Anatoly Medvedev: biography, photo of Father Dmitry Medvedev


There are a lot of rumors and conjectures around the origin of the third president of the Russian Federation, so it is especially interesting to know who Anatoly Medvedev, the father of Dmitry Medvedev really was. The article discusses his biography, collected from official sources.


It is known that the father of the hero of the article was called Afanasy Fyodorovich, and from 1955 he lived in Korenovsk, Krasnodar Territory, where he worked as secretary of the RK CPSU. For 4 years of operation, the village acquired the status of a city. The residents got electricity and running water, and a bus service was started along the repaired roads. When it earned a dairy plant, a railway station, a sugar factory. People still remember with warmth Afanasy Fyodorovich, presented for his work to the government award, his wife Nadezhda Vasilyevna, who devoted herself to raising two children, and the younger daughter Svetlana, who graduated from 10 classes with a gold medal.


Anatoly Medvedev, whose photo in his youth is presented in the article, in those years already lived in Leningrad, receiving a higher education. He was born on November 15, 1926, and at the time of his father's appointment in Korenovsk he was 19 years old. At the end of 1958, Afanasy Fyodorovich was transferred to Krasnodar, where he worked until retirement.


Where and in what family was Anatoly Medvedev born? The origin is of great importance, because his father did not immediately get to the party work. In his autobiography, still preserved, the village of Mansurovo of the Kursk region is called the small homeland. The family, which Anatoly Afanasyevich called poor, belonged to the peasant class.

Before the revolution, Afanasy Fyodorovich, b. 1904, peasantry, and from 1928 entered the collective farm. From 1933, he began to engage in party work, having studied for a year in the Moscow party school. Upon completion, he was assigned to Kabardino-Balkaria. Children often changed their place of study, as their father was constantly transferred to new places. In 1934, Anatoly Medvedev began schooling in Voronezh, and after 8 years entered the Dzaudzhikausky technical school. At that time, the Great Patriotic War was going, the father volunteered for the front, and the children with their mother were evacuated to Georgia (Gori).


Study in Georgia

Railway Technical College was also relocated to Gori when the fascists approached Vladikavkaz. This explains the choice of school. Anatoly Medvedev - a descendant of the peasants - he studied at the "excellent", ahead of their peers. In personal matters, only gratitude and encouragement for public work, participation in combat checks, progress in school. Who joined the Komsomol in February 1942, the young man was the permanent Komsomol group, which trained 17 people.

Afanasy Fyodorovich, who took part in the battles for the Crimea and Kuban, after wounding, moved to Krasnodar, so the son continued his studies in this southern city.

Higher education

As part of the 5% of the best students, Anatoly Medvedev (the biography was restored according to documents from the Krasnodar Technical University) became a student at this university. This was the first post-war course, where two thirds of the students were demobilized soldiers and officers. The young man did not receive for the whole time of training any four, proving his right to education. Scrupulous in everything, he was so absorbed in science that in 1949, his heart could not stand it, and the young man interrupted his studies, taking academic leave. His father at that time worked in Pavlovsk, where he restored the health of a young student.

In parallel, he taught physics and drawing at a local school, leaving behind good memories. Everyone was amazed at his intelligence, because even he addressed the students strictly to you, instilling a love of technical disciplines. In 1952, Anatoly Medvedev became a graduate specialist in the mechanical engineering profession. Recently, he was the party organizer of the group, but social activities did not prevent him from obtaining an honors diploma. He was given a recommendation to work as a workshop supervisor, but he chose a different path.


Labor activity

In the same year, the young man went to enter the graduate school of the Technological Institute in Leningrad (LTI). His whole future life will be associated with this university. Having defended his thesis, he remained a teacher. Being a party (since 1952), he did not disdain social activities, but he considered science as his main purpose. Nearly 70 years old, he lectured. Anatoly Medvedev is a professor at LTI, which went down in history of the university (now SPbSTI), where D. Mendeleev, D. Chernov, G Hess once taught.

He married Yulia Shaposhnikova from Voronezh. The girl graduated from the philological faculty, worked as a teacher of literature. She came to Leningrad to enroll in graduate school, after which she began teaching at the Pedagogical Institute. Herzen The couple lived in Kupchino, called the "sleeping area" of Leningrad.


Anatoly Medvedev family

The age difference between them was 12 years. Almost forty Anatoly Afanasyevich was destined to become a father. In 1965, the only son Dmitri was born, in whose upbringing the parents of both spouses participated. The boy spent the summer in Krasnodar on Krasnaya Street, where his grandmother and grandfather lived in a two-room apartment. It happened that they themselves came to Leningrad. Anatoly Medvedev and his wife were passionate about science, so help was simply necessary.

However, Yulia Veniaminovna’s scientific career, like her spouse, did not work out. She graduated from the guides courses and in recent years worked in Pavlovsk. Son Dmitri went to study in a regular school. He was fond of chemistry, weightlifting and hard rock. There was always an example of his father in front of him, in whose room the lights were burning until late at night. He constantly wrote articles in the house was an excellent library of scientific and technical literature. Getting up in the morning, the son again saw his father at his desk. He was not addicted to smoking or to alcohol, because it was not accepted in the house.


Death of parents

Anatoly Afanasyevich Medvedev grieved at the departure of his parents. In recent years, Afanasy Fyodorovich worked as an instructor of the regional committee of the party, receiving a modest salary of 120 rubles. But he was not discouraged, distinguished by optimism and a great sense of humor. A few years before his death, his wife Nadezhda Vasilyevna (died in 1990) became seriously ill and took to her bed. The father took over all the worries about her, courting until the last hour. He was helped by his daughter Svetlana, but Anatoly Medvedev, whose biography was associated with Leningrad, appeared infrequently.

The death of his wife knocked out Afanasy Fedorovich. He rarely began to appear in the yard and stopped joking altogether. Sometimes he went out to feed the pigeons, and in 1994 he also died, reunited with his wife in a cemetery near Krasnodar. Svetlana Medvedev, aunt of the future third president of the Russian Federation, for some time offended his brother for not paying much attention to his elderly parents. She herself, after an unsuccessful marriage, was left alone, living in her parents' apartment. Her only son Andrew moved to Moscow.


Son and his family

Today, most of the time, the press is not interested in Anatoly Medvedev himself. Information about his wife and son becomes more important due to the political career that Dmitry Medvedev made. Once he hesitated between legal and philological education, making a choice in favor of law school. But it was only possible to enter the evening department of the Leningrad State University. A year later, for excellent performance in his studies, he was transferred to full-time, which he graduated in 1987. Following the example of his father, he became engaged in science. In the same year he entered graduate school, in 1990 - defended his thesis.

His teacher was Anatoly Sobchak, in whose election campaign a year earlier Dmitry Anatolyevich took an active part. The mandate of the people's deputy of the USSR and the activities of Sobchak as mayor (1991–1996) contributed to the rise of the career of a young scientist. Anatoly Medvedev did not live to see his son elected president, but his son was transferred to Moscow, where he worked in the government office, headed the Board of Directors of Gazprom. The father waited and the grandson was born. In 1989, Dmitry Medvedev married Svetlana Linnik. He experienced feelings for her from school, the future spouses studied in parallel classes. In 1995, they had a son, Ilya, now a student at MGIMO.



When Anatoly Medvedev, whose personal life is of genuine interest, left the teaching activity, the son took the parents to Moscow.

Mother, Yulia Veniaminovna, still lives in his family, but her father had long-standing heart problems. In 2004, he died of a heart attack.

There are ongoing controversies on the Internet about the origin of United Russia and the Government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, since 2012. There is a version about his belonging to the Jewish nation, looking for evidence that the family of his grandfather Afanasy Fyodorovich belonged to the prosperous class.

One thing is clear: Anatoly Medvedev, the father of Dmitry Medvedev, lived a decent life, becoming an example of a responsible attitude to work for his son.

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