Omurbek Toktogulovich Babanov, Kyrgyz Prime Minister: biography, family


As a result of the presidential elections in October 2017, Sooronbay Jeenbekov becomes president of Kyrgyzstan, leaving behind a fairly young businessman and politician, leader of the Republic-Ata Jurt party of Kyrgyzstan, 47-year-old Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich, whose biography and life deserve attention and present a lot of interesting . It is about him and will be discussed further.



Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich was born on May 20, 1970 in the village of Chimkent in the north of the Kyrgyz SSR. His father, Toktogul Babanov, led one of the richest collective farms in Kyrgyzstan, and was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic several times. Therefore, for his son Toktogul Babanov also chose an agricultural path.

After Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich served in 1988-1989 in the ranks of the Soviet Army, he went to get an education at the prestigious Moscow Agricultural Academy. Timiryazev. There, after studying (in 1989-1993) at the Faculty of Agronomy and Biotechnology, he received an agronomist diploma.


Steps in business

Two years after graduating from the Agricultural Academy, in 1995, Babanov Omurbek left Kazakhstan, to the city of Taraz, where he has been managing enterprises for several years. In 1998, he returned to Kyrgyzstan and became an authorized representative of the Kazakh organization Shymkentnefteorgsintez, which deals with oil refining.

In 1999, Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich was appointed deputy general director of Munai, a Kyrgyz state-owned enterprise that supplied oil products. Having worked there for about a year, Babanov became president of the Kyrgyzkhlopok enterprise and at the same time headed the representative office of the oil enterprise in Kyrgyzstan.

At the age of twenty-four to twenty-five, Babanov holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Munay Mirza, which had virtually no competitors in the field of wholesale supplies of fuel from Kazakhstan.

Taking up leadership positions in business, Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich additionally received two higher educations. In 2005, he graduated from the Higher School of Financial Management of the Academy of National Economy and received a diploma of a financial manager. In 2009, he received a law degree after graduating from the State Academy of Law under the Government of Kyrgyzstan.


Political activity

From 2005 to 2007, Babanov became a deputy of the Zhogorku Kenesh (Kyrgyz parliament) from his native Talas region. In the fall of 2006 and in the spring of 2007, Babanov actively participates in peaceful opposition rallies.

In 2007, during the parliamentary elections, he is the number one candidate from the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, but on the last day of the campaign he is excluded from the lists due to his second Kazakhstani citizenship. Later, the Supreme Court will cancel this decision, but Babanov will give her mandate in favor of Roza Otumbaeva.

In 2009, despite opposition statements, Babanov was appointed by the decree of President Bakiyev to the post of first deputy prime minister of the republic, from whose position Babanov leaves voluntarily in the same 2009.


"Republic - Ata Zhurt"

In June 2010, Babanov creates and heads the Republic Party, which ranked fourth in the parliamentary elections in October 2010. Roza Otumbayeva, after the change of power in 2010, becoming head of the republic, re-appoints Omurbek Toktogulovich as first deputy prime minister.

In 2011, in October, President-elect A. Atambayev appoints Babanov as the acting prime minister of Kyrgyzstan. In 2014, the Republic party is merged with the Ata-Zhurt (Fatherland) party, becoming the Republic-Ata Zhurt faction. Babanov becomes the leader of the new political movement along with Kamchybek Tashiev.

The new faction participates in the parliamentary elections in October 2015, and Babanov, having nominated his candidacy first in the faction lists, again becomes an elected member of parliament.


In the chair of the head of government

Becoming in 2011, first as Acting Prime Minister, and then after one month assuming the position of head of government, Omurbek Babanov, as Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, implements the following political reforms:

  • in order to reduce the state apparatus, five government departments and the number of civil servants for almost two thousand people are abolished;
  • for car owners whose vehicles are not used for commercial profit, Babanov cancels the inspection;
  • to support small and medium businesses, the number of licenses and permits is halved, and the number of inspection bodies for businesses is reduced;
  • for the development of the tourism sector, on the initiative of Omurbek Babanov, a visa-free regime is introduced for forty-four countries;
  • The project of issuing loans on preferential terms for farmers begins to operate, thanks to which many farmers receive loans at 7-9% per annum.

In September 2012 (due to disagreements with the ruling coalition), Babanov dismisses the powers of the head of government.

Family businessman and politics

As Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich said, whose parents became interested after his nomination for the presidency of Kyrgyzstan, his father was of Kyrgyz nationality, his mother was from Turkic ethnic groups, was born in Kazakhstan, from the age of five she lived in Kyrgyzstan. He asks not to touch on the topic of his parents, saying that he is very proud of them, he is very lacking of them now. Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich himself is considered by Kyrgyzstan to be his nationality and homeland.


Babanov created his own family at a young age - his wife Rita Babanova (before the marriage of Birbaev) was born in Kazakhstan. The spouse of a businessman and a politician is also engaged in business, being the founder of the shopping center "Asia Mall".

Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich has a family of four children: an only son and three daughters, the youngest of whom has not even turned two years old. The eldest daughter is educated in England.

additional information

Babanov Omurbek for many years (according to some magazines) is one of the richest people in Kyrgyzstan. In 2004, at the project “Man of the Year in Kyrgyzstan”, he was awarded the title of “Businessman of the Year in Kyrgyzstan”. He also holds the title of state adviser of the second class and is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Public Foundation “Information Future”.

Babanov Omurbek Toktogulovich, whose biography at first glance is connected only with business and politics, is also a philanthropist. In the village of Kyzyl-Adyr of his native Kara-Buurinsky district, he founded a lyceum, in which one hundred and thirty-five talented pupils are now receiving free education. In 2008, he received an award for his contribution to the development of children's education and patronage from the International Organization.

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