Ozone Generators: Benefits and Features


Today, devices called ozone generators used to process air and liquids are becoming more and more popular. They are used to remove chemical contaminants, purification from microorganisms and disinfection. Ozone effectively fights with almost all pathogens due to its high oxidative characteristics, it removes fungi, viruses and bacteria both in the air and in water. It also eliminates harmful organic and inorganic substances.



Ozone is formed as a result of the interaction of electrical discharges and air in a special tube. Today, ozone generators are divided into many types and are found in various fields. The most widespread are household and medical devices used to clean water and air.

The ozone generator for water allows you to get rid of several major problems associated with water consumption. It removes harmful impurities and compounds (pesticides, manganese, iron), refined products, foreign flavor, odor and disinfects the liquid. This design consists of a feed system, a generator and a destructor.

The ozonizer for air is indispensable if necessary to disinfect the room. This cleaning method allows you to eliminate chemical and microbiological contaminants, carcinogenic substances (xylene, formaldehyde, phenol) and other types of volatile chemical compounds.



The Altai ozone generator significantly improves air quality and is used in public and medical institutions, in refrigeration, storage and production facilities. Low ozone concentration has a beneficial effect on human health, in particular, improves health, pass headaches, irritation of the skin and eyes. In this case, exceeding the permissible level damages the lungs, weakens breathing and contributes to the development of asthma.

Today, you can also find efficient ozone generators with an extensive range of functions. They can be simultaneously used for the treatment of water and air, interior items and foodstuffs, the disinfection of offices and residential buildings, and the provision of safe living conditions for humans and animals.


DIY Ozone Generator

Creating a device does not cause much difficulty, you will need a high-voltage transformer from a microwave oven and a dielectric film. In the role of the latter can make a transparent material used for laser printers - it is polytetrafluoroethylene. It is resistant to high levels of voltage and temperature. The use of conventional polyethylene is not rational, since its integrity is impaired as a result of winding voltage.

The film on top is covered with a small segment of the grid, it is connected by wire to one part of the high-voltage winding, is isolated by polytetrafluoroethylene and represents the first electrode of the generator. The transformer core becomes the second electrode. It is worth noting that the transformer from any microwave oven is always connected to the core with one end of the secondary winding.

Using a magnet, it is possible to prevent the grid from slipping from the transformer during the operation of the device. It is enough to install the magnet, having previously placed ordinary toothpicks under it, thus ensuring the free passage of air flow over the grid.


What you need to know

The principle of exposure to ozone is the oxidation of the surrounding space, which ensures the elimination of fungi, viruses and bacteria. In the process of oxidation, the pollutants present in air and water become insoluble compounds or take on a form that is safe for the human body. It is also worth noting that ozone generators increase the shelf life of products and improve nutritional properties, but during their work it is recommended to open windows and leave the room. In addition, hormones, pesticides, larvae of parasites and harmful microflora contained in food are removed. Ozone provides a significant increase in the concentration of oxygen in the air and reduces the level of chlorine, which is especially important in pools.

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