The history of life and work Olesya Elderberry


The famous writer and journalist Oles Buzina was a representative of modern literature, acted as a literary critic and led the program on television. The prose writer went down in history by writing criticizing books about Taras Shevchenko and ridiculing the nationalism of Ukraine.


Biographical information

The writer was born in Kiev in 1969. As Oles wrote later, the parents were simple workers, jokingly he called them descendants of the Cossacks and Russians. The writer was proud of his great-grandfather. Oleg studied at the same school with the feminist writer Oksana Zabuzhko, but their literary views had little in common, because Buzina was a researcher in literature and loved conciseness in terms of expressing thoughts, often criticizing her work.


In 1992 he graduated from the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Parents chose the future specialty of the son, giving him to study at the Faculty of Philology (by profession he was to become a teacher of Russian language and literature). But Oleg did not practice at school, he saw himself as a journalist, presenter of the program, was the author of several books, participated in the program “Bachelor. How to get married” with Anfisa Chekhova.

One period from the life of Oles Buzin devoted to the author's column and blog in the newspaper "Today", where he shared his unconventional views on contemporary literature and the history of the country. He was a popular journalist in such newspapers as "Kiev Vedomosti" and "2000".

Literary views

He loved to re-read the "Hero of Our Time" Lermontov. Elderberry preferred Russian literature. As for the Ukrainian-speaking writers, Olesya liked the books of Yuri Vinnichuk and the works of Les Poderevyansky. He also spoke positively about the work of Andrukhovich, although he considered some of Yuri's novels to be a failed literary experiment.

Women in literature Elder did not perceive, as he repeatedly stated, criticizing the work of Oksana Zabuzhko. In one of his interviews, he talked about not accepting poetry, but would be happy to read prose and historical novels.

Oles Buzin became famous among writers for his revolutionary views and his desire to stand out from the crowd.


Social position

In this regard, the writer was very active and repeatedly acted as a defender of the theory of the trinity of the Russian people, he called himself both Ukrainian and Russian. He supported the federalization of Ukraine, although he did not perceive it in a status separate from Russia. Independence of the country The elder called conditional and advocated the bilingualism of Ukrainian culture.

The writer preached the wide development of the Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​and did not see this as a major problem. After all, the more languages ​​a person knows, the better. Oles Alekseevich Buzin did not support the “orange revolution” and was known for the foundation of the flow of so-called Shevchenko fobs. He spoke out against the authorities and spoke openly about his contradictory views. The writer had problems publishing books. The year 2006 brought a lot of quarrels and scandals, the majority of publishers, where the scandalous journalist addressed, refused to print his work.

The prose writer opposed Yushchenko’s position on Nazism and the creation of such groups in Ukraine. Some historical moments of the journalist disputed live.

Often the work of Oles Buzyna was tried to be restricted by censorship, he was forbidden to perform on the central channels.


Murder writer

Oles Buzin was killed on April 16, 2015. A month before his death, in an interview with one of the newspapers, Buzin spoke about attacks and threats to life against him. In recent years, the journalist often quarreled with representatives of far-right organizations. He was shot close to home.

Process of investigation

On June 18, 2015, three people were arrested who were accused of killing a writer. They were all activists of the far right movement. One of the detainees, known as Manson, was an active maydanovts and head of the Pechersk district organization of VO "Svoboda".

They were released from custody for a large amount under round-the-clock house arrest. On May 8, 2016, Olesya Elder's mother reported that the Ukrainian authorities did not even try to punish the murderers of her son, but simply played to the public, occasionally postponing the arrest to detention in the SIZO. Olesya left mother, wife and daughter.


Creativity and books

Books Olesya Elderberry ambiguous in terms of historical incarnation. The writer was not afraid to speak out sharply and critically in the direction of historical and famous personalities, because of which several publishing houses refused to publish his work. The most popular in Ukraine is the book The Ghoul Taras Shevchenko, in which Buzin speaks very negatively about the poet, indicating his low origin and envy of people who held a position above him.

Other books were “Return to women harems” and “The Secret History of Ukraine-Rus”, in which the elder’s views were also distinguished by radicalism and conciseness. The book "Revolution in the swamp" told about the events in 2014, thanks to which the Ukrainian authorities took a new level and tried to change the political situation. The historical authenticity of the Elder’s books is doubted by many.

The next book, "The Union of the Plow and the Trident. How Ukraine Was Invented, " is forbidden, since some of the facts and thoughts mentioned in it contradict the policy of the state. The author also wrote a collection of essays "My Philosophy", in which he talks about his life, discussing its various spheres, such as barbarism and civilization, relations between men and women, justice, patriotism. Photo Olesya Elderberry presented in the article.

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