The average length of a member of men in different countries - what do research scientists say about this?


Why are men much more often than women interested in what is the average length of a member of representatives of different nationalities? Perhaps because, deep down, they do not believe the assurances of most women that size does not matter to them.

Many men try to use every opportunity to prove to themselves and their partner that the size of his penis is not so small, and some even make a lot of efforts to increase their genital organ. Let's find out the statistics of what is the average length of a member of the male in different countries?


By tradition, it is believed that the smallest size of manhood among Asians. Men in the Far East and Southeast Asia, as a rule, are always at the very end of such ratings. This is not surprising, since the average length of a male member in China is about 11 cm, in Thailand and India - 10 cm, whereas in Korea - less than 10 cm.

"Golden mean" is the male population of European countries. The average length of the penis is 14-16 centimeters (in an erection state)

It is considered the classic "average" size of the inhabitants of the United States, Canada, England, Germany and other countries of the European continent.

The penis, the average length of which is slightly more than 18 cm, received the “palm” and is owned by Africans, or rather, residents of the Republic of Congo.


Does penis size affect female orgasm?

Scottish scientists conducted their own research on how important the size of the male penis is for the fair sex. More than 300 girls took part in the survey, of which 60% said that size does not matter to them, 34% of respondents preferred size over average, and only 6% of respondents said that they like size smaller than average. Does this mean that such a concept as the length of the average member is the cornerstone of the success of intimate relationships between a woman and a man?

If we talk about the features of female physiology, then men who focus on the size of their member should be aware that the vagina of any woman has a high ability to change its size, tightly covering the male penis regardless of its size. Therefore, in a purely physiological sense, the statement that the size of man’s dignity for most women is completely irrelevant is the true truth.

As the women themselves say, in order to get an orgasm, the most important thing for them is the opportunity to relax and trust their partner as much as possible, the only way to get maximum pleasure. Naturally, for complete relaxation, first of all, the emotional component of the relationship between partners is important, and not the fact of what size the male organ is.


As women themselves admit, a man should be able to understand what a woman likes and does not like. It is this ability of men to guess the slightest hidden desires of their partner can bring any woman to the very peak of arousal. Trusting a man, knowing that he feels for her only the warmest feelings, a woman is able to relax as much as possible and get an unforgettable pleasure, as well as give it to her partner.

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