Alexey Andronov. A few words about his life


The world of sports journalism is literally replete with good masters of their craft. However, as in any sphere of human activity, there are true professionals, it will be interesting to get acquainted with everyone. One of the persons deserving close attention of the public is Alexey Andronov.

Some biographical facts

The future master of Russian journalism, race car driver and television commentator was born in Moscow on August 21, 1975. It is noteworthy that until graduation in high school, Alexey Andronov had the surname Tkhostov, which belonged to his father, a native of Ossetia. By the way, our hero's pedigree also inspires respect: Dad was the head of the Department of Pathopsychology at Moscow State University, and his grandfather was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

Alexey Andronov could not get a higher education. Enrolling in the journalism department, he plunged into work, which eventually led to deduction.



Correspondent activities Andronov began in the "Book Review." Somewhat later, he worked in such famous newspapers as: Sport-Express, Football Courier, Football-Express. At the sunset of the 1990s, the journalist led a review program called “European Football Week” on the TV channels “TNT”, “NTV-Plus Football”.

For ten years, Alexey was the leading information and analytical program "Free Kick". In addition, he was attracted as a leader in the popular program “World of Speed”.

In the 2002 and 2014 winter olympiads, Andronov was also actively involved in commenting on the biathlon competitions. The Summer Olympics also did not pass by the journalist. He was invited to lead boxing tournaments from 2000 to 2012.

From 2002 to 2003, the year was in the official position of the press attache of the Russian football team.

He has been leading the coverage of the 2012 and 2013 Champions League finals.

Starting from November 2015, he moved to work on the recently open television channel "Match TV".


Work in Ukraine

In 2004, Alexei Andronov, on the Ukrainian ICTV channel, conducted world championship broadcasting in Formula 1 car races. His partner in the work was then Alexey Mochanov. The same tandem worked on the “First National” in 2005, the year.


Alexey Andronov, whose biography continues to be filled with new professional achievements, for two years in a row (2011, 2012) was recognized as the best football commentator on the NTV-Plus channel.

Personal preferences

Andronov calls his Borussia Dortmund his favorite club. Favorite players for the journalist are: Igor Akinfiev, Lothar Matthaus, Marco Materazzi. The ideal football commentator, according to Alexei, was the late Kote Makharadze.


Scandalous situations

In June 2013, Alexey Andronov (his photo is provided in this article) stated that the list of the best players of the season, approved by the head of the Russian Football Union, is “ridiculous”. To which the chairman of the RFU, Simonyan, called the journalist “an absolute amateur”, and his activity “grafomania”.

In July 2013, Andronov was removed from commenting on matches involving Spartak Moscow. This incident was due to the fact that the club exercised its veto power over the journalist. The restriction was lifted only in the autumn of next year.

At the end of 2015, Alexey, on his page in one of the social networks, spoke extremely obscenely about the Russian world. As a result, the event received the widest resonance in society. One of the consequences is that the application of a lawyer Ilya Craft to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Federal Security Service demanded that the words of Andronov be analyzed on extremism. As a result, the commentator apologized and closed the account.

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