Address of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow. How to find?


Where is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Moscow? What questions can I contact and to whom? How is it easier to get there - by car or public transport? Let's try to understand, taking into account Moscow traffic jams and the tense situation with parking.

Where is?

Address of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Moscow: Smolenskaya-Sennaya Sq. 32/34, Moscow 119200. Located on the Garden Ring, from the inside.

How to drive a car?


You can drive up on three sides.

To the facade of the main building, along the Garden Ring:

  • On the inside, turn right at the traffic lights, at the intersection of Smolensky Boulevard and Smolenskaya Street. But there are no parking lots, except for the parking lot of the Foreign Ministry itself. The nearest parking on this side can be found, if you turn right at the next traffic light, on Arbat. The cost is 200 rubles per hour. Expensive, but places are always there. To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3 minutes on foot.
  • Along the outside, take the traffic light in front of the VTB Bank, at the intersection with Arbat, to Smolenskaya Street. After turning in front of the Savings Bank there is free parking. The disadvantage is that it is not always possible to find an empty seat. Go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for four minutes.

To the reception for citizens:

Reception is located on the back side of the main building, at the address: Moscow, Denezhniy lane, 19.

  • From Smolensky Boulevard, turn onto Arbat if you are driving along the inside. At the next intersection - to the right. Parking is everywhere. It costs 60 p. / Hour.
  • If on the outside - turn onto Ruzheyny Lane, then right, onto Plyushchikha, and once again to the right. From Smolensk, turn left onto Sadovoye and onto Arbat, as in the first version.

How to get there by public transport?

  • To the facade of the main building:

The nearest metro station is Smolenskaya. Exit towards the Garden Ring, on Smolenskaya Square, and turn left. Walk 4 minutes - about 350 meters.

  • To the reception:

From the Smolenskaya metro station, go to Troilinsky Lane, turn right and walk straight for 3 minutes. About 300 meters.

Reception without an appointment.

Address of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, legalization department

A division of the Consular Department is located at: 119200, Moscow, 1st Neopalimovsky Lane, 12.


Engaged in the legalization of documents issued in another country in Russia. Here you can check whether these documents comply with the legislation of the country that issued them. If they match, they put an inscription and a stamp on the documents.

Drive by car - move out of the Garden Ring, from the outside, and further along the Guns Lane. From there to the left, on the Agricultural Lane, and from it to the left. Parking throughout the street. Cost - 60 p. / Hour.

By public transport - from the metro station "Smolenskaya" there are buses T 10 and T 79. Two stops. Get off at the stop at the 1st Neopalimovsky Lane and walk to the right for 5 minutes.

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