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There are thousands of famous and public people in the world, but some of them stand out even against the background of their “colleagues”. A vivid example is Jen Psaki. Until recently, she was just one of many American officials, but in the light of the recent Ukrainian conflict, her star brightly shone on the world horizon …


Jen Psaki - perhaps, at the moment, one of the most famous American politicians. Her name is familiar even to those of our citizens who, until recently, had not at all shown any interest in the work of the US State Department! The explanation is simple - her photographs and statements often appear in all domestic media, and this fate has not been avoided even by the most distant publications from politics.

Brief biographical note

Jen Psaki was born near New York, in the town of Stamford (Connecticut). It happened on December 1, 1978. Her mother was a psychotherapist, her father worked as a builder. James, Jen's father, has now completed his building practice and is on a well-deserved retirement pension. His mother, Elin Midway, is still a well-known practicing psychotherapist, who is highly appreciated by her patients at Greenwich. By the way! Until recently, there was almost no information about the real age and the origin of Jen, but the sharply increased her popularity (especially in our country) simply forced the policy to still reveal the cards.

Almost the entire population of her hometown adheres to exclusively democratic views. The Jen Psaki family is no exception, and therefore it is not surprising that the girl chose to begin her career in the US Democratic Party. Despite her American origins, she herself recognized that the roots of her family go to Poland and Greece.



Unlike many of her peers, Jen from an early age set herself the task of obtaining the highest quality and versatile education. First she (in 1996) successfully graduated from Greenwich High School (in her native state), and after four years she received a diploma from the College of William and Mary (Virginia). By the way, there they still consider Jen Psaki to be one of their best students. The growth of her career is largely due to just a good education.

Teachers and classmates say that Jen has always been different from other students of activity and curiosity. She enthusiastically played sports (and especially excelled in swimming), and was also one of the most prominent members of the organization Chi Omega. Thanks to his activity and ability to establish contact with people, Psaki (whose biography we are considering) quickly achieved success in his political career.

Political activity

Her career in American politics started in 2001, with many prominent figures being Jen's teachers. She started as a member of the Democratic Party, and her first task was just holding a campaign in Iowa. At this time, she "promoted" the two most successful Democratic candidates, Tom Vilsack and Tom Harkin.

In this position, the girl showed herself remarkably, and therefore soon in her career there was a first breakthrough. She received the position of spokesperson for the electoral company of the notorious John Kerry. It was back in 2004. She did an excellent job with her work, and therefore in 2005–2006 she became director of public relations. Its head was the head of the House of Representatives, Joseph Crowley.


Three years later, her career gets a new stimulus. Jen gets the post of secretary of a young and promising senator Barack Obama. When her superiors won the presidential election in the United States, Psaki also gets a seat in the White House, initially working as deputy press secretary. For unknown reasons, for some time she was left behind by big politics, but in February 2013, Psaki returned to the White House for a new position. From then until recently (she is now on leave in connection with the birth of a child), she officially represented the US State Department.

Media and fun

All this is good - a successful career as a young specialist. Here are just a lot of those in American politics. Why, in our country, does the name of Psaki, a private soldier, in fact, a secretary, be known by every student? It is all about her statements, which riveted attention to Jen from the very first days of the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis.

Already, you can publish a real "dictionary of popular expressions." Jen Psaki, whose quotations make even unsmiling people laugh, gained incredible popularity on Runet. Owners of sites with gags just wait for her new speeches, every second of which instantly becomes a meme and generates a whole wave of demotivators. From the very first days, the entire Internet community laughed at its “carousel mechanisms” and “Rostov mountains”. They could not get any clear answers from the lady: she didn’t explain the essence of these very “merry-go-rounds”, and refused to look at the mountains of Rostov on the map of Russia.

The absurdity of many of her phrases, she explains simply: "Became a victim of Russian propaganda." How to understand this, no one knows. Long before the first wave of sanctions against our country, she had already made the reservation at the conference that the United States had already taken "tough measures" against Russia, for which the State Department of the United States subsequently swept. Even the administration of Barack Obama had to make excuses in due time for the announcement of false information at an official press conference in the presence of dozens of foreign journalists.


In the course of the further briefings, the journalists nevertheless “squeezed” Jen, and she recognized her words as absurd, but still she still blames everything that happened on the “difficulties of translation”. And now we will tell about those of her pearls, thanks to which Jen Psaki is known today.

"Fuck the EU", or primordially Russian curses

In early February 2014, Victoria Nuland said in a telephone conversation the phrase “Fuck the EU”, which immediately spread all over the world and hit hard on the vanity of European politicians. We will not translate it. Psaki tried to “whitewash” her boss in negotiations with journalists: “Surely you know that at the age of 23, Victoria once spent eight months aboard a Russian vessel. Surely she learned similar vocabulary there. ” Journalists quite rightly noted that Russian sailors hardly swear in English. Psaki herself turned everything into a joke again. But European journalists from “Fuck the EU” were somehow no laughing matter.

About office updates

In April of the same year, the lady commented on the Russian demand sent to the Ukrainian government to pay off all the arrears for the gas supplied to Ukraine. When journalists tried to find out from Psaki why she finds the legal requirement to receive money under the contracts concluded strange, “illegal”: the politician got confused again: “I know what the Russians say. But if we take into account past contracts and the current situation, it becomes obvious that this is no longer a business dispute. ”

The notorious Matthew Lee for several minutes tried to find out whether Russia has the right to demand money for the actually delivered goods. Psaki promised to "clarify in the office" and immediately went on to consider another issue.


It was this phrase that became the basis for hundreds of jokes, especially in business circles: “The bank asks the client if he will pay on the overdue loan. He promises to clarify this issue in the office. ” It is known how Jen Psaki herself reacted to these jokes: “The United States constantly fixes Russian information attacks. These stories are one of the varieties of such aggression. ”

Belarusian coast

In May, the same year, Psaki threatened Belarus that the sixth US fleet would immediately be deployed to the Belarusian coast, if Lukashenka decided to invade Ukraine. In fairness it should be noted that this statement was not documented. It is possible that this is just folk art. However, the Belarusian press service of Lukashenko himself took this threat quite officially: “If the sixth US fleet approaches the shores of Belarus, the 17th space fleet of Belarus will immediately attack Washington.” Comments are superfluous.

About Europe, which supplies gas to Russia, and roundabouts

And again in May 2014, Jen pleased us with a new statement: “Gas that goes from Western Europe through Ukraine to Russia” … Psaki quickly realized that she had said something wrong, but it was too late: journalists quickly smashed her geographical revelations around the world. At the same referendum, she loudly condemned the elections in the DPR and LNR: “We in no way recognize the results of these elections. In social networks, we received information about voting children … about the use of elective carousels. ”

Obviously, the last phrase slashed Matthew Lee's ear. He insinuatingly inquired what the electoral carousel is. Psaki blushed and admitted that she simply reads the text from a piece of paper and has no idea about the interpretation of this term. When Lee asked if Donbass politicians were riding the merry-go-round during the election, she said: "Everyone has their own technology there."

About democratic and strong Ukraine


When Marie Harf, Psaki’s deputy, appeared at the next briefing in June 2015, the Russian segment of the Internet almost fell into mourning. Everyone thought that the statements of Jen Psaki led to her dismissal. But the “Runet star” hurried to refute these rumors on Twitter: “I’m struggling with the Russian propaganda machine and remain here, as well as a strong democratic Ukraine.”

Teachings of Russia - "armed aggression"

When in August there were reports of future Russian military exercises from the Central and Western districts, Jen was stunned again by all the news: "Such exercises can be recognized as open provocation and aggression … Russians need to urgently remove their troops from the Ukrainian border." Recall that the exercises were conducted at the Ashuluk training ground, from which not one hundred kilometers to the nearest Ukrainian farms.

Delighted with the geographical knowledge of Americans, Nikolay Valuev promised to send Jen a parcel post with a map of our country. Our Ministry of Defense expressed the same opinion, advising Psaki to study not only social networking pages, but also encyclopedias, paying particular attention to the geographical atlas.

Open recognition "Maidana in Hong Kong"

In October 2014, Jen very carelessly let slip about the financing of protest actions in Hong Kong by American funds. She directly told reporters that the US government itself coordinated the distribution of funds, directing them to these funds. Soon she thought better of it and did not answer more slippery questions.

About boots and other

Despite her uneasy relationship with geography, the State Department representative is still an ordinary woman who takes great care of her appearance. In particular, she always attends conferences with skillfully selected accessories and a perfect hairstyle. But there was no incident without incident: once Jen came to the briefing in one boot. However, this time there was nothing funny here, since she just injured her leg and was forced to walk in a fixing bandage.

Personal life


Very little is known about the politics of private life, since she herself does not like to spread this topic. Today it is known about the existence of sister Stephanie, who also lives in Washington and also works in the political sphere. Jen Psaki's husband, Gregory Mecher, whom she married in 2010. He works in the Democratic National Committee. Jen herself often stresses that her main boss at work is President Obama, but Greg is the main man in her life. What else is known about Jen Psaki? Children until recently were not her priority, but today she is on leave due to the birth of a child.

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