"Upper Volta with rockets": what does it mean, who said?


In the information space, sometimes there are sonorous, sticky names, survivable due to its imagery. They are not related to the ideological features of individual countries or nations. That is, the world perceives them unequivocally. For example, there is a saying: “Upper Volta with rockets”. Strange as it may seem, it is now associated with Russia. Such an expression even the President of the Russian Federation used in his interviews. Let's see what this means and where it came from.


We will deal with the words

If everything is clear with the missiles, no one will interpret this term in two ways, then Upper Volta needs clarification. The fact is that this name survived the education that meant. It was a small West African country. From the sixtieth to the eighty-fourth year of the last century, it was called Upper Volta. With missiles, by the way, there was not something bad, but nothing. The poorest state, and even unstable. Now we can find it on the map under the name of Burkina Faso. With the change of name in the state, little has changed.


In special editions, you can gather information about life there. She is depressing. There is no economy in the country, the laws are more reminiscent of those installed in the jungle. About science and more or less acceptable education in general, there is no question. The country can be safely described as the edge of civilization, which is quite enough for our reasoning. This is how it was and remains today - Upper Volta. With missiles, it seems to be never.

The author of the statement

Due to the mega size of the information space and the same number of interpreters and "insiders", there was some confusion. In one all are in solidarity. Upper Volta with rockets was first named the USSR. Some defend the authorship of Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain. In fact, it is shaped "slander." This honorable lady could think like that, even agree that the USSR was Upper Volta with rockets, only she was not allowed to say such education to her out loud.


In those days, aristocrats were strictly taught not to demonstrate their contempt to the public through “loud” expressions. Upper Volta with rockets called the superpower, which had already sunk into oblivion, Helmut Schmidt, Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (until 1982). Some curious researchers decided to find the source. Nowadays, we do not particularly imagine what life was like in Germany. And the Germans are unlikely to remember the nuances. But some information still managed to get.

The results are even more confusing.

As it turned out, West Germany only seemed to be a very free country. In fact, everything was, to put it mildly, somewhat different. Schmidt could not speak aloud to the USSR the expression “Upper Volta with missiles”. As they say, if this happened real, it was only late at night, under a thick blanket. The Federal Chancellor is a man far from stupid, clearly aware of what a powerful army is under his side.


He would not tease Brezhnev. The consequences could be sad. In any case, evidence of his authorship was not found (serious). By the way, this phrase has been attributed to him since 1993. The book is written by a group of American Sovietologists. Maybe they introduced the term "Upper Volta with rockets"?

Other version

If you look for traces of this expression in printed sources, then you will stumble upon an article published in the Financial Times. It is called "Soviet technology export." The author is David Buchan. Date of publication: 09/14/1984. Perhaps this is the first non-oral mention of this loud and offensive nickname. In the above material, Buchan criticized the superpower for building up its military power, disregarding the needs of the population (perhaps fairly).

What does "Upper Volta with rockets" mean?

Who said the first such phrase, after all, is not so important. She scattered around the world, becoming generally accepted. They use it today against the Russian Federation, when they want to emphasize the underdevelopment of its economy, backwardness, inferiority. And if some time ago the insulting nickname was almost forgotten, now it has resurfaced. The reason for this is a propaganda campaign directed against the “aggressor country”. It goes in the West, without stopping, and not just by a raging storm, but by waves of tsunami covering the consumer of information. If we take into account the fact that the Russian Federation is constantly conducting military exercises, by the way, they are very successful, the term has gained its second life.


Nowadays, its use is connected with the idea of ​​suggesting to Western (and not only) peoples the idea of ​​the complete collapse of Russia as a state, its lack of chances for stability and return to world politics. If in the eighties, this expression showed the level of civilization of a power that actively influences processes that are vital for all of humanity, now they want to "lead away from the real state of affairs."

Why is the expression put back into circulation?

To begin with, in 2014 the world began to change rapidly. Perhaps the process started earlier, only to mankind, he was presented with Maidan events. This is a kind of visual reference point in the process of tightening the confrontation between Russia and the West. It can also be considered the beginning of a “restructuring” of the world order. So, in any case, experts say. The West is trying by all means to prove to its citizens (and the rest of the world) the inferiority of the Russian Federation, its inconsistency as a leader. Hence the revival of the expression “Upper Volta with rockets”. What does it mean in the mouths of critics, especially not worth it. You can literally interpret. Russia is represented by them as a very backward country with the most terrible weapons. If we follow this logic, we arrive at a disappointing conclusion: it must be neutralized. Separation and deprivation of the "nuclear button", as it seems given to caring propagandists. What answer is Russia? Yes, our bloggers and journalists did not stand aside. Now on the net you can find a lot of materials about the "Upper Volta". But in them it turns out to be not only with rockets, but also with new technologies, powerful weapons, gold, and so on. Others, acting in the key of Western propaganda, add “with credits”, “with debts” and so on. This is someone as you like. Or, if you dig deeper, who has some homeland.

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