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Alexander Sergeevich Galushka, whose biography is described in this article, is a Russian political and public figure. At the moment he is the Minister for the Development of the Far East.


Alexander Sergeevich Galushka was born on the first of December 1975 in the Moscow region, in the city of Klin. He grew up under the watchful eye of his grandmother. Mother Alexander Sergeevich lost early, and his father married a second time. His stepmother, Lyudmila Alekseevna, is a doctor by profession. Alexander's father, Sergey Vasilievich, worked as an engineer. He tried to establish a construction business and established the Portal company. But the case failed and the LLC closed. Now Alexander's father lives in the city of Elektrostal.



At school, Alexander studied "so-so", mediocre. And therefore, to enroll in a decent institution of higher education without passing exams was practically impossible. But Alexander was ambitious, and did not want to go to college. His father also believed that his son did not need to study in a regular vocational school.

As a result, after school, Alexander entered the Moscow State Social University at the Faculty of Economics, a paid department. He graduated with honors in 1997. After a break, he entered the MIPK RE of Plekhanov. Graduated from university in 2001.


While studying at the institute, Alexander Galushka decided to engage in business activities. He established several small consulting firms. Later all of them were merged into the Key Partner brand, and Galushka took the place of the company manager.


In the ninety-fifth year, I went to work, having settled at the Institute of Management Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, for the position of systems analyst. But young professionals received very low wages. And Alexander soon quit. In 1998, he moved to the IOC Center. The company was engaged in marketing research, economic and financial analysis.

Soon he became CEO of the company. The position of the real government almost did not give and was more formal. From Alexander it was generally required to sign documents. And the money went through other hands.

Work in the government apparatus

A. R. Belousov, a laboratory at the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a consultant to Russian prime ministers, worked closely with the company in which Alexander Galushka worked. Alexander Sergeevich had to meet often with Andrei Ramovich on duty. And the young man liked Belousov.


He helped Alexander to become president of the non-profit organization Russian Collegium of Appraisers. Alexander's work hardly differed from the previous one. He needed only to put his signatures and attend business buffets. There he established new contacts. In 2008, Galushka "took off" on the career ladder.

At first he was introduced to D. Kalimullin and S. Sobyanin, who led the government apparatus. In 2010, Alexander Sergeevich was elected vice-president, and then the president of “Business Russia”. From 2011 to 2012 He was a member of the State Commission for Social and Economic Development of Buryatia, the Far East, the Irkutsk Region and the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Alexander Galushka developed a number of programs and helped to implement them. For example, new jobs were created, the issue of a country's demographic growth, entrepreneurial initiatives, etc. were considered. Galushka became the author of the idea of ​​creating 25 million jobs in Russia by 2020. Vladimir Putin liked the project, and the president supported it.

In 2013, Galushka became the co-chairman of the main headquarters in the All-Russian Popular Front. But soon he was awaited by a new appointment, and Alexander Sergeyevich had to leave the ONF. In September 2013, Vladimir Putin commissioned Galushka to develop the Far East. So Alexander Sergeevich became the minister.


In 2015, Galushka shared the results of the work done in 2014. According to statistics, the birth rate in the Far East has increased and mortality has decreased. Outflow of the population decreased by almost a quarter due to the growth of industrial production and the development of infrastructure. Well-paid jobs appeared. And it attracts people to work in the Far East, and not to leave in search of a “warm place”.

Personal life

Alexander Galushka is married and happy in marriage. His wife earned a little more than three hundred thousand rubles for the last year. And Alexander Sergeyevich’s income was more than five million rubles. The couple have three children - two sons and one daughter.

Awards and titles

Alexander Sergeevich Galushka - Professor of the School of Economics. In 2004, Alexander Sergeevich entered the TOP-100 competent Russian managers. Galushka is the winner of several state awards and programs. Awarded with government thanks, certificates and honorary orders. He is a member of several presidential councils headed by Vladimir Putin.

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