Protection of Uzbekistan (army): rating, strength


The sovereignty, independence and integrity of any country is ensured by the army and depends directly on the state’s defense. The situation is the same in the post-Soviet republics, including in the territory of Uzbekistan. The army of this state is considered one of the largest in Central Asia. Today, this is given special attention, as in the nineties, after the collapse of the USSR. Let's look at the country's defense in more detail, strength, features of the service and problems.

Army of Uzbekistan

The USSR left every republic, in the past consisting in it, a large military potential and a lot of different equipment, military bases and other auxiliary elements. Most countries took advantage of this and began to develop their defenses. Therefore, the army of Uzbekistan in the world level did not become small, but constantly increased its number and today it is one of the largest on the Asian continent.


But this is not surprising, the government of this country spends 1.5 billion US dollars annually. These funds are spent on the development of their weapons and increase in numbers. The army of Uzbekistan, whose numbers are shown in the table below, has great potential.

Today there are many means of comparing the armed forces of different countries. Let's look at the world ranking data, which will help you understand what kind of army is in Uzbekistan.

Type of military weaponsPopulation in accordance with publicly available data
Citizens fit for military service in the army of Uzbekistan13 311 936 people
Annual appealAbout 600, 000 people
The main number of troops60, 000 people
Tanks420 pieces
Aircraft164 pcs.
Helicopters65 pieces
BMP715 pieces

As you can see, the armed forces of Uzbekistan are quite promising, and have a large number and excellent weapons. In the world ranking of the Armed Forces, this state has the 48th position; it takes the 3rd place among the CIS countries. But the army of Uzbekistan has a certain list of problems. Let's look at them.

Corruption in the army of Uzbekistan and other problems

Service in the armed forces of the state has always been considered very prestigious. A special dream for young guys is the passage of military service in the elite types of troops. But, according to surveys, it is very difficult to get into a certain type of troops in Uzbekistan, and it is usually possible only after giving a bribe. Unlike the Russian Federation, where they often pay to “retract” from the service, and not to join the army. This is due to the fact that it is practically impossible for an ordinary citizen to get into the main grouping of troops, because its number is only 60 thousand people for the 30 million population of the country.


Corruption usually occurs at the household level, in the military, to get one category or another, you need to bribe about $ 300.

Land equipment of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan


In the army of this Asian state listed various equipment. According to publicly available sources, tanks, airplanes and BMPs of this country are in excellent condition. To understand which army is in Uzbekistan and the country's defense capability, we offer this table for review.

Type of equipmentName and quantity (in units)
TanksT-72 (100), T-64 (170), T-62 (340)
BMP and BTRBMD-1 (120), BRDM-2 (13), BMD-2 (9), BPM-2 (270), BTR-D (50), BTR-60 (24), BTR-70 (25), BTR -80 (210), BRM (6)
SAUNona-S (54), Carnation (18), Acacia (17), Peony (48)
HowitzersD-30 (60), Hyacinth-B (140)
Multiple rocket launchersHail (60), Hurricane (48)
Operational-tacky missile systemsOTRK Point (5)

As you can see, the number of vehicles is very large and can deter any aggressive actions, including from terrorist and extremist groups.

Air force group


It is necessary to protect the state not only on earth, but also in the sky. For this, the army of Uzbekistan contains helicopters, fighters, bombers, attack aircraft. On arms of the country is a large air force group. The list of equipment is given in the table below.

Type of aircraftName and quantity (Pcs.)
Unmanned aerial vehiclesPterodactyl - it is not known how many units
FightersMulti-purpose fighters SU-27 (25), multi-purpose fighters MIG-29 (30), fighters-bombers SU-17 (26)
Bombers and attack aircraftSu-24 (34) frontline bombers, Su-25 attack aircraft (20)
Helicopter gunshipsMulti-purpose helicopters MI-8 (52), transport combat helicopters MI-24 (29)

In addition, the army of Uzbekistan includes elements of air defense: C-75, C-125, C-200.

Combat experience


Fortunately, Uzbekistan did not enter into any armed conflicts with other states. The only combat experience of this country is military clashes with terrorist and extremist groups. But the army of Uzbekistan constantly trains. The Ministry of Defense of this state conducts military exercises of various kinds.

General conclusions about the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan

Today, the army of this state is still considered one of the strongest in the CIS. In terms of quality and quantity, it is overtaken only by an armed group of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. But gradually the army of Kazakhstan is catching up, because in it there is a more active update of the technical potential of the country.


It is bad that the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan does not buy new, but uses old equipment. The armed forces, of course, are modernizing it, but this negatively affects the growth of potential.

Since the country has no combat experience, the exact number of working tanks, airplanes, infantry fighting vehicles is unknown, therefore it is impossible to judge the total power of the Uzbek army only from publicly available data based on the documentation provided to the media by the government of the country. This is a disadvantage, but citizens are confident in their security - which is the main thing.

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