Roslyak Yury Vitalyevich - one of the best specialists in the Russian economy


Moscow residents are well aware of who Roslyak Yury Vladimirovich is. How else? After all, this politician for many years was engaged only in the fact that he developed the capital of Russia. By his efforts many houses and cultural monuments were built. And all because he was accustomed to love and respect for the Motherland from an early age.


Roslyak Yury Vitalyevich: a biography of his early years

The future politician was born in Moscow on January 19, 1954. His father was a born hydro builder and traveled the country all the time, rebuilding the Soviet Union. Yuri and his mother followed him everywhere. And therefore, by the age of 10, the boy managed to see almost his entire homeland.

Over time, Yuri Roslyak realized that he wanted to be like his father. He really liked what he was doing. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 1970 the boy decided to enter the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute. Five years later, he successfully graduated with a degree in hydraulic engineering.

Nervous work days

The first job, which got Roslyak Yuri, was the position of a locksmith of the construction department. However, the guy did not want to stay long in this post. He understood that this place was not his calling. Therefore, in 1976, Yuri Vitalyevich transferred to the vacant position of design engineer in the special design bureau "Mosgidrostal". Here, the future politician plunges himself into work in order to master all its subtleties.

It should be noted that in those years, responsible workers were often led to high posts. Roslyak Yury Vitalyevich was no exception. In 1979, a man was offered a good place in the General Directorate of Capital Construction of the Moscow City Executive Committee, which was a good impetus in his career. In addition, having gained a boost, Roslyak began to work even harder, which only elevated him in the eyes of others.


Work in the Moscow administration

1986 was decisive in the life of Yuri Vitalyevich. After all, it is during this period that he succeeds in obtaining the post of deputy chairman of the executive committee of the Krasnogvardeisky District Council. This step allowed an ambitious guy to get into the main governing body of the capital - the administration.

After that, his career began to go up. In 1990, Yuri Roslyak became Deputy Head of the General Directorate for Construction. And after only a year, he is entrusted with the post of first deputy to one of the heads of the Moscow government. In his work he was responsible for the economic development of the capital, in which he succeeded greatly.

This led to the fact that everyone learned how good the specialist Roslyak Yury Vitalyevich is. The position of the head of the economic policy department asked for it in his hands. And indeed, in 1995 he received it, in passing becoming the deputy prime minister of the government of Moscow.

As deputy mayor

At the beginning of the 2000s, the entire administration was well aware of the fact that in economic matters there was no better-informed person than Yury Vitalyevich. His achievements in this area are difficult to overestimate. Therefore, it is not surprising that in December 2003, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov appointed Roslyak as his first deputy in charge of economic policy.

He stayed on this post for a long time. His powers were terminated only on December 20, 2010. The reason for this was the transfer of Yuri Vitalyevich to the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted, as the first deputy mayor, Roslyak did a lot for Moscow. Under his leadership were laid billions of rubles for the construction of the capital. And this is not to mention how much money was spent on the improvement and landscaping of those areas where new buildings were erected. During his long career, the politician received more than ten government awards, such as the Honored Builder of the Russian Federation and the Order of Merit for Moscow.


Last place of work

September 25, 2013 Yury Roslyak becomes an auditor of the Accounts Chamber of Russia. In truth, this appointment surprised few people. After all, if you look at the life of a politician, all his enhancements somehow accompanied this. And besides, Yuri Vladimirovich, like no one else, is suitable for this position: he has the necessary knowledge, experience and connections.

During the time spent in the Court of Accounts, the official has repeatedly proved his loyalty to the common people. For example, he was the person who helped depositors return the money of the bankrupt Tetrapolis bank. The rest, says Yuri Roslyak, his profession is rather boring. All he has to do is search endlessly for holes and flaws in the budgets of cities.


Roslyak Yury Vitalievich: family

Yury Vitalyevich is a typical family man. He married in his youth. The only child is the daughter Maria. Alas, it was she who caused many sufferings of her father. The fact of the matter is that at the end of 2010 she was convicted of embezzling money in the Ogni Moskvy bank, in which she worked as chair.

And although the girl was involved in the case as an accomplice and totally helped the investigation, the court found her guilty. True, referring to Mary’s pregnancy, the judge ruled that his decision would take effect only in 2030. Thus, the daughter of Yury Vitalyevich still has a chance to rehabilitate himself before the society.

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