The kind act of an 18-year-old waitress became viral and changed her whole life


When Loire Wolf went to eat at the Waffle House cafe, she didn’t even suspect that this day would change the lives of several people. The act of an 18-year-old waitress shows that there is still a lot of goodness and readiness to help in people.

Good deed


When Laura was waiting for her order at the table, she accidentally drew attention to an elderly man with an oxygen balloon, who was sitting alone. He reminded the woman of her father, and she began to slowly watch him, to help him if necessary. Then she noticed a friendly young employee of the institution, who, passing by the man, asked if he was all right.

The man answered in a low and weak voice, but Laura took out his answer. He said: "My hands are already working poorly."

What happened next was a surprise to the visitor. The young waitress without hesitation pulled the man's plate towards her and began to cut his lunch into small pieces to help him.

This is a good little deed that may mean nothing to others. But for the man sitting in the institution, he changed a lot. He had one less worry.


The law of karma

Laura Wolf was touched to the depths of the soul. She managed to take a photo of the girl cutting dinner and shared it on social networks with her family and friends. She didn’t even expect the photo to become viral and millions of people around the world would in turn share it.

The waitress girl finally found out. Her name is Avoni Williams, she is 18 years old. An employee of the institution was given a promotion, and the management of one of the universities offered a scholarship in the amount of $ 16, 000 (it was to pay for their studies that she got a job at a cafe). She herself commented on the photo like this: “I didn’t know that I was being photographed, I just did what I had to do.” People think she deserves her good deed back to her a hundredfold. Do you agree?

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