sheraton Hotel in Manila and won it brilliantly (despite its small height - 1.7 meters). After this event, representatives of the magazine with a dubious reputation began to pursue a young model in order to cooperate. This seriously worried her parents, and therefore, at 18, she was sent to Madrid to visit her uncle and aunt to study the profession of accountant at Mary Ward College, Irish Catholic University in Spain.


In 1970, at a party, she met a friend of the family, Julio Iglesias, who was then an unknown singer. After 7 months they got married. The couple was married for almost seven years, during which time they had three children: Chabeli, Julio Jr. and Enrique. At the same time, they did not complete their career growth: in 1971 overnight the public in Spain and Latin America became agitated - Isabel as a model, and Julio as a singer.

Isabel Preisler: career growth

After their divorce in 1978, Isabel began to develop her abilities in the field of journalism and to write for the Spanish magazine Hola! Her first companion was Julio himself. In 1980, she marries again, now for the Marquis Carlos Falco, and gives birth to a daughter, Tamara. This marriage was short-lived. After some time, Preysler is playing a wedding with the former Minister of Finance of Spain, Miguel Boyer, from whom she will have another daughter, Anna.

In 1984, she was chosen to host the TV program Hoy. After that, the sponsors of this show put a photo of Preysler on the packaging of their products: Ferrero Rocher, jewelry Suárez and Porcelanosa.


In 1987, her two sisters and their families moved to Spain to be closer to Isabel. Soon their father, Carlos Preisler, passed away. And her mother, Beatrice Preisler, still lives in Manila, where Isabel and her children often come.

In 1991, 2002 and 2004, the Spanish media recognized Isabel Preisler La Perla de Manila as the pearl of Manila. And Hola magazine readers! They voted for the fact that she is the most elegant woman in Spain.

In 2001, she became the guest of honor at Prince Charles at the opening of a garden in England. In 2004, she got acquainted with David and Victoria Beckham at a secular party.

Preisler today

Recently, at the suggestion of his son, Enrique Isabel Preisler has created its official website. She continues to be the national spokesperson for Ferrero Rocher, jewelry Suárez and Porcelanosa. The actor George Clooney joined the latest brand's advertising campaign.

Preisler still attends many social events, and also helps to hold important events for the Philippine embassy in Madrid.


As a result, we can say that Isabel Preisler is not only a delightfully beautiful woman, but also a competent journalist, a loving mother and wife, who remains loyal to family values ​​in her many-sided life. Fans are amazed that at 64, Preisler Isabel’s elegance and attractiveness did not leave (the photos shown above confirm this). Perhaps for this you need to always be in love and harmony?

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