Aerosol gun "Premier" - an effective means of protection against attack


Aerosol gun "Premier" - a convenient and modern means of self-defense. To purchase it, no permit or license to carry it is required. The only requirement is to reach the age of 18 years.


The “Premier” aerosol gun is one of the latest developments of Tula gunsmiths.

It is different:

  • range of throwing aerosol cans at a distance of about 7 meters;
  • simplicity of design and, as a result, excellent reliability;
  • electronic detonation of ammunition.

Premier spray gun is charged with special cartridges of 18 × 55 BAM-OS.000 caliber.

The cavities of the cartridges of 4.5 cm 3 cartridges are filled with peppermint OS.

This extract of hot pepper causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, spasm of the upper respiratory tract, burning and tearing and temporary loss of vision. The attacker's health does not cause irreparable harm, but the desire to attack disappears for a long time. It may take 3-4 days to restore the normal state of the body.

Aerosol gun "Premier" is able to work indoors and outdoors, including in the wind.

Under the bullets of a larger size, the Premier aerosol gun was specially created. Alteration of BAMs for use in the weapons of the barrelless family “Wasp” is not required.


This greatly expands the possibilities of their use.

How to buy?

To buy a pistol "Premier" do not need the presentation of documents. Registration of weapons with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and registration of a license for the right to wear is not required.

Package Includes:

  • aerosol device "Premier";
  • 2 cassettes for BAM (main and spare);
  • passport;
  • instruction;
  • warranty card;
  • CR2 battery (installed).

Features of use

The Premier aerosol pistol charges through the barrel with two spray cans with an irritant at the same time.

The shot is made by lightly pulling the trigger. There is an initiation of electrical detonation - a spark enters the capsule of the first cartridge and a microexplosion occurs. A jet of gas at tremendous speed under pressure flies toward the target.

The trigger after the first shot is released. When you press it again, an aerosol shot of the second cartridge is produced.

The holder with two sleeves is removed from the barrel. If desired, the gun can immediately recharge the spare clip.

The device comes with a battery charge, which is enough to produce several thousand shots. The battery is easy to replace, just loosen the two screws.

Instructions and specifications

Techniques for using the Premier aerosol device are described in detail in the instructions. It is recommended to direct the barrel of the pistol to the person of the person attacking you or the predator's face and pull the trigger. The BAM electro-capsule will work, and the jet of mustard will fly out in the indicated direction.



  • material - plastic;
  • dimensions: 140x122x29 mm;
  • weight of the device without BAM - 200 grams;
  • maximum range of exposure - seven meters;
  • effective range - five meters.


About such a means of self-defense, as an aerosol gun "Premier", customer reviews are mixed. Users have noted some flaws:

  • aerosol jet too sprayed and not well directed;
  • no fuse;
  • no battery indicator;
  • pistol holster is not always convenient to use.


The undoubted advantage of this effective means of self-defense is the reliability of use and the relatively low price - 2, 700 rubles.

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