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Valentin Yumashev - a rather ambiguous figure. This man, who began his career as a simple journalist, became a famous politician and public figure. In addition, he is known as the husband of the daughter of Boris Yeltsin. So who is Valentin Yumashev? The biography of this person will be the subject of our consideration.


Childhood and young years

Yumashev Valentin Borisovich was born in December 1957 in Perm. Until 1971, he lived in his hometown and studied at a local school. Then he moved with his parents for permanent residence in the Moscow region.

In 1976, after graduating from school, he was drafted into the ranks of the Soviet Army, where he served, as expected, for two years. After completing his service in 1978, Valentin Yumashev entered the journalism department, but he studied by correspondence, since at the same time he began working as an intern in the Moskovsky Komsomolets publication. A year later, he moved to work in a more replicable newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda. In this newspaper, he led a page for teenagers "Scarlet Sail".

It was in those years, while studying at the university, he met his future wife, Irina Vedeneyeva. Shortly after the wedding, their daughter Polina was born. But Valentin Yumashev and Irina Vedeneyeva were not happy in marriage. Many friends even claimed that the young journalist was married for a Moscow residence permit. Whatever it was, but this marriage broke up, although legally this divorce was formalized many years later.

Further development of journalistic career

In 1987, Valentin Yumashev moved to work in the magazine Ogonyok, which was considered a very authoritative and serious publication. Four years later he was appointed deputy editor-in-chief. In this position, Yumashev worked until 1995. It was in “Spark” that Valentin Borisovich met Svetlana Vavra, to whom he left his wife. Svetlana also left her legal wife, Andrew. Valentin Yumashev lived in a civil marriage with her, but after a while they still went their separate ways.


Then he returned to Komsomolskaya Pravda, where this time he occupied the position of chief editor.

At this time, global social change was taking place in the country, and the head of one of the largest Russian publications became involved in the maelstrom of big politics. In the course of his professional activities, participating in press conferences and interviewing, Valentin Yumashev met with Russian President Boris Yeltsin, as well as with his daughter and his future wife Tatiana Dyachenko.

Political career

After Boris Yeltsin won the 1996 presidential election in Russia, Valentin Yumashev was appointed to the post of his adviser on interaction with the media. This direction was very close to the professional direction of Valentin Borisovich.

Performing his new duties, the journalist helped Yeltsin in writing a number of books in his autobiographical direction. Knowledgeable people said that most of the work was done by Yumashev himself.


In 1997, after the resignation of Anatoly Chubais, Yumashev Valentin Borisovich was appointed the head of the Presidential Administration. He became one of the closest people to the head of state. It was precisely by holding this post that he advised Boris Yeltsin to involve the president’s daughter, Tatiana Dyachenko, in the office. So she became an adviser to her own father. But in December 1998, Valentin Borisovich left the post of head of the Administration.

In business

It was rumored that after leaving the public office, Valentin Borisovich decided to try his hand at business. And I must say that, judging by sources in the press, he succeeded in the new undertaking, although he did not, of course, reach the level of the oligarch. At one time, Valentin Yumashev was even credited with owning half of the CITY business center and the same part of the Empire tower. But Yumashev himself denied this fact, which after some time confirmed an independent journalistic investigation. As it turned out, the owner of the assets attributed to Yumashev was the husband of his relative, who was a real, not a fictitious businessman.

But even after that, Valentin Yumashev remained a target for the press. His condition was constantly discussed on the pages of newspapers and magazines, the most various figures were named, which, however, had little relation to reality.

In 2000, Valentin Borisovich became one of the founders of the Boris Yeltsin Fund, whose goal is to provide charity and support for young talents. Along with Yumashev, such famous personalities as Alexander Voloshin, Tatyana Dyachenko, Viktor Chernomyrdin and Anatoly Chubais became co-founders of the foundation.

Marriage to Tatyana Dyachenko

In 2002, the marriage of Valentin Yumashev and the daughter of ex-President Boris Yeltsin Tatyana Dyachenko Borisovna took place. By that time, each of them had two marriages behind them: Yumashev - official and civil, and Dyachenko - both official. In addition, in previous marriages, the spouses had children: Valentina Borisovich - daughter Polina, Tatiana - sons Boris and Gleb.


The relationship between Valentin Yumashev and Tatyana Dyachenko has gone through various phases since their acquaintance. At first it was a purely business relationship, which eventually grew into a close friendship. Later, as the feelings between Tatiana and her husband, a major businessman Alexei Dyachenko, cooled, they became closer to Yumashev.

In the end, after the marriage of Tatiana and Alexei Dyachenko actually collapsed, Valentin Yumashev proposed the ex-president’s daughter to marry him. Tatiana agreed. After that, the bride and groom had to speed up their divorce proceedings, since at that time both officially had spouses.

Nevertheless, by 2002 everything was settled, the wedding took place, and in April they already had a daughter, Maria.

Future life

Valentin and Tatyana Yumashevs all their further activity concentrated on the development of the Boris Yeltsin Fund.

In 2007, Boris Nikolayevich himself died of heart disease. Naturally, it was a tragedy for the spouse of Valentin Yumashev, but he tried to support her as best he could. Together with his wife, he attended the funeral of the ex-president, who, besides being a test father, had a great influence on the fate of Valentin, was a person close to him.


In 2009, Valentin and Tatiana Yumashevy, as well as their common daughter Maria, became Austrian citizenship. But at the same time they also remained citizens of Russia. They say that it was possible to achieve Austrian citizenship in a fairly short time thanks to the petition of Günter Alpfayter, who is the head of the concern Magna STEYR.

In 2013, the Yumashevs couple moved to permanent residence in Austria, but nonetheless often come to Russia, and also takes an active part in the activities of the Boris Yeltsin Fund. In particular, at the end of 2015, the Yeltsin Center was opened - the largest museum of the 90s era.


Valentin Yumashev was married three times. His first wife was Irina Vedeneyeva. But the marriage was unsuccessful, and the couple divorced.

From this marriage, Valentin Borisovich has a daughter, Polina, born in 1980. She graduated from school in Moscow, and after studying in the UK. In 2001 she married billionaire Oleg Deripaska. In the same year they had a son, Peter, the first grandson of Yumashev. In 2003, the couple made Valentin Borisovich happy with her granddaughter Maria.


After Yumashev left Irina Vedeneyeva, for some time he lived in a civil marriage with his colleague, journalist Svetlana Vavra.

For the third time, Valentin Yumashev married Boris Yeltsin’s daughter Tatiana. In this marriage in 2002, a daughter, Maria, was born. In addition, from the first two marriages, Tatyana had children Boris and Gleb. Boris Yeltsin Jr. - already an adult independent man, whose age has long passed for 30 years. But the younger son, Gleb Dyachenko, born in 1995, is sick with Down syndrome. Yumashev Valentin Borisovich helps his wife to cope with this problem. The disease, however, does not prevent Gleb from taking seventh place in swimming among athletes who suffer from Down syndrome. So the young man is still ahead.

Despite the fact that, as always, Valentin Yumashev plunges headlong into his work, his family remains in the first place.

Interesting Facts

In the first half of the 90s, Valentin Yumashev had an accident that occurred because of a violation of traffic rules by the 3rd secretary of the DPRK embassy. As a result of the accident were fatal victims.

Journalist Mikhail Poltoranin in his book, released in 2010, claims that being in close circle of Boris Yeltsin's associates, Yumashev took part in discussing the possibility of physically eliminating the opposition member Lev Rokhlin. However, there is no direct evidence of this.

general characteristics

Valentina Borisovich Yumashev can be described as a strong-willed, strong man. Sometimes even his desire to achieve the goal turned into an open careerism. From an ordinary journalist, he has grown to the post of head of the Presidential Administration of the country, he is married to a presidential daughter, his life has acquired many legends.


Nevertheless, at present, Valentin Yumashev focuses on family and charitable activities.

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