Paul Ryan, American politician: biography, career


Paul Ryan is an American Republican politician, a congressman from Wisconsin in the US House of Representatives, in which he has been a speaker since 2015.

early years

Paul Davis Ryan was born 01/29/1970 in Janesville, WI. His father, Paul Ryan Sr., was a lawyer, and his mother, Betty Ryan, was a housewife. Paul has a sister, Janet, and two brothers (Tobin and Stan).

Paul graduated from Joseph Craig High School in Janesville and enrolled at the University of Miami, Ohio, graduating with a degree in economics and political science in 1992. After that, Ryan began working as a marketing consultant for a family branch of a Wisconsin construction company. A few years later he became involved in politics, working on bills for Senator Bob Casten, then for Senator Sam Brownback and Rep. New York from Republican Jack Kemp.


Political worldview

Ryan became interested in public administration after reading the works of Ayn Rand. According to him, he agrees with Rand's objectivist philosophy regarding the struggle of individualism against collectivism. Later, however, Paul stated that he rejects her worldview, because he believes that it is based on atheism. In an article published in The New Yorker in August 2012, Paul Ryan (Republican) put it like this: “I reject her philosophy. This is an atheistic philosophy. It simplifies human relations to simple contracts, and this contradicts my worldview. If someone is going to try to apply someone’s view of epistemology, then Thomas Aquinas is best suited. ”


Career policy

In 1998, at the age of 28, Paul Ryan was elected to the US House of Representatives from the Wisconsin electoral district # 1. He served as chairman of the House Budget Committee from 2011 to 2015. While in this position, Paul helped negotiate a 2013 bipartisan budget with Democratic Senator Patti Murphy.

In August 2012, the former governor of Massachusetts and the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney nominated Ryan, a favorite of fiscal conservatives, a running mate, using the Romney campaign mobile app. The nomination ended after months of speculation in the media about potential candidates for the post of vice president of the United States in the 2012 elections.

On August 28, the first day of a national convention that took place in Tampa, Florida, Romney was officially named as a Republican presidential candidate. This was previously announced in May 2012, when he was ahead of its competitors in the primaries, including Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

At the National Convention before the 2012 elections, Romney and Ryan spoke in support of the Republican Party. Their wives Ann Romney and Jenna Ryan, a former lawyer who became a housewife, did the same. In a brief speech, Jenna expressed support words to her husband, saying: “I just want to say thank you to the couple Romney for inviting me, my husband Paul, and three children on this trip. It is a great honor to be a team that will bring victory to the party, with all of you. "


Performance at the convention

Paul Ryan was in the spotlight on the second day of the National Convention, addressing the long speech to the Republican Party. “When Governor Romney asked me to unite, I replied: let's do it. And this is exactly what we are going to do, ”he said.

During his speech, CBS News camera took an emotional snapshot of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the political ally of the vice presidential candidate, who was moved to tears by Ryan's speech. Not everyone, however, was equally impressed: Many news agencies criticized Paul for the lack of accuracy of his statements, seasoned with disparaging comments about US President Barack Obama.

Speaking about the president and his administration, an American politician said that college graduates should not live in their children's bedrooms in their more than 20 years, looking at Obama's fading posters and wondering when they would be able to go and live their lives. They will have to be content with what the Obama administration offers - a boring, joyless journey from one benefit to another of government-planned life in a country where everything is free, but there is no freedom for us.


From defeat to victory

The election results were announced on November 6: Romney lost to the current president. Barack Obama received almost 60% of the vote and outnumbered his opponent by more than 1 million ballots.

Although Ryan, a candidate for US vice-presidency, did not take place, he remained popular in his home state. In 2014, he was re-elected to the House of Representatives with a significant margin. Paul defeated his Democratic rival Rob Zerban, gaining more than 63% of the vote. Opponent got only 36%.

Work in Congress

In January 2015, Ryan became Chairman of the Tariff and Taxation Committee. He was offered to play a more active role in the leadership of the Republican Party when, on September 25, 2015, the US House of Representatives lost Speaker John Bonera, who resigned, and shortly after Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republican majority and the main contender to replace Binder, refused Nominations At first, Ryan refused to run for office, but on October 21 he declared that he would do this if certain conditions were met, including the unification of various factions of the party and the demonstration of their support. At the press conference, Paul said: “We have become a problem. If my colleagues have entrusted me to be the speaker, I want us to be the solution. ” He added that he wanted to turn the Republican Party from opposition into a propositional party.

“I came to the conclusion that not only Congress, not only the party, but also our country is in a very difficult situation, ” Ryan said, adding that his family would remain a priority for him. - I can not and will not sacrifice the time that I spend with my family. I may not be able to be on the go as often as previous speakers, but I promise to try to do it, devoting more time to voicing our vision and sending. ”

Speaker of the House of Representatives

On the night of October 22, the American politician, after being supported by three factions of the Republican Party, officially announced that he would run for the post of Speaker of the House. In a letter to Republican Congressmen, Ryan wrote: “I never thought I would be a speaker. But I promised you, if I could become a unifying figure, then I will serve and give it all myself. After talking with many of you and hearing the words of support, I believe that we are ready to move forward as one team. And I am ready and really want to be your speaker. ”

10/29/15 The US House of Representatives elected Ryan as the 62nd speaker by 236 votes. At the age of 45, he became the youngest congressman in this post since 1869.


Presidential Election 2016

After 05/04/2016 Donald Trump became a likely Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election, Paul hesitated to support him, saying on May 5 that he was not ready. They met behind closed doors on May 12, issuing a joint statement in which, recognizing the differences in views, recognized the existence of many important areas of contact.

On June 2, Ryan announced his support for Trump in the Janesville Gazette. The next day, June 3, speaking of the criticism of Gonzalo Curiel, Paul said that it “just goes beyond the left margin of his mind, ” and expressed his disagreement.

On June 7, Paul Ryan disavowed Trump's comments about Gonzalo Kuriel, because he believed that the statement of the New York businessman was a classic example of racist commentary. Despite this, the politician believed that the candidate would pursue more republican policies than Democratic spokeswoman Hillary Clinton.

On July 5, after FBI Director James Komi spoke out against the charges against Clinton for the scandal due to her email, Ryan said that Komi’s decision was not explained, and the refusal to pursue Secretary of State Clinton for recklessly misbehaving and transmitting information concerning security, set a terrible precedent.

After Donald Trump became a Republican presidential candidate, he signaled support for the little-known opponent Ryan Paul Nelen. On August 1, 2016, Nelen described Ryan’s congressional service as full of nepotism and corruption.

Disagreements with Trump

On October 10, 2016, a month before the election, Paul Ryan said that he would no longer defend the New York businessman, but did not withdraw his statement about his support. This happened after several prominent representatives of the Republican Party announced that they would no longer support their presidential candidate in connection with the publication of the 2005 video, in which Donald Trump boasted that he felt women. The businessman apologized for his behavior, calling it the usual conversation in the men's locker room.

The next day, Trump said that the Republican Party’s shackles had been removed from him and disloyal members of the same party were a greater obstacle for him than Hillary Clinton. The candidate attacked Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain from Arizona, who said he would not vote for him.


Attitude to Russia

Trump and Ryan largely disagreed during this presidential campaign. In fact, since such reluctant approval in June 2016, the speaker’s opinion has diverged from the opinion of the Republican candidate about once a week. But perhaps nowhere do their positions diverge more clearly than on the question of Russia.

Trump believes that relations with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, can be wonderful. At a forum on military topics, a New York businessman even defended Putin from reports that Russia was trying to influence or disrupt the elections in the United States.

“No one knows for sure, ” Trump said after the moderator repeated the accusations.

Paul Ryan on the opposite opinion of Russia. At the press briefing, he seemed to deliberately move away from his usual manner in order to make clear that he does not sympathize with Putin and, of course, will not protect him from reports that Russia is interfering in US internal affairs.

“Let me say this about Vladimir Putin, ” Ryan said. - Vladimir Putin is an aggressor who does not share our interests. It violates the sovereignty of neighboring countries. ”

Split point

Ryan did not agree with Trump very often. The list includes statements by the latter about the ban on Muslims, David Duke, Judge Gonzalo Kuriel and many other things. But what is interesting about disagreements over Russia: Ryan is ready to take a position that is actually much more in line with the Democrats ’point of view than the Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton said that Trump's praise about Putin is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country and our commander in chief, they are terrible.

Ryan didn’t speak so sharply, but he pointed out several times that he didn’t share Trump’s feelings about Russia’s excellent potential. The House of Representatives overwhelmingly adopted a resolution in support of the sovereignty of Georgia, which the Russian Federation invaded in 2008.

Global threat led by a cunning murderer

The split between Ryan and Trump in relation to the Russian Federation is not new. In July, when the internal correspondence of the Democrats leaked on the eve of the party congress, and they pointed a finger at Russia, Ryan did nothing to refute this view. His spokesman Brendan Buck made a statement: “Russia is a global threat, headed by a clever murderer. Putin must stay away from these elections. ”

Trump, in turn, refused to criticize Russia. While all other politicians accused the Russian Federation of interfering, the presidential candidate invited her to take a more active part in the US elections. “Russia, if you hear, I hope that you are able to find 30, 000 missing messages, ” he said at a press conference, referring to Clinton's correspondence.


Personal life

When Ryan was 16 years old, his 55-year-old father died in his bed after suffering a heart attack. According to the politician, this death helped him to understand the American social security programs of the 21st century.

Paul Ryan has been married to Jenna Little since December 2000. They have three children: daughter Lisa and sons Sam and Charlie.

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