Will it be good or bad?


On the street you can often hear how a young mother scolds her son for being wayward. The little boy is crying: he does not understand such difficult words. With age, the meaning of the word becomes clearer, but for the whole life in the soul a person will have the notion that wayward is bad. Is it really? Let's see.

Meaning of the word

To understand what is good and what is bad, you need to know the very meaning of the word. Capricious is self-willed, stubborn.


It seems that the meaning of the dictionary is not very pleasant, but because it is taken out of context. Here is an example from the literature. IK Arkhipova in her work “The Music of Life” wrote: “This girl from the people was direct, capricious, did not tolerate any violence over her heart, therefore she was honest in her feelings”.

Now everything seems not so bad, but one example is not enough, let's take a look at the second. L. Nikulin in the book “Moscow Dawns” writes “there was not enough patience to work with this capricious and capricious actress ”.

Will it be bad or good?

Looking at two examples, it is difficult to conclude. But already on the basis of the abovementioned it can be understood that there is nothing wrong with that a person has set a goal for himself and is moving towards it. Of course, many people will not like this line of conduct. After all, not everyone can find the strength to go their own way. Therefore, they will pull down the person and say that he is too wayward. Often such a person can hear in his address the word egoist. It is not a synonym for the concept that we understand, but in its meaning the words are close. Few people love self-confident people, with a clearly defined life position and their own opinion, which contradicts public opinion. That is why many consider dishonority almost a sin. Yes, of course, sometimes wayward people can cross the boundaries of what is permitted, one need only remember Ivan the Terrible. But in our time to meet such despots is almost impossible, therefore, manifestations of self-will in this form do not exist.

Synonyms of the word

Say about a person who, in your opinion, wayward, can be synonymous with: self-willed, stubborn, rebellious, capricious, flighty, indomitable.


But still you need to understand that these concepts are already other shades. The word we understand consists of two parts. The first means "your" and the second - "temper". That is what needs to be taken into account when choosing wayward synonyms for the word. The best analogue is considered svoytysli or self-will. These words are the closest in meaning. You can also be considered synonymous with the word freethinking. After all, it is a person for whom public opinion does not come first, can think a little differently. Most often, such people are geniuses, because their imagination is not bound in frames, and a thought can develop freely without encountering any obstacles.


What is a wayward gift?

Having a little understanding of the concepts, you can begin to dig deeper. We have already found out that wayward is a person who is used to walking on his own path, not being afraid to stumble and not looking around at others. And now let's see in what other meanings can this adjective be used. Here is a steady combination of the “wayward gift, ” what does it mean? Well, firstly, most often the donee is not too closely acquainted with the person who is trying to present him with a gift. Secondly, not the fact that such a gift would be pleasant. Most likely, such a surprise will bring only disappointment. All of us since childhood remember the tale of Snow White.


So, the apple that the witch gave the main character, and can be considered a wayward gift. From this we can conclude that a capricious gift not only does not bring happiness, but sometimes can be very harmful. Moreover, it is worth noting that neither the donee nor the person who gives presents the pleasure of such a present.

A capricious and infantile person, because of his inconstancy, of course, may please his friend or girlfriend. Consider an example. In the modern world there are a lot of wayward men. These are the individuals who have achieved a good position in society, bought a car, a house, and now do not hesitate to waste money. These men often find young lovers who will be flooded with gifts every day. But such a favor can quickly end, and wayward gifts at any moment can change a lot not for the better.

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