Biography Turchinov Alexander Valentinovich. Alexander Turchinov: nationality, parents


The composition of the government of Ukraine in recent years is of interest to many people in the world. And among politicians, Aleksandr Valentinovich Turchinov has recently attracted a lot of attention. In the past, the Deputy Prime Minister, who had taken the third place in the mayoral elections in the capital, for a long time held a leading position in Yulia Tymoshenko’s Bloc. In the two thousandth he repeatedly linked his life with national security. In addition, this man has published more than a hundred scientific papers, mainly focused on the research of the shadow economy and corruption.


The future politician was born on March 31, 1964 in the Ukrainian SSR in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Nationality Turchinov - Ukrainian. The father of a politician devoted his life to work in the sports club "Lokomotiv", Valentin Ivanovich was awarded the title of master of the USSR in volleyball sports. Turchinov’s mother’s name is Valentina, some sources report that her son wrote most of his business in her name. Turchinov's parents raised his son, endowing him with character, which allowed him to reach great heights in his career.


Alexandra's wife is Anna Vladimirovna, she is 6 years younger. Anna is a Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, currently she is the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at the Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov. Turchinov's wife is the owner of a part of his business. In 1994, the son Kirill was born in their family, now he is studying at the Academy of Labor. An interesting fact is also the fact that most of Alexander Turchinov's business is written to his mother-in-law, Tamara Beliba. In addition, some sources report that the people know the unreal name - Turchinov. The real name of the politician is Kogan, however for some reason he decided to hide this fact.

Activities after school

The first job of the future politician was the position of the millman, which he received at the Krivorozhstal combine. After some time, Alexander V. Turchinov decides studying at the technological faculty of the Metallurgical Institute in Dnepropetrovsk. Biography Turchinov indicates that the political activities of this man began in 1987, when he became secretary of the Komsomol district committee in his hometown. Career growth led him to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Committee, to the post of head of the department of agitation and propaganda.


At that time he became the coordinator of democracy in the CPSU. There is information that in 1989 he met Yulia Tymoshenko and helped her create a youth center "Terminal" and become its commercial director. All this took place under the auspices of the regional committee of LKSMU.

The nineties

You can be amazed for a long time about how you moved up the career ladder of Turchinov. Ukraine all this time was the main and constant field of its activities. In 1990, Alexander became editor-in-chief at the UNA-press APN news agency. A year later, he heads the Institute of International Relations, Law, Politics and Economics. And a year later, he is trusted to preside over the denationalization and de-monopolization committee in the regional administration.


According to Turchinov’s biography, in 1993 his political activity gained serious momentum, he became an adviser to the then head of government, Leonid Kuchma, and advised him in macroeconomics. Then he becomes vice-president of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine.

Scientific activity

Biography Turchinov also says that politics was not the only field of activity of Alexander Valentinovich. After Kuchma resigned, Alexander was given the post of director general of the Institute for Economic Reforms. Then he began to head the laboratory, which studied the shadow economy. By 1995, Alexander defended his thesis and became a candidate of economic sciences, and two years later he successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “Shadow economy”.


It is believed that Turchinov and Lazarenko became the creators of the Hromada party. It is worth noting that in 1993, Alexander became the head of the political and economic council of this association. After Lazarenko came to the party, Turchinov’s party won the post of chairman of the central coordinating council. Then his deputy was Yulia Tymoshenko, the newcomer to the party.


There is information that Turchinov was the minister of economics in the shadow government of Gromady, under the leadership of Yulia.

1998 became very significant for Turchinov and Tymoshenko, because then they were elected by the party to become people's deputies. A year later, Tymoshenko holds the position of Deputy Prime Minister of the Fuel and Energy Complex, and Alexander becomes the head of the parliamentary committee dealing with the country's budget. As soon as the leader of the Gromada was arrested and a criminal case was opened against him, Tymoshenko and Turchinov quickly left their posts.


After the completion of the “Gromady” activity, Tymoshenko and Turchinov create a new party called “Batkivshchyna”. This event occurred in 1999. Alexander in this game gets the role of a deputy leader. Thanks to the successful development of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, Turchinov again becomes a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada in 2002.


Then the media said that he is the founder of the democratic opposition and the creator of the PNP.

Problems with the prosecutor's office

In 2003, the Prosecutor General’s Office wrote an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada to allow Turchinov and another BYuT activist to be brought to criminal liability. The charges were based on the fact that these two men seized state and public buildings, threatened law enforcement officers, also used weapons and exceeded their official powers.


These charges were built after in June 2003, in Kiev, the territory of the SIZO was completely infiltrated with the aim of demanding the release of former members of the management of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine corporation. Then the acting prosecutor general stated that Turchinov and Amara had inflicted physical and psychological harm to the staff. But the case did not get a turnaround, since Turchinov denied the accusations, calling them an ordinary provocation.

Elections 2004 and place Turchinov in BP

During the election period in 2004, Turchinov, whose real name sometimes becomes the cause of fierce discussions, was on the headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko, holding the post of deputy head. He was responsible for the Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Sumy and Volyn regions. A year after Yushchenko finally made his way to the presidency, Turchinov got the position of head of the SBU. Biography Turchinov also contains information that in the autumn of that year, in protest against the resignation of Tymoshenko, he left this post and headed the BYuT campaign headquarters.


As deputy head of the faction, he became one of the deputies in the bloc at the parliamentary elections. And when Yushchenko decided to terminate the powers of the parliament, accusing him of illegitimacy and the adoption of unconstitutional decisions, Turchinov got the post of deputy secretary of the SBU.

Fight for the post of mayor of Kiev

As soon as Turchinov managed to retake his seat in parliament after the elections of 2007, he immediately left the post of deputy secretary and began to represent the interests of Yulia Tymoshenko in BP. After creating a coalition between Yulia and Yushchenko, Tymoshenko managed to take the post of prime minister. In addition, Tymoshenko did everything to nominate the candidacy of Alexander to the post of mayor of Kiev. Thus, in 2008, Turchinov became a candidate for this post. He had a lot of rivals, about 70 people, but, according to analysts, he seriously had to fear only Klitschko and the former mayor. At that time, politicians called this election the dirtiest and most expensive in the entire history of independent Ukraine. But despite the pursuit of an aggressive policy, Turchinov did not win, and the former politician, Chernovetsky, became the mayor. After that, Alexander refused to take a seat in the Kiev Council, as, in fact, Tymoshenko. And in 2010, Turchinov left BP.

Elections 2012

In the 2012 elections, Turchinov again joined the opposition team created on the basis of the Tymoshenko party, becoming the fourth in the list of candidates to the parliament. According to the results of the elections, the “Dnepropetrovsk clan”, as Turchinov and Tymoshenko were then called by the media, took second place for the right to be in parliament.

Earnings policy

According to Turchinov himself, he is richer than other citizens of Ukraine. Officially, he lives on the salary of a people's deputy, and also constantly receives fees for his scientific work. But there is also evidence that he is involved in the creation of many enterprises that bring him good profits. There are even newspapers and institutes among them. By the way, besides scientific works, he also published an art book, his thriller is called “The Illusion of Fear.”

Faith and religion

Alexander Turchinov in some interviews stated that he is an evangelical Christian and Baptist. He says that career and politics are less interesting to him than religion. According to some, he preaches in church, although he is not a priest. In the media, it is often called Lutheran. In addition, it is rumored that he has connections with Protestant circles.

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