Russian military base in Iran. Air base in Iranian Hamadan


No sooner had the Russian base in Iran appeared (August 16, 2016), as was the information about its "folding" (August 22, 2016). What happened between the countries? Is America to blame? But first things first.

Why does Russia need a base in Iran

It will be about the Iranian base "Hamadan". So why should our country have another location for the aerospace forces? There are several reasons:

  1. Such a strategic object significantly strengthens the military group in the Middle East to fight the ISIL grouping banned in Russia.
  2. Using a base in Iran shortens the distance of heavy strategic bombers by several times. TU 22M3 take off from Mozdok to inflict airstrikes on terrorists. One way flight takes about four hours. We agree that the load on pilots and equipment is enormous. And this is without taking into account the mandatory refueling and return journey. From Iranian "Hamadan" flight time to Syria is only one hour.

Maybe the reason is different? After all, a lot of oil around!

The factors mentioned above are official. They were voiced by the authorities and the media. But some experts called another, true reason. This is the price of oil. Let's try to figure it out.


The Russian base in Iran was located in the south of the country, near the coast of the Persian Gulf. The duration of its use, on the contrary, does not save, but ruins the budget. Indeed, in order to deliver ammunition, fuel for a heavy bomber, it is necessary to significantly invest in infrastructure. In addition, sea cargo will have to deliver almost a world tour around Europe. Hence, two questions:

  1. Why not equip a base in Syria? And the regime is loyal, and transportation of ammunition is much easier across the Mediterranean.
  2. Why not find another place in Iran to transport cargo across the Caspian? Besides, will the distance to Syria be closer?

The conclusion of some experts says: Russia is trying to influence the price of oil.

Low hydrocarbon prices are seriously hitting the budget of our country. And flying cruise missiles over the oil areas of Iraq and Iran, as well as bombers in the Persian Gulf basin, is always a danger. Projectiles can not hit the target, as well as "accidentally" land on any tanker carrying black gold. Professionals and stockbrokers know this. Quotes of oil crawled up.

"To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear?"

In addition, some journalists claim that Moscow is deliberately trying to return Iran’s sanctions. Oil prices plummeted after the West lifted the economic blockade from Tehran. Iran, as is known, could not sell oil. Therefore, any prices for black gold for it are higher than zero. When the rest of the exporting countries formed their budgets, taking into account the "high oil", Iran learned to live without selling it. Now he extracts huge profits at a time when the rest are suffering huge losses.


In addition, Tehran does not agree to any reduction in production in order to raise hydrocarbon prices on world markets. “Nobody spared us when sanctions were against us, while the rest of them made a profit. Why do we have to help them now? Now Iran will make a profit, ”say diplomats of this country.

"Chatterbox - a godsend for spies"?

Our base in Iran has closed, as they say, before it opened. The reasons are still not clear. Command VKS special comments does not. From her you can learn only that the heavy bombers returned to the air base in Mozdok, from where, in fact, took off before that.

The Iranian side is more emotional. The Minister of Defense of the Middle Eastern country, Dehgan, literally “became angry” in his speeches about this, saying that the last Russian aircraft had left their territory. Particularly strange it sounds against the background of his recent statement that the base in Iran in time "will be as long as necessary."


Also, the Iranian Defense Minister spoke about the disclosure of secrets by Russia, which explains a lot.

The fact is that, according to the constitution, the country does not provide territory for the military from other countries. Our base in Iran violates the basic law of the Islamic Republic. General Dehgan, giving the territory, went into conflict with the Majlis, which did not ratify the treaty with Russia.

Perhaps, the Iranian military leadership would settle the conflict within society, and the heavy bombers would continue to be "on refueling" in the country, if not for Russian propaganda.

"Russia expands its influence"?

What just can not hear in the domestic media about the "greatness" of Russia. And the "expansion to the East" by analogy with NATO, and "new alliances" and others.

One thing was clear: in the period of economic blockade and political isolation, the news about the military presence in the new place turned out to be a “saving straw” in the information space. The temporary "base" of the Russian Air Force in Iran was presented by diplomats and the media as a victory in the international arena and "expansion of influence."

This behavior caused a wave of negativity inside Iranian society, and the Minister of Defense announced Russian PR at the expense of a Middle Eastern country.


Is America to blame?

Remember the catch phrase: "Two teams play football, and the Germans win"? In this case, it can be rephrased: "Whatever happens, the United States is to blame for everything."

In this case, America is indirectly implicated in the incident. The base of Russia in Iran is more beneficial not from an economic point of view - as the “preservation” of fuel, but from a political one. Its existence raised the authority of the Russian Federation in the international arena. According to General Dehgan, Moscow simply "uses" Tehran for its own purposes and will deceive at some point.

This is happening against the background of internal political struggle. Many fear that Iran’s contribution to the solution of the Syrian problem will be in vain because of the effective strikes of the Russian Aerospace Force, which means that the dividends from the aid will go to Russia. Providing their territory for strikes only heightened their fear. Supporters of the base argued that both countries have common goals and should cooperate on the Syrian issue. However, mass statements among Russian propaganda "frightened" them too.

Do I need to learn history?

The base of Russia in Iran demonstrated the fact that the elite of the Middle Eastern country well remembers history. If today we call “yesterday's friends” “enemies”, and tomorrow “brothers” (the example with Turkey is very revealing), then the inhabitants of this country do not do that.

Distrust of Russia is very well seen in society. We are "remembered" and the cessation of military cooperation in favor of the West, and the occupation of the Caspian territory by Peter I. The intervention during the Second World War, along with Great Britain, and three times before 1917, is also not forgotten.

In fairness, let's say that such an attitude can be traced not only to our state: after 1979, during the Iranian revolution, the country expelled all foreign advisers and diplomats. The absence of military from other powers is a key principle in Iran’s politics.

That is why Russia so loudly declared to the whole world that it has a base in Iran, after which it paid for what was said.

There was a misunderstanding?

The pride of the Iranians is the absence of foreign troops on their territory. They can tolerate any economic sanctions, but the loss of sovereignty is perceived painfully. Foreign military, who can scout data on air defense and air force, symbolize the loss of independence, despite what goals they perform.


Tehran gave Russia territory only for refueling. There are no long stays for airplanes and pilots, as in Syrian Hmeimim. Our military and political leadership took the permission to refuel as granting the territory a long presence. Propaganda began to "inflate" the news that a Russian military base appeared in Iran.

Tasks completed, you can go

The official statement of the leadership of the VKS RF states that the goals have been achieved. The base in Iran completed its mission. Further use of aircraft from Hamadan is not necessary.

However, the official version, in all likelihood, is needed in order to “not lose face” and “justify”.

Another possible reason for the rapid collapse - Russia pointed to the door, because she reported on the use of the airbase "Hamadan" without prior notice to Tehran. This caused a split in Iranian society, which takes to heart the presence of the military on its territory. Even if they arrive there "to refuel."

In general, the two versions radically diverged.


Who to believe?

According to experts, Russian heavy fighters flew to Iran for refueling until August 16, 2016. Without refueling, such aircraft simply do not reach Syria from Mozdok. Iraq, controlled by the United States, would hardly have allowed its territory for this.

On August 22, 2016, the parties announced the collapse of the object after Russia publicly "blast" the alleged Iranian-Russian military alliances and the expansion of spheres of influence. Officially existed base only 5 days. So who to believe?

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