Why Russians are called Russians? Why are Russians called Vatniki, Katsaps, Moskals?


It is believed that the people call themselves, on the basis of the ideal with which they associate themselves. Many do not invent anything to talk about themselves. They just say the word "man" in their own language. Why Russians are called Russians? Where does this strangeness come from? After all, this is an adjective. That is, a word describing quality, not affiliation. Let's understand, having rummaged in scientific works.

How different nations call themselves

The name of some, as already said, simply reflects the fact. Thus, the name "Mari" means "man" (Mari) in translation. Gypsies prefer to talk about themselves "Roma". If translated into Russian, then again it turns out "man."


Other nations chose to associate themselves with leaders, such as the Jews and the Czechs. Others are used to being associated with their native places. These are the Poles and Italians. There are even more interesting examples. Germans are generally called differently. They themselves say "Deutsch", the French call them the word "Aleman", the British - "Joman." In Russia, they were called from the word dumb, that is, those who do not understand the local speech and are not able to respond.

Another thing - our people. No matter how many theories were invented, to explain why Russians are called Russians. Some claimed that the Normans were so called, that in the tenth century they set out to possess the local people. Others defended the view that the name comes from the name of the tributary of the Dnieper. This is a small river - Ros. Only there is no precedent for the people to be called from the water body. Somehow it does not fit with self-consciousness (albeit ancient). Sly, you see, the theorists.

The version of academician Trebacheva O. N.


The scientist also wondered why Russians are called Russians, considering its importance to be indisputable. In his opinion, the clue should have influenced the further fate of the people. He convincingly proved that the root of the word goes back to the Old Slavic "ruks-" and Indo-Aryan "Roks-". Both are translated approximately equally and mean "white, bright." This, by the way, was more like the truth, since the name of the people was associated with racial characteristics that thousands of years ago was justified. And we can now with pride, referring to the authoritative opinion, to the question of why Russians are called Russians, to answer: "We are the people of Light!" Yes, and the roots of ancient words can be cited for justification. It turns out quite objectively, conclusively. Although there are other sources confirming the theory of the academician.

Arabic manuscripts

“Rusas are tall people with light skin, ” says the manuscripts created long before the famous Slavic sources. “These people have blue eyes and blond hair. In addition, they themselves called their land Russia, which meant“ white light. ”The rest of the territory they did not live, it was not considered as their homeland, that is, their own. " Maybe it was from those times that the Russians had qualities that favorably distinguished them from other tribes. First of all, we don’t bother with foreign lands. Secondly, they are ready to give for their lives. Agree, this is no longer just a word for the people. It is a symbol of his character, and therefore, of fate. Russians are the people who live in (care, care, love) the land. They germinate in them soul, making them not the territories, but the Homeland in the most sublime sense. This logic, by the way, will tell you why Russians are called quilted jackets. Although it seems that the offensive nickname comes from the clothes that our ancestors wore for some time.


Why Russians are called Vatniki

To understand the depth and dubious offensiveness of this nickname, it is worth talking to those people who still remember the times of the Great Patriotic War. Ask about the living conditions in which they had to survive. What they ate, what to wear. It turns out that most of the population really escaped from the cold with padded jackets. This is a rough and ugly clothes. They called it that because the insulation was cotton wool.

Those who call them Russians put insulting words into the word. They say that you are poor, uncultured countrywomen. Only a quilted jacket is also a symbol of the heroism of our grandfathers and grandmothers, who were able to defend the rear, giving strength to the front. This is a constant reminder of the feat of every citizen of a huge country that defeated fascism. Now you can answer the question of why Russians are called Colorado. Very these 2 names have something in common.

Colors of St. George Ribbon


Black and yellow strip in tsarist times was attached to the awards. In the Soviet period, they forgot about it. Now in Russia, it is a symbol of national patriotism. A political consultant who did not belong to our friends saw in this important attribute a similarity with the Colorado potato beetle. That, if you saw it, is also striped, although its colors are somewhat different from the patriotic symbol of the Russians. Nevertheless, the cunning political strategist decided that it was possible to use the likeness and introduce into the circulation the offensive nickname “Colorado”. The idea was not entirely successful, since, judging by the information from the other side of the planet, the public, no less patriotic, of Colorado (USA), stirred up the public. People decided that either their compatriots were beating somewhere, or they were encroaching on their land, and they began to form self-defense units with fear.

Other offensive nicknames


It’s easy to answer the question of why Russians are called Moskals. You remember which city is the capital of our Motherland? This insulting word comes from Moscow. Although there is nothing really offensive about him. It means people originating from Muscovy.

There is a more incomprehensible question for historians: "Why are Russians called Katsaps?" Those who tried to figure it out found out that our people were perceived as somewhat strange by their western neighbors. It is believed that Katsap is a modified Kasap, which means butcher. Most likely, the neighbors were frightened by white-skinned giants, fearless and invincible. There is another idea that explains why Russians are called Katsaps. It is assumed that this nickname comes from the Ukrainian "Tsap" ("goat"). That is, neighbors compared with this stubborn, cocky animal. Such a analogy of strangers could push the beard, which was every Russian man, but the ability to achieve his own. That is, there was nothing offensive about the name. Just putting on perception in a word.

Thinking about how we are perceived from the outside, it should be understood that it depends on each Russian. By the way you behave in a particular situation, judged on the whole people. It should be remembered. And do not respond to stupid nicknames. They are not used by the most intelligent and courageous people.

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